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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My Account

Getting started with MyEmailVerifier is borderline easy. Just visit this page or click on the Sign Up button in the menu bar above to fill out a simple form and create your free account. That's all!

Once your account has been created, you can easily login by visiting this page or clicking on the Login button above to enter your email address and password. In case you've forgotten your password, make use of the Forgot Password option—you only need your email address.

After completing the registration, you're required to verify/confirm your email address. If you are not able to, however, don't worry as we'll fix it together. There are two options:

A) The confirmation email might have landed in your spam or junk filter. Simply check the spam/junk filter of the email you registered with for any email you may have received from MyEmailVerifier.

B) You may have entered an incorrect address. Simply enter the correct address for verification.

Kindly log into your account and click the Change Password link in the left menu. Just enter the old and new password accordingly.

No, you don't need a credit card to sign up and use MyEmailVerifier. You only need a credit card when you're ready to buy one of our plans.

No need for that! All you have to do is sign up and submit your list; we will handle the rest.

Billing & Payment

Our free trial starts with 100 free credits. If you need more, you can check out our pricing model to choose a plan based on the number of email lookups you need.

Currently, we only accept PayPal Payment method.

If you've successfully logged into your account, go to My Account >> Invoices.

No, we'll never ask you to a sign a contract whatsoever.

No, they don't! You can use your email credits for as long as you want.

Simply go to your dashboard and locate the Upload button. Click on it to load different options to upload your files.

You can upload CSV & TXT files.

Using our email verification tool, you can upload up to 0.1 million records per file.For larger list, please contact us

Unfortunately, we don't offer refund for the credit purchased. Our email verification credit doesn’t expire so you can use it anytime.

About our Service

MyEmailVerifer service allows you to check email address validity to reduce the number of undelivered mails. Inevitably, this will improve your email delivery success rate and reduce your bad email reputation which may result in your email address being blacklisted.

Yes, of course. MyEmailVerifier offers 100 free email verification credits.

Yes, MyEmailVerifier provides real-life API service for email verification. The API is supported by any language such as PHP, Java, Ruby, Perl, and .Net.

Let's do the math. Our system verifies 1,000+ email addresses in 10-15 minutes, i.e. an email address takes around 0.0125 minutes (or 0.75 seconds).

Our service is 95% accurate. And that's why we provide the best service for email verifications and we're endorsed by thousands of satisfied customers.

Yes, catch-all domains are valid domains and email addresses are deliverable. The only difference between catch-all and normal domain is that it accepts any random email address so you will never get bounce back email on catch-all enabled domains.

We have robots who process files in queue. The response time depends on the volume. Typically, it starts processing file within 5 minutes after uploaded and it takes around 1 second per email.

You can open your CSV downloaded results in softwares like MS-Excel, openoffice etc.

There are many reasons of email bounces and cleaning list only assure if the email addresses are valid or invalid. There can be other factors as well which cause the email bounce.

  • You have exceeded the email sending limit set by your email service provider.
  • The particular recipient has blocked you.
  • Your Email server IP is temporarily or permanently blocked by the recipient domain mail server.
  • The email content is inappropriate and being marked as spam by some recipient domains.
  • Your email server domain/IP is blacklisted.

You can inspect the SMTP logs of your email service to identify the exact reason of the email bounce. In case you experience high bounce rate and checked that it is not because of any above reasons, we can investigate the particular bounce back. You can send the complete bounce back email with header at [email protected]. Our team will check if there is any issue with list cleaning.

No. You can only have 1 API under one account. However, if you are an agency and looking to build high volume email verification solution for your customers, please submit your inquiry at [email protected]. We will try to build a custom solution for you.

Yes, MyEmailVerifier has improved validation for yahoo email addresses. Not only free Yahoo addresses but also business email using Yahoo as email service.

We mark the status as “duplicate” within the downloaded CSV results so you can remove those duplicate email address from your list.

If you are happy with our email verification tool and want to send us a testimonial please send your testimonial with your name and message to [email protected] with subject "Testimonial".

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