Best Customer Relationship Marketing Strategies

Best Customer Relationship Marketing Strategies in 2020

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Customer Relationship Marketing Strategies: Relationship marketing is now taking many industries by storm. The buying habits of Customers are forever changing. However, one thing that remains similar is that people frequently go back to those businesses, which they can trust. 

One approach for making sure that your customers trust your business is by growing meaningful relationships with them by promoting brand loyalty as well as customer retention. Customer relationship marketing is not just a short-term method, but it’s a long-term effort designed for frequently delighting your customers. 

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Best Customer Relationship Marketing Strategies in 2020

However, is it successful for your business model? Also, how can you include it in your organization? Don’t worry, this blog is totally based on customer relationship marketing improvement and will contain great strategies that you must implement. We’ve described some customer relationship marketing examples, which will boost your business tactics.

What is Relationship Marketing?

Here’s the answer to “what is customer relations.” Customer relationship marketing is basically a technique, which is centered around relationships of client and customer loyalty. By using customer data and feedback, businesses grow strong bonds with their subscribers to gain their trust. 

Instead of concentrating on quick-win sales, better relationships with customers in marketing is a long-term game. It highly concentrates on the growth of an emotional relationship between customer & organization. In case one of your customers is invested in a business emotionally as well as feels like themselves or their business will not be able to function without it, they’re more likely to buy. 

Not just a one-off either. They will likely keep going back for more. Consider it, when finding a service on which you can trust, will you bother yourself in looking elsewhere for the similar product next time? The chances are basically very low, you will not, and you’ll head back to the same business as you already know the value for money and top service that you’re already getting.


That’s what all about customer relationship marketing is. Building those long-term relationships that can turn your customers into lifelong brand advocates. In case you’re seeking for short-term goals, then it’ll not produce any mouthwatering figures. However, in case you look for impressive long-term returns, then surely it could be the right decision for you. 

Businesses frequently use this marketing method for getting benefits and market their efforts by telling stories. That means, by this, businesses supply a compelling narrative, which the customers, therefore, put themselves into. This assists in playing on that all essential emotional connection, which a business every time tries to achieve with their customers. 

Storytelling is a vital part of customer relationship marketing strategies. If you get successful in putting your customers into scenarios, then they can see how your business will help them make the right buying decisions. There’s just so far that words can get you. The things that’ll speed up your sales cycle are “scenarios.”

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Relationship Marketing Examples To Build Strong Relationships With Customers

Here are the best ways to build a strong relationship with your customers:

Provide a Personalized Approach, which is Customer-Centric 

When managing a customer relationship marketing strategy, the business you own and your products must never be the primary concentration. The focus must be on the customer, too, and how you can assist them. 

It’s the right practice to always be considering, “would the customer need to see this advert” or “would this post generate excitement among my customers?” when you consider releasing content. You can answer anything instead of 100% yes to both of the above questions. You’ll have to look another time at your content. 

You must build channels of support for your customers. This marketing’s model is all about offering that full experience. So, it’s essential to indicate that they always have help on their hands when they need it. No matter whether it’s on channels of social media or a chat-bot, meeting the customers where they need to be contacted is the best approach of showing willingness and trust.

Incentives and Rewards for Brand Loyalty 

Once your customers have made a purchase, that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of their journey. To make sure that they become an advocate of brand & loyal customers, you want to carry on the relationship long after the initial sale. Whether it’s offers of high discounts or recommendations of personalized products, you must think of offering them once they’ve made the original purchase.

Always Look to Collect Feedback  

Business relationships are basically a two-way street. To grow the best relationship with your customers, you must know how they truly feel, don’t you? Anyways, you’re not a mind reader, right? So, just try asking them. Feedback is crucial to frequently improve your service for fitting the certain requirements of the customer.

Social media tool

Don’t forget to use social media platforms as a great advancement to track the behavior of your customers. Not only that, but your customers would also interact with your posted content. However, also they treat it among the mediums for raising the concerns they have. You can reply to comments, complaints, and address their concerns.

Be consistent in your messaging

As marketing & sales are often siloed, it’s not unique for messaging to be inconsistent between both. In fact, of around 1,005 survey respondents, almost half (49%) reported frequently or always experiencing distinctive messaging from sales & marketing teams. This misalignment affects brand perception, which is another big decision-making factor for purchasers.

Post Where Your Customers Are, Not Just Everywhere

Traditional relation marketing efforts might see businesses, which are paying for TV ad slots as well as billboards in the hope that they will be covering a wide range of people and will be able to attract a huge haul of customers. However, in comparison to that, customer relationship marketing is obviously a lot more efficient. 

Traditional ways might prove to be wasteful, like many individuals, which your efforts land in front of, are not the ideal fit. Do your research for which platforms are the most famous with your demographic, which is targeted. By reaching out to them via these channels, you’re implementing helpfulness & understanding, which encourage a level of interaction.

For ensuring consistency:

  • Build shared assets that are easily accessible by employees, for example, logos, slide deck, social media banners, and other document templates.
  • Create guidelines for your brand, which outline logos utilize, colors, fonts, etc.
  • Communicate brand values early and frequently internally—that means in the on-boarding materials of your employee, at company meetings that are wide.
  • Build key messaging documentation regarding the company at large and other major products, services, and features that your team normally mentions on sales, calls, and marketing collateral. This must be done with any other future releases as well.
  • Define your brand’s personality in a style guide: Try applying it to every single of the channels, such as social media updates, outbound emails, and blog posts.
  • Meet frequently with peripheral teams as well as keep the communication flowing regularly.

Build trust

No matter we’re talking about a business relationship or a marriage, a similar thing can be said: A fruitful & healthy relationship is rooted in faith. With our research, we found that 54% of decision-makers rank faith and trust as the most vital factor they desire in a salesperson.

For building trust and faith among your prospects & customers:

  • Be transparent regarding pricing, return policies, and cancellation. Also, the additional fees and anything else, which might make a customer feel betrayed in the case kept secret.
  • Offer social proof in the testimonials’ form and detailed case studies.
  • Follow via promises and—at any time possible—exceed them.

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Incentivize return visits and purchases, referrals, and engagement

With the numerous options available to them, customers don’t inherently have any reasons for coming back, referring or engaging with your brand… so you must provide them some.

Offer discounts for repeating customers, grow a loyalty program to brag about, try running social media contests. These are some ideas on how to re-engage your past customers or even attract fresh customers.

Empathize with your customers and prospects

Truly understanding the requirements of your customers, pain points, as well as issues. Provide you a solid foundation for all your efforts of marketing—from funnel‘s top and all the way via to customer retention.

To empathize better with your customers, try gathering feedback as much as possible. This can be in the on-site surveys’ form, customer support NPS, product beta programs, emails, and so on. Appoint somebody to be the “voice of your customers” and try making it their responsibility for creating the feedback easily accessible as well as digestible for your team’s other members.

Make communication easy

There are some things, which are more frustrating in comparison to poor customer communication—being put on wait for 10, 20, or even 30 minutes; being treated, for example, gold by a salesperson just for becoming chopped liver once you have officially become a customer; also, never hearing back from the support ticket that you submitted last week.

Offer customers numerous ways of communicating with you, incorporating phone, social media, email, or live chat if possible. Try to be available to your contacts all time, no matter at which stage of the funnel they are in.

Advantages of Having a Good Relationship With Customers

Among the biggest advantages of the customer relationship marketing strategy is that it helps in saving crucial time & money for your business – in comparison to traditional methods. This is because businesses will be able to concentrate on the prospects. That actually shows promise to maintain a relationship instead of wasting their precious money by trying to pursue the wrong kind of customer. 

It also enhances customers’ satisfaction levels & communication levels as well. When customers are having a strong relationship with a business, they usually interact with them often. This makes it effectively easy for businesses to know and learn about their customers & therefore monitor their content towards them in an effective way.

Businesses can save money after that by building heavily strong relationships with individuals, which are already customers instead of trying everything for acquiring new ones. Some other advantages also incorporate: 

  • Enhancing profitability: Customers that are loyal to a business usually spend more with them, instead of chasing the one-time sale that may leave straight away after. 
  • Spread the awareness of your brand: The happier your customers are, the more possibilities are there that they’ll relay the message about you.
  • Delivering customer service consistently: In case there’s one thing, which customers prefer, it’s businesses being consistently great. Meeting customer requirements, improving the satisfaction levels of the customers, and offering an exceptional all-round experience are a few of the results of consistency. 

Customer Relationship Marketing in Action

Reading what customer relationship marketing is as well as searching for the benefits of it. You’re probably thinking about what type of companies use it. Well, in case we were to list every type, you would end up here reading all day. However, customer relationship marketing might help businesses throughout all industries. 

There are basically four main stages of normal customer relationship marketing. Undoubtedly, strategies vary from business-to-business. However, there are major pillars, which should be ever-present throughout all campaigns of B2B. These are usually: 

  • Converting customers: The easiest approach of helping your chances of conversion as a B2B business has a great fast-loading website. In case your website is untidy, and the interface is hard to use, the likelihood is that it’ll not convert your audience.
  • Attracting customers: This is where your business’s first impression will be formed – and they’re difficult to turn round in case they’re poor. No matter if it’s a blog, which ranks organically or a social advert that is paid. These are both instances of efforts which can help you in attracting new customers. 
  • Retaining customers: Not every single business comes from fresh customers. Go above & beyond for your present customers, and fortunately, they’ll repay you with their loyalty.
  • Delighting customers: You’re not only offering a service or a product, but you’re providing an experience. Always aim to delight your audiences before, during as well as after the sale for getting maximum results.

Account-Based Marketing Will Enhance Your Relationships With Customers

Account-based relation marketing is a fantastic way of bringing your marketing teams & sales closer together – which can produce great outcomes from your customers. When both are working with joint-hands, they can share crucial info for each department to play on when trying to reach out to customers.

For example, sales teams will be able to share info on what kind of content makes your audience buy the most. Also, what kind of things keep customers coming back to your site. That way, the marketing department will know how to concentrate their efforts on this direction to try and maximize the campaign’s potential.

Marketing Automation

In case you implement marketing automation (MA) in your business, then you can build a better relationship with the customers. It assists in getting personal connections without doing tasks that are time-consuming.

It also makes your customers well-informed. Besides that, its capacity to enhance conversions will be helpful. Marketing automation tools eliminate the requirement of hiring additional manpower and the cost to manage and respond to the concerns of your customer.

Using MA to enhance a relationship with customers

Basically, the first thing is to observe your audience. While implementing marketing automation in your business, you will then be having a full report regarding each customer interaction on your website.

After learning and observing your audiences fully, you’ll need to segment your contact base preferences-vise & interactions. By making marketing automation, which adds contacts to certain lists according to their actions, you can do the segmentation. For instance, contacts who subscribed will receive a newsletter and contacts who opened a welcome email, etc.

Customers that want responses, as well as patience, is no longer a virtue in this digital age. Your marketing automation system can address normal concerns. For questions, which are more complex, it can escalate it to the valid team to manage. You can rest freely, by ensuring that no feedback or complaint is falling via the cracks. Most importantly, the usage of MA leaves your manpower free to handle human-powered live email, voice support for personal CRM, or chat.


Create actions that are personalized. When you do, contacts can easily be added to lists via which the content is sent, which is relevant. According to their preferences and an email having a special offer associated with the profile of the buyer, is how they utilize the content. This way, with marketing automation, it is possible to monitor the actions of the contacts, add them to a certain list. After that, send them an email, which is personalized according to their behavior. 

Marketing automation tools will help you to handle social media channels, permitting you to post a frequent update on numerous networks. Everyone has an account on social media nowadays. On average, individuals usually spend about two hours surfing on social media platforms on a daily basis, so there are greater chances for them to see an update you post.

By connecting your marketing automation tool to your social media channels where your audience is. You can forward them targeted messages. No matter if it’s through advertising or messaging. Reaching them on channels, which they’re comfortable with will help them to connect as well as engage with your brand more.

Customer Relationship Marketing & Email Marketing

Email is a good relationship with marketing’s cornerstone. These both combined are a natural fit. In case you get your target customers and want to keep them, then you must develop a relationship with them. And getting that via email marketing.

It is among the most crucial marketing tools you have to encourage habitual online interactions with the brand you have. It offers you the power to reach your audience in one place, which people visit daily – their inbox. Anybody who takes the step to sign up for your email list basically wants a relationship with your organization.

The research backs it up:

  • 88% of business professionals like to use email while communicating for purposes of business
  • Email is around 40 times more efficient in comparison Facebook as well as Twitter combined to assists your organization to obtain a new audience
  • 82% of retail professionals say that email marketing is their largest driver of customer retention
  • Email marketing is having a fantastic ROI – businesses get an average return of around $38 for each $1 you spend


Email provides brands an approach to reach customers who are loyal. It offers direct, consistent interactions, which other social media platforms don’t. It’s true that social media is fantastic to share content with. However, it’s obviously not a good approach for communicating with the audience. In other words, in case you have a Facebook page, and someone forwarded you a message, you may find it better to communicate through email.

Finally, it’s likable for constructing relationships as you can learn about your audience more. Segmenting the customers can be a good idea by gender, group, age, and location on Facebook. The opportunities for targeting always have limits. In short, email has numerous other opportunities for personalizing the content. However, you must know the Valid Email Address Formats for sending emails effectively.

Best Customer Relationship Marketing Strategies in 2020: The Conclusion

Building strong and solid customer relationships, like any other relationship, is obviously not a simple three-step process. It takes empathy, consistency, and also a lot of time. 

A CRM system that is robust will help you in reducing the effort connected with long-term relationship creation by forwarding you follow-up reminders as well as giving you better visibility, for example, where each customer is available in the pipeline.

The long-term advantages of taking your time with customers or prospects are both immeasurable and measurable. 

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