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SMS vs Email Marketing: Which Way Is The Most Profitable?

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SMS vs Email Marketing: Email has been a tried-and-true approach for businesses to reach audiences and forward mass messages. However, as the utilization of mobile phones enhances, SMS messaging is rapidly becoming a great new approach to connect with audiences.

SMS stands for messaging service that is short, also known as the text message. Businesses today mostly use SMS for communicating with their customers directly on the mobile devices they’re having about exclusive discounts, appointment reminders, new promotions, and time-sensitive updates.

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SMS vs Email Marketing Review in 2020

Take a tour of our SMS vs Email Marketing Review in 2020, gaining knowledge on when to use SMS & when to use email. Then, continue reading to determine which approach is the best nowadays for businesses email or SMS.

Open Rate

Consumers nowadays are getting more effectively distracted than ever. Consider it, have you ever been watching your television while at the same time scrolling through your mobile or reading work emails when listening to a podcast?

However, in case you think about SMS vs text, then text message marketing has their attention. Most importantly, the average rate of opening for text message marketing campaigns is approx 97% in comparison to only a 19% rate of opening from an email marketing campaign.

Because of a marketer, you’re frequently facing the challenge of trying to snatch the attention of your subscribers. Also, an average individual replies to a text message around 85 seconds. It takes them approx 90 minutes to reply to an email. Even though the whole world is distracting, text message marketing is currently a direct way to snatch the attention of your subscribers.

Click-through rate

For both SMS marketing as well as email marketing, the click-through rate has the potential to get high. However, it depends on how perfectly you’ve crafted your call to action. The click-through rate of all types of campaigns is determined by the call to action.

The average email’s click-through rate hovers like 4%. In other words, the email you sent was opened, and the audience followed via a link based on your CTA. A perfect call to action permits your customers to know what’s on offer & a valid reason to click-through.

In-text message marketing, it’s more hard and challenging to create a compelling call to action as you’re limited to just 160 characters. Since the entire point of the marketing, the effort is to provide motivation to your customers so that they act on your offer, and the link is the essential asset.

When utilizing a branded link, your audience immediately understands what the CTA is. There’s a higher chance of them to follow through. Mobile phone suppliers, three, send out SMS messages for informing consumers when their plans are near to expiring and of promotions that they are running. The usages of branded links in their messages are basically multi-purpose.

First, it increases the faith level and the chance of click-through, as the customers know exactly where your link will lead them. Secondly, a branded link actually acts like the clickable CTA. Rather than forfeiting space in your message. Try using branded links; they’ll help you in getting your message across as well as capture your customers’ attention in less time.

How to nail CTR?

your CTR will be good enough only if your email reach their right spots. For that, verify your email list perfectly. No, it’s not a manual process. Just spend a few bucks and use a tool that does that for you. Check the best email verification tool right below.



The price to send an SMS message differs by country in case it’s local. The message’s length and the number of messages sent. Overall, it does cost more when compared to an email marketing send.

Email marketing is a great cost-effective way of sending non-time-sensitive messages to a huge number of customers. As the customization in email marketing differs from send-to-send and business-to-business, the direct cost of your every campaign can vary widely.


SMS marketing needs consumers to either opt-in or out. However, your list is made up of just engaged customers. In other words, marketing emails normally have huge lists, having more frequent sends.

Even in case you’re not doing it intentionally, basic emails have a higher chance of getting sent to the spam folder. It’ll be hurting your reputation and breaking faith with your subscribers. With statistics like 47% of your emails being marked as spam.

Now, you are already working much harder to just get your message into the inbox of your audiences. Not only that, somebody working in an office receives around 120 emails every day. The approx millennial just receives 67 texts per day.

As there are fewer texts being received, such as the likelihood of opening and seeing these messages is higher. Thus in overall, using text message marketing applies that there is a higher chance of the message being forwarded to your audience.


Undoubtedly, it’s clear that email was the winner here, as of its ability to personalize. No matter whether you’re using text, only sends or HTML. In email, it permits you to add images, videos, attachments, and hyperlinks.

Email marketing offers you more freedom for customizing messages to completely connect with your customers as your brand, from the type of copy and the colors you use to the usage of gifs, images, or videos.

Email & text marketing must both play a valid role in your overall strategy of marketing. The largest takeaway is to weigh the price & advantages of each because both of these programs invest both time & money, which should be done with precision & care.

Always use email marketing as a “slow burn” for constructing relationships & communicating complex data. Also, keep text message marketing for rapid updates as well as reminders, which need action. Keep reading in our SMS vs Email Marketing review to know the advantages of email marketing.

SMS vs Email MarketingAdvantages of Email Marketing

The following email-marketing benefits demonstrate why email marketing continues to be so widely. It’s effective and used by numerous marketers today:

Email is the marketing channel liked by clients to communicate with organizations: According to our comprehensive research, 58% of survey respondents select email as the best way to receive promotions as well as regular updates from organizations with which they are doing business and are interested. In SMS vs text, just 24% of respondents select social media as their preferred way, and 18% select text messages.

The email has been known for generating a better ROI in comparison to other channels of marketing:  A survey from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) & Demand Metric of marketers in the US described that email achieved an average ROI of 125%.

That was more than 4 times higher in comparison to other channels of marketing, such as direct mail (27%), social media (29%), and paid search (24%). In 2016, email marketing generated around $45 ROI for each $1 spent, and that was up from $39 in 2015.

Personalizing your email messages is easy:  From inserting the name of your subscriber in subject lines as well as email messages for making emails, which target customers’ interests and requirements, there’s a wide range of marketing tools & software accessible today, which will help organizations simplify & streamline their process of forwarding personalized emails to their subscribers.

You can also cherish the best customer relationship marketing strategies in 2020 for winning the trust of your customers.


You can segment groups of your prospects and subscribers with ease. You can send them certain marketing messages, which target their major requirements and interests. In case you segment your email list perfectly, you will take your emails’ personalization to an entirely new level.

Geographic, behavioral and Demographic, for example, past purchases are some kinds of data, which can be used for targeting your different email list segments and sending more relevant & personalized content of the email.

With the help of automated emails, you will be able to increase your one-to-one marketing communications. Also, you’ll be able to reduce the requirement of the number of employee-hours. Automation is a major cornerstone of successful triggers as well as nurturing campaigns.

It’s another essential tool, too, for making relevant & personalized marketing emails. Thanks to upgrades in automation email-marketing software, it’s now effectively affordable than ever, even for numerous small businesses. 

It’s easy to optimize, test, and continually upgrade your results of email-marketing. Which subject preheaders, calls to action, lines, headlines, email template designs, and content marketing messages resonate most with the target audience?

With the valid strategy of email testing and optimization, you can rapidly upgrade email campaigns’ elements for achieving substantially higher ROI & better performance results. 

Email makes it too easy for your audience to share the marketing messages. With just a tap of a button, your subscribers will be able to share your organization’s email message, for example, details or a promotional code about a special sale with their friends & colleagues. 

It’s not hard to track engagement, and also the sales & conversions in your email campaigns. For creating smart, data-driven choices about your email marketing efforts and also for optimizing your email ROI, there are some key email metrics available that you should be analyzing & measuring. 

SMS vs Email Marketing: Disadvantages of texting for business

Now, let’s know about the disadvantages of texting for businesses in our SMS vs Email Marketing Review. There are a few circumstances where mass texting for your business may not be the right solution. The following are some disadvantages of texting for business.

  • Your message may be too long: Even though limits of characters aren’t really a huge problem these days, in case you want to send a very long message, then try sending it via email, it’s the best way. It can be overwhelming for your subscribers to open a business text message, which is more than some sentences. In comparison to whether you should do email or text marketing for the business. Then email could be a better way for long massages.
  • You might not be allowed for your services to market: The CTIA, which keeps an eye on all mass texting in the US, does not permit for illegal drugs or any explicit content or to be promoted on shortcodes. However, it can be an issue for some dispensaries, especially in states where marijuana is legal and who want to utilize text message marketing as the drug is not confederate legal.
  • You might need to make your list bigger: In case you haven’t spent time in adding phone subscribers to your list, then you might naturally have a huge list of email customers and be tempted in trying to engage them, in case they’re somewhat unresponsive. Making your list efficiently using some methods and strategies is possible. For example, a text-to-win contest so that you rapidly get to an area where you feel like texting is worth your time.

In Email vs SMS marketing, Is Email Marketing your final choice? 

In case you think email verification is just one-trick pony, then you are missing the possibilities of making money. We all know how essential data validation is, but email address verification will serve your marketing campaigns in far better ways than only simply verifying emails.

If we talk about running a marketing campaign that is well-informed, then your email verifier is among the biggest assets. Here’s how:


In today’s society, customers want to feel the buying experience personally. You see the requirement to personalize in every place, from Cokes with the name of the drinkers printed on the bottle to monogrammed sheets, pencils, bags, shirts, and so on.

Making the users feel included is even essential if we talk about email marketing. People are highly aware of potential spam attacks through email. Why would they open an email that is vague with a title that doesn’t look personal to them, and open themselves to some potential spam attacks? They wouldn’t.

However, with email address verification, getting more personal with the customers will be easy. Just starting an email & email title off with their name makes the customers feel more comfortable while opening it. This simple personalization will take your emails to another level. For example, it’ll take your emails from “Oh, just a mass email?” to “Oh an email only for me?”

Segment Emails That Are Potentially Dangerous:

Emails aren’t just valid or invalid, good or bad. There is some gray place. There are some different kinds of users that fill in this gray place. However, one of the biggest groups we refer to as Complainers. These complainers are a group of users, which are known for sending emails in the spam folders. This can be a serious issue for your sender score.

Being sent into a spam folder describes email service suppliers, or ESPs, that the emails you’re sending have low value to their users. That might potentially end you up on the email domains list, in which emails are automatically rerouted directly in the spam folders.

Undoubtedly, this is a pretty bad situation to be in. That’s why using email address verification will be good for segmenting out these users to a separate list. The complainers can be used to advantage your business, yes, it’s true! However, they have to be managed with care, and that’s why identifying these users & separating them into a list is essential.

Bring in New Clients:

This is certainly effective in case you use the live email verification API. You can implement the API on your website directly for correcting the emails when the user types it in. There are numerous other benefits of having an email verification API.

However, the biggest benefit is having the ability to draw in fresh customers. We’ve all come across websites offering “20% off with email sign up,” eight? But how can you convincingly send out that coupon in case you don’t know whether the email is safe and verified or not.

The answer is – you can’t! That’s the time a real-time email address verification process to be handy. By automatically verifying any user’s email, you can convincingly and confidently send out the coupon. Offering these awesome deals makes users more inclined towards giving you their email.

After that, when your client actually receives your email, he feels pretty much confident with his subscription to your website. Among the best methods to ensure an email campaign’s success is having a user consider your emails. Undoubtedly your email address verification service can highly help you ensure that.

Build Your Campaign:

Knowing exactly where to begin your email campaign can be challenging. What’s your strategy to relate to the user? What thoughts do you follow while picking a theme? Can you sell your services/products without annoying anyone?

With email address verification, almost all of these questions can be perfectly answered. Among the most supportive aspects of the email verification process getting information is essential too. From gender & age to location and income level, you must check in-depth details so you can utilize it to structure your email campaigns and marketing.

Any of these details play a vital role in dividing up your audience into groups. Grouping the audience concerning location is among the best places to begin your segmenting process. Without concerning how you determine to segment your clients/audience, having the data to make those decisions is certainly going to have your campaign begin on the right foot.

Increase Customer Engagement

All of those aspects of your campaign support in increasing your s sender score as well deliverability. When these two numbers rise up, so do your click rates, and that’s what you’re targeting, right?

By using all the data brought to you by email address verification, you can kick-off a well-informed email campaign, and expect it to be successful. This campaign won’t just have a higher reach than an uninformed campaign, but it’s going to also draw the reader in.

Just draw in a user, and you can successfully increase clicks and crowd engagement for further bringing advantages to your project. The more data you’ve got, the higher personalized the user’s experience can be. That highly supports making a client invest in your brand. In the era of personalization & organic marketing, a client’s emotional connection to your brand can build or destroy your businesses’ future.

SMS vs Email Marketing Review in 2020: The Conclusion

Coming down to which is better SMS or email marketing, then the answer is: It dependsIt’s smart to utilize both of the platforms. Let them complement each other, and they will help in recovering as much eCommerce sales as possible. Also, staying in touch with the audience across touch points as well as channels.

Just remember that experimentation is the only perfect way for makings sure which will approach is the most suitable for your business and will bring a unique audience.

If you’ve made your mind to roll on with Email marketing, then do read how to grab Emial address, and then, how to verify them. Check this amazing tool right below for free!


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