How to make free .edu email address in 2024

How to Create a Free .edu Email Address in 2024: Easy-Cheesy Methods!

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How to make a free .edu email address in 2024: When getting connected with any type of educational institute, a new email ID is produced. We call that email id .edu. This email id needs an account, which requires your name in the beginning.

Most of the time, the email ID is produced and used by the professors. However, it is hard for the students to make a new and free .edu mail id for themselves.

For example, [email protected] will be the perfect way to create a new .edu email id. The life of the student is not easy to handle; they have very little money to spend, usually.

They get less pocket money from their parents, or a few of them may do part-time jobs, so they always try getting everything free of price. The .edu email address is a great way to provide multiple advantages & opportunities to the students for free.

Some articles, that will fill you with knowledge!

How to create a free .edu email address?

So, why will you make a .edu email address? You might come across numerous methods for doing the same, but you’ll feel pity after knowing that several of them are outdated now! Let’s begin with the advantages first!

Advantages of the .Edu Email ID:

Following are some great benefits of creating a free Edu email address:

GitHub Student Developer Pack: Let’s create free Edu email addresses now!

GitHub student developer pack is among the services, which provide the developer tools. It is completely free in use and is specially built for the students. It provides multiple offers & services to the students. Basically, there are 11 offers that are mentioned below:

  • Amazon AWS Coupon
  • Digital Ocean Coupon
  • CrowdFlower
  • Bitnami
  • DN Sample
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services
  • Orchestrate
  • GitHub
  • SendGrid
  • The Credit Of Hack Hands
  • Travel CI

Apple Benefits:

In case you have a free Edu email, then you’ll be having an opportunity to save money on the products of the Apple brand. If you’re having an interest in purchasing Apple devices like laptops or computers, then you’ll get a sweet discount of 200$.

Newegg Premier:

You have the opportunity of making a premier account on Newegg, and you’ll get the 1-year access in just 50$.

Amazon Student Pack:

The student having .edu email address will have the opportunity to use the amazon student pack for free. Firstly, you’ll have to make an amazon student account; then, shipping is totally free for students having a .edu email address for the initial two days. With this facility, you can access unlimited media streaming, for example, movies, music, tv shows, etc.


When signing up for Microsoft Office 365 with your .edu email address account, you’ll get 1 TB of OneDrive storage absolutely free. This is undoubtedly among the best offers for the students signing up with their university-provided email account. The 1 TB of OneDrive storage will be very useful for storing your important documents, excel sheets, PowerPoint slides, images, etc.

OneDrive provides 10 GB of free storage for basic users; however, it proves to be very less in today’s world where people store multiple things and need to acquire on the go & anywhere. With the help of 1 TB storage, your daily work will be stored with ease, and you will not get hampered at your work to access your important documents or files. It’s a great benefit of having a .edu email account as well as availing such a huge & useful offer from OneDrive for being a student.

You can access Onedrive by logging in using your .edu email account that you used while signing up for Microsoft Office. Then open OneDrive, click on the Settings (gear) icon at the upper right corner, and after selecting Site Settings, which is present under the section of Site Collection Administration, simply click Storage Metrics, and you’ll be able to your storage.


LastPass is basically a password managing application, or you can say extension for storing your essential passwords where all data is safely sealed with salted hashing, PBKDF2 SHA-256, and AES-256 bit encryption. Is it hard to remember passwords or storing them in a notepad/sticky notes, right? Also, it’s very risky, and you might fear to store your essential passwords browsers or Chrome Password manager.

LastPass ensures high safety of all your website passwords and enables you to access all of them with the help of a master password that is generated by you when you sign up. Changing them at any time from the LastPass’s settings is easy too.

Using your .edu email address account, availing 6 months of premium account from LastPass will be completely free of cost. Just follow this promo link and enter your .edu email account there, next you will receive an email shortly from them saying “redeem your premium LastPass account.” Click on that link, which you’ll receive in your email, and simply create a new account.

Web Hosting

There are many web hosts available that provide you huge discounts on web hosting as well as free domains for students having a valid .edu email address. This is also among the best benefits of a .edu email account from where you can easily avail maximum discounts & free offers, helping you to save a lot of money from paying hosting bills every month.

Amazon Prime

Amazon offers 6 months of free trial prime account to students who get many advantages out of it, for example, getting 2 days confirmed delivery on items without any shipping charges. Not only that, but special college deals are also offered along with no additional delivery charges. However, this applies together with the previous shipping offer that is free.

Save approx 90% on textbooks, also get 6 months of Amazon Prime Video trial for free. Visit Amazon prime and register a new account utilizing your .edu email address, after confirming it, you’ll be able to access the trial periods. Ensure you have a payment method such as a credit card or Visa card for completing the process. A virtual credit card is used too for availing this offer, and you won’t be charged additionally for this.

Why should you create .edu email?

A Few Other Benefits & Discounts if you have a free Edu email address

  • Send around 15,000 emails every month.
  • Free access to Canvas.
  • Apple Music costs $10/month for normal users, whereas the student plan costs only $4.99 monthly.
  • Grab Microsoft DreamSpark with numerous useful software.
  • Discounted newspaper subscriptions, for example, The New York Times for $4/month (basic access), The Wall Street Journal for $15 (15 weeks), The Economist for $12 (12 weeks).
  • MLB TV – 35% off for annual subscription.
  • High discounts from cellular carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile.
  • FedEx – 20% off for shipping w/ID or email
  • Levi’s – 15% off for online purchases w/verification.
  • Best Buy various discounts (rather limited) w/ email.
  • Discount in Student Advantage card for multiple businesses, including Footlocker, Greyhound, Lyft, and much more.

Now, move further to know how to create .edu email free to snatch all the above-mentioned benefits:

How to get a free .edu email?

  • Start from signing up by clicking this link. Tap on “Create an Account,” and after that, tap on “Begin creating My Account.”
  • In case you are a citizen of the U.S., then provide your information, but in case you’re not, then we have a method for that as well. Follow this link and create some fake information about California and then use that information to register. (Keep in your mind to enter your age under 20-23 only). However, in case the name you’ve created has aged more than 20-23, then just reduce your age while signing up.
  • Fill the information you created into the Account Creation on the application. Fill your birth date, name, and social security number. Select “I don’t have a middle name.” Furthermore, choose “No” for the previous name and also a “No” for the preferred name.
  • Then, choose “None for Suffix” and tap on “Continue.”
  • Enter your email and a U.S. phone number. In case you don’t have a U.S. phone no. Then click here to get it. Don’t fill the second phone number space and leave it empty. Enter your fake street address from the address you have already generated. Then tap “continue.” If it’s saying “we are not able to find your address,” then just top the “OK” button and check “I verify my address,” then simply tap “Continue.”
  • After that, fill your username, pin, and password.


  • Select a random security question answer, and then you’ll have to solve the captcha. Thus, tap on “Create My Account.”
  • For “U.S. citizen & military status,” you have to write none.
  • For California residency, you’ll have to write “YES” and, in everything else, write a “NO.”
  • Choose “YES” in all fields and select “NO” for Athletic interest. Then just choose the random program and click continue.
  • After that, you’ll have to select your gender & sexual orientation, after filling that, choose the guardian education level as a “high school graduate” then tap continue.
  • Tap on Latino/Hispanic as “NO” and race white, European.
  • Then choose city Austin & state California.
  • No, No, 12, game, respectively.
  • Don’t forget to check all fields and select “I consent & submit your application.” Then just tap on continue.
  • After the submission, for receiving an email with your free .edu email login data and you’re all done!

Congratulations! For creating a free .edu email address for free. After knowing the method of how to get a free Edu email, now let’s move towards the F.A.Q.s section:

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FAQs About Free Edu Emails – Ready to clear the doubts?

What is a .edu email address?

A .edu email address is an email address provided by universities, colleges, and schools for their students and staff. It is an email extension that several companies provide offers and discounts.

How can I create a free .edu email address?

There are several methods to create a free .edu email address, including signing up for a community college, using an email generator tool, or applying for an alum email account.

Can I create a .edu email address without being a student?

Yes, there are ways to create a .edu email address without being a student, such as using an email generator tool or applying for an alum email account.

What are the benefits of having a .edu email address?

Having a .edu email address can provide access to exclusive discounts and offers from various companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Spotify.

Is it legal to create a fake .edu email address?

No, it is not legal to create a fake .edu email address. It is important to use legitimate methods to obtain a .edu email address.

Can homeschoolers get a .edu email address?

Actually, homeschoolers can get email address. .edu domain extensions are restricted to educational institutions.

What information do I need to create a .edu email address?

To create a .edu email address, you will typically need to provide personal information, such as your name, address, and student ID number.

How long does it take to create a .edu email address?

The time it takes to create a .edu email address can vary depending on the method used. Some methods may provide instant access, while others may take several days or weeks.

Can I use my .edu email address after I graduate?

Some educational institutions may allow alums to continue using their .edu email address after graduation. However, this varies by institution.

What does a .edu email address look like?

A .edu email address typically follows the format of [email protected], where “schoolname” is the name of the educational institution.


Now you know the benefits? yes, the list is long,  and most importantly, the method is not that difficult at all! You also know the right method to get a free .edu email, and if you’ve begin following those steps, you’ll definitely feel like thanking us later, when you’ll be enjoying all those amazing benefits.

Before saying over n out, we’d say, start verifying your emails! Free trial is available!


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