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12 Tips and Tricks to Build An Email List In 2021

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Would you like to build an email list from scratch or to add quality subscribers? Find out how to build a healthy email list that provides an incredible return on investment and helps you to grow your client base.

Email is the world’s most efficient marketing channel because people who want to hear from you are talking directly. This offers excellent opportunities for establishing relationships and selling your products and services. Before you go for joy, however, there is an important obstacle hindering the establishment of a high-quality email list.

The lifeblood of your email marketing strategy is your subscribers. To keep your campaigns healthy, you need to enlarge your list.


You can create compelling offers by understanding what your audience needs that encourage more people to subscribe to your list.

And when the time is right for someone to register, MailerLite offers the subscriber email addresses, forms, and landing pages to collect.

Let’s turn your website visitors and followers into subscribers!


What is an email list?

An email list is a database that contains the email addresses of those who have given their consent.

This is a collection of online or in-person email addresses collected by you, such as user registration forms, an app, or placing an actual email registration form into your store. You will find out in this detailed guide many ways to collect emails!

The email addresses are nothing more than just data. Then what actions you take with them is where the true magic takes place. Each email list is able to become an income source.

You can build a connection with the person on the other end of the line with the right approach. You will be a highly converting tool with faithful customers if you talk to your subscribers, listen to their needs, and customize your solutions to their individual preferences.

Why you should start to build an email list?

Have you ever heard people tell them: “Your email list contains money” We would argue that this is true, but your long-term relationship is the real value of email marketing.

You can contact your email subscribers directly, build up relationships and turn strangers into loyal customers through email marketing. This is not done overnight, but you will see if you can start to make your email list from scratch or if you are expanding your existing email list with the correct strategy and enough time.

Your websites may face crashes, shut down social media accounts… But every time you connect to your audience, your email list will keep you connected. Email isn’t out of fashion in the near future! The most secure, efficient way to keep in touch with potential leads is to build an email list.

Before you start to build an email list

Get an Email Verification tool so that you keep on filtering the unwanted email address from the list right from the beginning and maintain your list’s health.

The establishment of your email list is like a new friend. You wanna make a perfect impression and find common interests when you meet for the first time.

This also applies to the marketing of emails. When you meet your brand, it is up to you to find a common link and to offer something that triggers the relationship.

This basic formula is used to establish the best email lists:

  • Know what your audience wants
  • Create offers that they will like
  • Make it easy for them to subscribe
  • Consistently share relevant, valuable content


Step 1. Audience insights

Do you have knowledge of and how to satisfy your target group?

When you realize your potential customer’s pain points, demographics, interests, and business needs, you can begin to create content and encourage them to exchange their email address for your value. You can also make your email segmentation more specific to various audiences in your list.

Tip: Get feedback from your existing subscribers through a survey to see how important your services are to people. MailerLite, for example, has a large client base of book writers who require landing pages that highlight their books. We attract more authors with this knowledge to highlight only their pages for landing pages.

Step 2. Compelling offer

People are always looking for helpful things. Your job is to offer your people something of value that obliges them to engage, regardless of whether it is knowledge, good deals, or anything that will facilitate their lives.

Tip: Offer people a magnet that is highly perceived that nobody else can achieve without signing up for. Case studies, free ebooks, cheat sheets for business owners, or special discounts for exclusive content access work well to promote sign-ups, such as gifts, freebies, podcasts, and webinars.

Step 3. Subscribe quickly

You have to make it ultra-easy for your audience to immediately opt-in if you accept your offer. Always have a chance to subscribe at the right time and place.

Tip: Don’t get gullible and try to ask for too much. All you need is your email address. After building trust, you can obtain more information.


Step 4. Share valuable content

You will need to maintain regular, relevant content (otherwise, you could have an eye on the unsubscribe button) with your subscribers when you’re up and running!

Set your content marketing strategy before you build your email list. How’s your email welcome going to look? So, How long are you gonna send it out? How are you going to design the branding email? How are you going to involve people in the long run?

Create a clear content strategy before you build an email list so you can offer strong and compelling content once you register.

Tip: Read this manual to create the perfect content for email marketing to keep your subscribers enthusiastic about you and your company!

These 4 steps form the basic basis of what subscribers need to acquire. But when they most likely share their email address, you still need to get them involved.

Here are some ways of ensuring you are ready to use your opt-in form.

How to build an email list from scratch: 12 Straightforward hacks

In the offline world, the perfect time to engage a potential customer is when they visit you. You know that your business is curious. You know.

It is up to you to welcome them, to understand their needs, and to explain clearly how you can help them.

In the online world, it’s the same! You have the same purpose online in your website, blog, homepage, and landing pages. People are on your pages because you are offering something.

When you are highly involved with your content, the best time to ask the people for their email.

If done correctly, your site can be turned into an email list machine with incredible conversion rates!

There are 12 straightforward ways to quickly build your email list without any further ado or expenditure.

1. Customize CTAs for each page

Your CTA is the text button that convinces people to click! You probably know the classics:

  • Register
  • Sign up
  • Download
  • Submit

However, you can customize your CTA to match your audiences’ demographics, needs, and wishes. With CTAs like: you can show the value you offer:

  • Try it now
  • Get 30 days free
  • Give me 50% off
  • Claim my free cookie

And even sarcasm, humor, or an even light-hearted tone could be taken if appropriate. These can make people smile and are even more inclined to click!

  • Let’s goooooo
  • No, I hate winning things / Yes, I want a chance to win
  • Count. Me. In.
  • Be awesome

See this guide below for more inspiration from CTA!


2. Add signup forms to your website

You can create your list on every page of your site. Make finding registration forms really easy for people.

The more opt-in forms you place on your site, the more chances are that visitors can be converted to subscribers. It is important that your user experience is never interrupted. There are a lot of places where visitors can see the form, regardless of where they are on your blog or site.

For example, MailerLite has a web-form building system that lets you design your website or blog registration form. The form can be adapted to fit your brand and style.

Here are various places on your website that transfer well:

The top of the sidebar, particularly your blog, is the most popular place to place the form. It’s one of the first things you’re going to see when you visit.

The place to grow your list is your blog. If your readers are committed to your thoughts, they want more. At the end of each blog, place an opt-in form with an action call (CTA) so that you can connect your eyes to your eyes.

Setting an application form in your footer permanently ensures immediate action for visitors who love to read.

Finally, you should check your Google Analytics to find your most popular websites. The About page is the most important and most visited page for a lot of sites. Try to add an enthralling call to action or to offer a form in the middle.

3. Create pop-ups that work

Pop-Ups have a blended reputation, but when done correctly, they can be extremely effective.

Pop-ups interrupt the user experience for many who try to attract new subscribers, and this is the worst thing you can do. In parallel, a Sumo study found that pop-ups can generate conversation rates of 40% when used at the right time.

How can pop-ups be used without the user experience being ruined?

New methods are available to minimize breakage through pop-ups. For instance, the pop-up function of MailerLite lets you set the timing of the pop-up. Give your visitors some time before you start a pop-up to read the contents.

Many companies succeed with pop-up forms that show up when they leave. The form appears when the visitor leaves.

The pop-up sidebox is another place that catches the visitor’s attention without getting upset. The pop-up doesn’t cover important information most of the time, so the break is not so bad.

The key is to achieve the best results for users whilst still accessing email addresses via your blog and website. Keep an eye on the analysis if you use pop-ups to make sure the pop-ups don’t affect your time on site, page views, or bounce rates.

4. Embed lead generation forms on Facebook

You lack a great chance to talk to people who already want to hear from you if your Facebook follower is not a part of your subscriber list.

The Facebook integration tools make it easy to embed registration forms on your pages so that you can record emails from Facebook directly without ever leaving the company.

5. Optimize landing pages with best practices

You should link to a custom landing page specifically intended to take email addresses, all your social media channels, and outbound marketing initiatives (like advertising).

Social media is a powerful online business platform — and email markets are like this! So why don’t they combine?

You can find links to social sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter that take your followers to a destination page. Remember, there is something worth giving people something to click on. Contests, gifts, free uploads, or exclusive product discounts are good ways to catch your eye.

If a potential client clicks a link to your offer, it is your responsibility to make sure that your landing page will encourage them to convert all details.

There are several tools allowing you to design personalized landing pages or choose prefabricated templates in a library that allows you to run them in minutes.


Landing page best practices

Don’t take too much information wrongly. The objective is to ensure that an email list is not entered into the brain. Although no way to create a landing page is one-size-fits, it is good to remember:

  1. Support points: Submit a brief description supporting the benefit of your claim. A lot of people use bullet points to scan the reader fast, but a simple phrase works fine.
  2. Strong headline: The most attractive benefit of your offer should be described clearly in your headline.
  3. Appealing imagery: People react to visual information immediately. Gorgeous images can boost conversions as long as they are relevant to the offer.
  4. Visible subscribe button: Use your subscribe button with color contrast, so it pops up.
  5. Quick form: It’s simple: the higher your conversions, the less the person has to do. Just ask for your email.

To see what works effectively for your people, we recommend testing your landing pages. Video sometimes works, while a list of bullet points other times does the trick. With Mailerlite, you can create as many landing pages to test and experiment with until you have the perfect formula. For the best examples from MailerLite customers, visit the Landing pages gallery.

6. Collect subscribers offline

We’ve spoken a lot about finding online subscribers, but offline? We still live in the physical world, and many opportunities exist to meet and ask prospective subscribers.

Every meeting offers a chance to build your list, whether you’re on a sales call, at a trade fair, or when somebody goes into your business. But remember, your permission is still needed. And you can double-check the mailing list with an email validation tool when you collect subscribers online—say with handwritten sign-up forms. Any sneaky types or invalid addresses will be removed.

MailerLite has built an application that provides you with an even better solution to purchase offline subscribers while manually collecting business cards to create your list.

The iPad application of MailerLite simplifies the collection and permission of emails. Emails are linked automatically to a seamless list-building program on your Mailerlite account.

Above all, you get opt-in evidence, which is always an excellent database for maintaining the system.

There are many ways to collect sign-ups, you can see. Now, let’s learn how to use these next six tips for the best results!

7. Grow with competitions and giveaways

Giveaways are an excellent way to hype about your brand quickly and at the same time expand your email list. Host a competition, which you can enter with your email addresses, then sit back and watch your list grow!


8. Set up a ‘Refer a friend program

Once you’re happy and committed, you can convince them to share their joy with friends! Reference programs, and it is personalized, add social evidence to your newsletter. It’s the present that continues to provide (or rather – the subscriber that continues to subscribe)!

Underneath the Fold newsletter, the user can access information about an exclusive event only if at least one person is referred to by subscribing to the event using a unique link via email.

9. Harness the power of quizzes and surveys

Share a questionnaire or survey online, but ask people to register for the results! At the end of the contest, you already have your curiosity picked, and they’re going to be itching to know the result—a great motivation to register.

Warby Parker, an eyewear brand, shares a questionnaire that helps people to determine the frames they like. Once the questions have been finished, you could sign up with an opt-in box to receive a marketing email to access the results.

10. Use lead magnets to add value

“Yeah, but what about me in it?” – It’s true for real life, we hear it in movies, and we always want to know what’s the benefit to us!

A lead magnet is a free item or service in exchange for the contact information of a person. It helps to add some incentive to the mix if people are persuaded to sign up!

It is worth signing up for whether it’s a downloadable guide, a free ebook, or an exclusive Podcast.

Lemon Friday helps writers develop their social media platforms. At this moment, there is a waitlist for you to join, but they STILL pay attention. How? By providing monthly PDF social media calendars to help people move forward.

Keep your email list healthy

In short, a good email list is packed with committed subscribers who want to hear about you.

If you build your list organically, your subscribers are just waiting to be taped into the treasure trove of potential revenue. Think about it. You were actually permitted to start a relationship with people interested in your business. That’s an incredible chance!

On the opposite side, when there are many people who do not have any interest in you in your email list, your emails will not connect, or worse still will become spam. This occurs when you purchase email lists or keep subscribers on the inactive list.

The quality of the list is stronger than the amount of the list. So, do use a perfect yet reasonable Email Verification tool to ensure the good health of your email list.


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