How to Verify Email on Twitch

How to Verify Email on Twitch: The Fastest & Easiest Method

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How to Verify Email on Twitch: For those, who want higher control over the people, who can join your room of chat, then we’ve rolled out email verification that you should enable the broadcasters.


By navigating over to your Twitch Settings or Chat, you might also check the box labeled “need a verified email to talk,” making it so just those who have email addresses already verified and used for signing up for their Twitch accounts will be able to speak in your chat room.

In case you still haven’t verified the email address, or don’t know how to verify your email on Twitch, then go to Twitch Settings/Profile, after that, check the email field. In case the email address you’re using is unverified, then you’ll see an alert message informing you of your forward steps. If not, then you’re good to go!

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How to Verify Email on Twitch: The Fastest & Easiest Method

This is a small yet essential step for creating an even better experience of chat in Twitch. However, there’s still a lot to do. Send feedback to Twitch on what kind of features you’d like to see implemented by them because they continue to work on increasing the whole chat experience.

Now, let’s move further in our How to Verify Email on Twitch Review for cherishing the FAQs section:

How to Verify Email on Twitch: FAQs

Some frequently asked questions about Twitch and their perfect solutions are given by experts:

Why am I not getting the verification code for my Twitch?

What happens in case you don’t receive a verification code in a new device or location? The code is just sent to those who have verified email addresses and have their accounts already connected. Please double-check the email filters you’re having. Try looking in your email’s spam or other folders. Also, make sure your mailbox isn’t already full of other emails.

How to change your email on Twitch?

Here’s the solution to how to change the email on Twitch. While on the settings page of Twitch, navigation will be required to the section, which says “Email.” It’s the very first setting present on the page. Once you find that setting, then type in your new email address, which you want on your Twitch account.

How can we become verified at Twitch?

For becoming verified on Twitch, you must first become a Twitch’s partner follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Stream for about 25 hours, at least within the time period of the last 30 days.
  2. Stream on a minimum of 12 distinctive days within the last month.
  3. Have a minimum of 75 concurrent viewers, watching the channel you made.

How to update Twitch?

In your settings, you’ll need to be in the selection of the Addons, and after that, the General tab. Scroll to Updates. Then choose how frequently Twitch App should monitor for updates from the drop-down. Thus, you’re done!

Is twitch prime not cost-free?

As they stated, Twitch Prime is an every-month subscription service. For joining it, Amazon Prime or Prime Video account is the basic requirement, which you must have — these will cost you $12.99/month & $8.99/month, respectively.

Is there any way of subscribing to Twitch for free?

When you tap the “Subscribe button” in any channel that is partnered, the first tab indicates in case you have a subscription option and if you are an active subscriber of Twitch Prime. Simply choose Subscribe Free for activating your Prime Subscription.

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