Affiliate Program

Join Our Affiliate Program and earn decent commissions by recommending our service

The commission rate depends on how effective resources are available by the affiliate.

Do you have a large online following that would love to know more about your latest move? Why not tell them about our products? You stand to earn a sizeable amount of money through our generous two-figure commission scheme.

Reasons why you should promote MyEmailVerifier
  1. Our verification service lets you get rid of unsafe or invalid email addresses from your brand's database. Cleaning your email database has never been easier.
  2. It is the ultimate solution for bouncing emails – use it to boost your email deliverability and protect the reputation of your IP.
  3. MyEmailVerifier will help you to identify an array of things that you don't want to deal with: disabled users in AOL/yahoo, spammers, toxic domains, etc. Not only does it help you to identify them but also to eliminate them.
  4. The email verification service helps you improve the effectiveness and accuracy of your brand's email marketing and can go a long way to save you a lot of time, money, and effort.
How MyEmailVerifier affiliate market works
  1. Start by signing up with our affiliate program
  2. Proceed to share your links that promote us
  3. Track your progress and have a picture of your performance
  4. Get paid monthly for your efforts Yeah, just like that!
The enhanced MEV affiliate program

The enhanced MEV affiliate program

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) + Pay Per Sale (PPS)
  • What exactly is MyEmailVerifier Affiliate Programs?

    MEV affiliate program gives you an opportunity to earn a decent commission on every signup.

    We are glad to offer you the new different layer commission. Every affiliate marketer on our list will earn a commission for every sale (PPS) and click (PPC) made via the link.

    Anyone can join the program – you don't need to be a client to be eligible for MEV. This is the best affiliate marketing program if you want to earn more – we will award a commission for every visitor and sale you will bring to MEV.

    Your earnings = commissions accrued from sales + commissions accrued from referrals.

    Because your efforts matter more than anything else, we return the favor by giving out a commission on each visitor referral you make, even if the visitor does not sign up with us.

    What is in store for you?


    • How do I get started with MyEmailVerifier Affiliate Program?
    • It is easy, sign up at

    • Does it cost anything to join the affiliate program?
    • No, you can sign up free of charge

    • Who is eligible for the program?
    • Everyone is free to sign up with us and start earning commissions

    • How long does it take a sale to be approved?
    • Sale approval takes about 90 days

    • How much commission did you get?
    • We can Offer better commission if someone is having a good resource for promotion.

    • Must I be a customer to join the program?
    • No, you don't really need to be our client to join the program. Anyone is free to join

    • Do you provide any marketing materials?
    • We provide text links and banners

    • How is your enhanced affiliate program like?
    • Well, in MEV we offer double commissions, one for Pay Per Sale plan and the other for Pay Per Click

    • What is the payment channel?
    • All payments will be made through PayPal

    • What are the maximum earnings I am allowed to make?
    • There is no limit on what you can earn

    • When are payments made?
    • All earnings accrued in a month will be paid out on 1st of the following month

    • How do I see my performance and track all earnings?
    • Track your progress on your account's dashboard

    Terms and Conditions

    1. You must have an active account with MyEmailVerifier.
    2. We MAY NOT offer rewards, incentives, or cashback to drive sales/traffic via other affiliate tracking links. Coupon sites and Directory Sites are restricted from participating in this program.
    3. As an affiliate, you MAY NOT use any traffic generated through the banner exchange, SPAM, click exchange, purchase traffic, CPV advertising, coupon codes, or other illegal methods.
    4. Affiliates MAY NOT employ any cookie stuffing technique that sets the given tracking cookie without a visitor clicking on the provided referral link.
    5. Marketers MAY NOT use or bid using MyEmailVerifier's trademark or misspellings of the keywords anywhere in their brand's or personal domain names.
    6. The affiliate must ensure that their tracking codes are working properly before directing traffic to MyEmailVerifier. The affiliate should be aware of modifications made on the links. Referral fees will not be used for any errors caused by incorrect tracking or redirecting. Hence, MyEmailVerifier will not be liable for errors and tampering arising from such errors.
    7. Our affiliates are prohibited from engaging in domain forwarding – affiliates MAY NOT buy domains to use them to direct traffic to our site using affiliate links. Also, you MAY NOT send visitors to our website using a redirected link or website.
    8. You MAY NOT copy the design or any other aspect of MyEmailVerifier website and other trademarks of MyEmailVerifier, or display them on your domain without permission.
    9. Affiliates MAY NOT practice or engage in the advertisement of commercial or business opportunity websites or employ marketing practices that serve to attract customers.
    10. The lifespan of Cookies is limited to 90 days, and the credit of a cookie will go to the first visitor.
    11. MEV will not take responsibility for accidental or indirect damage arising from loss of database records, affiliate tracking failure, or any other loss arising from the harm inflicted on the website.
    12. All accrued commissions will be paid by directly to you. Signups by you, your affiliates, or any other person in close association with you are not eligible for a commission.
    13. An affiliate cannot refer to themselves. Purchases made through such a practice are not eligible for a commission. If payment is made from an existing account, the owner of the account will be assumed to have referred themselves for commission.
    14. The tier commission will be reset on the 1st of every month.
    15. An affiliate stands to earn a commission for every referral they make. In case a customer had an account with us in the past, they will not be considered for a commission on the affiliate program.
    16. As an affiliate, you are prohibited from using MyEmailVerifier or its misspellings as part of your domain name.
    17. The words "we," "us," and "our," in these terms and conditions, refer to MyEmailVerifier in their respective contexts.
    18. These affiliate terms and conditions may be updated from time to time. Affiliates should stay abreast of modifications made to these terms.