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Email is one of the most efficient marketing channels, but the quality of your email list is the key to their success. And you know how hard it can be if you have ever tried to build a healthy list. ​I will show you how to grow an email list with a Facebook video.

In the past, people used sign-up forms on their website and blog to develop their subscribers. But it can be limited to rely solely on your web traffic to grow your list, in particular if you are not trafficked much.

There are several different ways to create your email list to broaden your reach, including Instagram, grow email list with Facebook, and YouTube. You can still use these channels through publicity if you don’t have a large social follow-up.

Facebook Lead ads are indeed one of the best ways to create a mailing list, especially when combined with video content. Let’s take a look!


Why utilize Facebook to growth your email list?

Facebook ads are so successful because with a spooky level of detail; you can precisely target your perfect market. You can do this with Facebook ads if you want to target mothers in their 30s who drive SUVs and purchase only organic foods.

There are a lot of types of Facebook ads; however, the Facebook Lead ad that permits you to register from the ad itself to your newsletter is one of the best ones to create email listings. This is why Facebook Lead ads work so well to build an email list:

You could reach your best customers through Facebook’s powerful targeting.

You are provided with all demographic and data elements to create and accurately target the perfect customer profile. There won’t be any need to waste ad money on a wide web of people who are not interested in your product.


You could utilize video, which is the most very strong type of ad content.

Video ads have demonstrated confidence-building and converting. Videos are often more popular than static images, and almost 60% of advertisers see a significant improvement in the performance of campaigns with video ads. In a short time, you can also explain a lot and use video to emotionally encourage people to act right now.

Stay on the top of mind with accurate Facebook retargeting.

Retargeting enables you to reach consumers who have demonstrated interest in your product in the past. Perhaps you have been visiting or liking a picture on your Instagram page. Now, as someone warms up to you, the next time you log in, Facebook shows you your ads.

Warm leads to higher conversions, and both direct sales and people are encouraged to subscribe to your email list.

Facebook Lead ads integrate easily with MailerLite.

Facebook ads integrated with MailerLite are also a major advantage. Just use SyncSumo to directly send your new leads to your MailerLite abonor list. This is important because you would like to be certain that you are ready to work for yourself when the leads start to flood. Please note, your MailerLite list will only contain new Facebook leads.

Utilize lookalike people to find people who are ready to purchase

Talking about warm results, Facebook has a “lookalike audiences” targeting function. These are people that look like you already have customers. You will find people similar to Facebook, and you will be serving your ad to those people if you supply your list. You can also build audiences like your competitor’s audiences.

Success strategies and stories you could learn from

A friendly and personalized video can immediately help an audience act and register for their Email List. These companies have done that below. Look how they did it. Let’s take a look.


This Polish interior design company took the opportunity and made its first ad campaign on Facebook. They were looking to reach their targeted audience as well as discuss messaging with them. The mobile-friendly brand video in the Lead ad was used by Pap-Deco. It worked: customers began talks with Messenger and increased subscriptions to sales and mailing lists.

Volkswagen UK

Volkswagen made a 5-month gap between its new T-Cross model announcement and the actual car launch that people could buy through with Facebook.

Their campaign Lead Ads included fascinating videos of the car and the driving person and gathered leading information from people with a higher risk of buying. When everything was said and done, Volkswagen confirmed that 45% of its leads came from Facebook lead ads.

Unit 1

This wearable technology company uses Facebook Lead ads to collect intent to reinforce its audiences. With 4,700 leads and a 2x return on advertising spend, they received a spanning ski video.


Best practices for Facebook video ads

Not every video ad is produced the same, and not everything will succeed. Fortunately, video ads have been around for a lot of research on best practices by Facebook. You can use this information to create working Facebook video ads.

Here are the top 7 tips for Facebook video ads:

1. Highlight your brand early

Sometimes only three seconds before the audience looks away, you need to take notice quickly and make sure you first place your value proposition.

2. Make it short

Facebook can take up to 240 minutes to upload video ads. Why? We don’t know because the average person will watch up to three minutes at most. The more your ad becomes engaging, the longer it is observed.

3. Design for sound off

85% of Facebook users are scrolling through the sound feed. Don’t neglect to add subtitles to make it easy to understand your video even without the sound.

4. Segment your audience

Product marketing is becoming increasingly personal and so ensure that you segment your audience and send the right message to the right people. In the same ad campaign, you can use several videos and split tests that work best.

5. Use user-generated content

The most individual and attractive type of video campaign is user-generated video. The commitment to brand-generated content generates 6.9X. On the Billo platform, you can obtain a video generated by the user. Consumers are tired of celebrity approvals and are looking for real people to talk about product recommendations.

6. Think mobile-first

More than 92% of active users had access to Facebook via mobile devices in April 2020. To adapt your video to a mobile-friendly format would be a waste of money. To do this, a square or vertical video should be selected for the ad.

7. Use native placements

Put your video right in the newsfeed, which is also called native videos. By scrolling your newsfeed, your ad will appear just as though it were posted by any of their friends.

Wrapping up

Facebook Lead ads with video are a great choice when you are looking to grow a new email list from scratch or strengthen the one you already have. If the ROI is meaningful, you will attract highly committed subscribers for your newsletter, which will pay off in the long run while it requires financial investment.

Once you generate leads and get a heavy list, don’t ever forget to get it verified. Otherwise, your entire campaign will go in vain. Tap HERE and reach the best email verification tool in today’s date.


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