Secure Online Free Email Extractor, Developed by, to ease the manually retrieving email addresses from text. Additional feature includes verifying email addresses. For any support, please contact support[at]

Email Extractor is a tool that will help you to find email addresses from the content. Just copy the content in the entire block of text and paste it above. After that, click on "Extract Now," It will find all the email addresses from your text.

Our Email Extractor Tool will also help you to verify your email addresses, whether it is valid or not!

Once you extract all the emails, you will find the "Validate" button beside them. When you click on "Validate," You will get the status of the email addresses like whether It is Valid, Invalid, Unknown, Catch-all, Grey-listed, or Role-based.

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({{extracted_emails}}) Extracted Email Addresses

  • {{total_valid()}} Valid
  • {{total_invalid()}} Invalid
  • {{total_catch_all()}} Catch-all
  • {{total_role_based()}} Role based
  • {{total_greylisted()}} Greylisted
  • {{total_unknown()}} Unknown
# Email Is Valid?
{{index + 1}} {{}} {{email.result}}