Find Your Kindle Email Address: The Easiest Way

Find Your Kindle Email Address: The Easiest Way

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Find Your Kindle Email Address: Finding the email address that you’ve used in making your Kindle account can be a daunting task, so we’ve explained the simplest solution of “how do I find my Email Address” in this review. Also, we’ve describes the email & attachment sending process to your Kindle email address easily.

Find Your Kindle Email Address: The Simplest Way

For knowing the answer to “what is my kindle email address,” follow the steps mentioned below:

1.) Firstly, log into your account on Amazon on your desktop or mac. Tap on the “Account and Lists” tab, which you’ll find on top of your screen.

2.) Then tap “Manage content & devices.”

3.) Click the “Preferences” tab at the top.

4.) Then, scroll down to, and you’ll see “Personal Document Settings” there. Next, you’ll see the email address connected with your Kindle device. It’s essential to note that in case you have numerous Kindle devices, remember that each device will have a different email, no matter if they are all registered to a similar account.

5.) Next, along with the email address, An “Approved Personal Document Email List” section is what you’ll see there. This is for the email addresses, which you’re required to approve for sending emails to your Kindle device. Tap the “Add a new approved email address button.”


6.) After that, fill in the email address, which you want to send a PDF to the Kindle device in the pop-up. Tap the yellow button “Add Address” when you’re all set.

7.) Remember that the email you utilized in setting up your Amazon account must be already listed — in case this is the primary email address you’ve used for sending emails, there’s no requirement of adding another.

8.) On the mobile app of Kindle, click the “More” tab, which you’ll see at the bottom, after that, tap the “Settings” button, which is present next to the gear icon. Then, you’ll find your listed “Send-to-Kindle Email Address” towards the top. Finding your Kindle email address on your device is possible too.

9.) For accessing your email address on the Kindle Paperwhite, you’ll need to click the menu button for opening your Settings, which is followed by “Device Options.” Choose “Personalize Your Kindle” for seeing your Send-to-Kindle email at the screen’s bottom.

Congratulations, now you’ve successfully found your amazon kindle email address!

Send to Kindle Email Address and Learn How to Use it

Your Send-to-email address is a unique identity, which is assigned to your devices or apps that are compatible with your account.

Send documents directly via email to your Kindle Library.

  • You’ll be able to send about 25 attachments in a single email.
  • Sending up to 15 approved email addresses in your Send-to-Kindle email is possible.
  • The maximum size limit is 50 MB or less of an attachment, which you can send. Try compressing your documents into a ZIP file to forward more than 50 MB. The conversion service will automatically be able to open the ZIP files as well as convert them to the format of Kindle.

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For delivering your email address successfully:     

  • Adding the sender’s email address to the Approved Email List of your Personal Document is the first step, which is present on the “Manage Your Content” & “Devices” page.
  • Make sure that the document has a supported file type.
  • Then, attach the document to your email.
  • Don’t forget to note that your device is connected perfectly to the internet. Up to 60 days is the possible limit for your documents to be delivered.

Note: For converting your document into the format of Kindle, you’ll have to type “Convert” in the subject line. In case you’re using the  Personal Document Services, then it’ll permit you to keep your original PDF format when forwarding to your email address.

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