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Emma Email Marketing Reviews: How is it profitable?

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How beneficial is Emma Email Marketing currently: Emma was launched in 2003 by Clint Smith and Will Weaver, who were the co-founders of Emma and now employs more than 130 full-time staffers. The company is headquartered in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, and its satellite office is in Portland, Oregon.

It’s a cloud-based email marketing platform, which helps users to easily design email campaigns & review their performance. The platform can be used on numerous devices, not only pc or laptop, but smartphones and tablets, too, using native applications.

Emma assists marketing teams’ email programs & designs, segment customers based on demographics. Sending automated emails is possible, too, in Emma. 

This platform also helps its users in monitoring performance metrics for individual emails or for the whole program and offers visual insights using reports as well as dashboards. Emma permits its users to deliver follow-up emails with the help of analyzing in case the recipient has opened an email or tapped the link sent to them. Also, don’t forget the very first step “Verifying your email list” before you start your journey in email marketing!

Emma Email Marketing

The platform helps in understanding which content works well for its users by analyzing emails having the best click-through rates. Other features incorporate a drag-and-drop editor, open API, customization templates, and integration with different applications, for example, Salesforce, Wistia, SurveyMonkey, Shopify, and Front Desk. We’ll cover the features section of Emma deeply later on in this article.

Emma is frequently recognized as both a fast-developing company and a great platform for individuals to work. After getting into business for 10 years, they finally hired their first employee, and her name was Emma. Undoubtedly, it’s a bit awkward, but they named their organization Emma after hiring her.

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Emma Email Marketing: Plans & Pricing

The platform provides four differentially-priced editions, which are targeted to different segments of users, incorporating agencies, franchises, universities, and nonprofit companies. 

Emma takes a tiered way to its pricing & features. They’re very transparent about what is incorporated in each tier. We noticed that an annual contract is needed for each plan, and that might be a bit steep unless you were specific that Emma was for you.

Fortunately, the pricing of Emma has gone down significantly and is currently far more competitive in comparison to the past, with additional features included in the lowest tier.

Obviously, the cost of Emma is still relatively high in comparison to other email marketing platforms. However, the value is great for the money. With customer support at every single level and a rich feature set, the platform “Emma” is priced with the thriving businesses that are small in mind.

Following are the details of Emma’s 3 plans:


This is the most basic plan of Emma; still, the variety of features is great, have a look below:

  • Begins with $89/month
  • Dynamic content
  • Maximum 10,000 contacts
  • A/B testing of your content 
  • Template library
  • Phone & email support
  • Guestbook app
  • Emma 101 onboarding
  • Lightbox signup forms
  • In-built integrations
  • Importing of List 
  • Segmenting Tools
  • Code-your-own mailings
  • API access
  • 1-user


This tier incorporates everything, which is present in Emma’s Pro plan as well as the following:

  • Starts at $159/month
  • Preview of Litmus inbox 
  • Accounts for maximum 10-user 
  • Maximum 10,000 contacts
  • Custom event API automation
  • Automation workflows are Unlimited 
  • Builder for the landing page 


Now, this is the highest plan of Emma, it includes everything, which was present in the Pro & Plus plans as well as the following:

  • Starts at $279/month
  • Make custom templates
  • Managers are unlimited 
  • Approvals dashboard
  • White labeling/private branding
  • Tiered account structure
  • Template style locking
  • Template & asset manager
  • Dashboard to track your activity 
  • Permissions of account & user 

In case you have over 1ok contacts, then you can call Emma to get a custom quote.

Emma Email Marketing: Hardware & Software Requirements 

Emma is specially designed to work with the commonest internet browsers. While it might work with an unsupported browser, however, you won’t necessarily be provided with the correct support should you require troubleshooting. Here’s the list about which browser supports the latest updated version of Emma.

You can use Emma in the following supported web browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari

You can’t use the following Unsupported web browsers to work on Emma:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Camino
  • Sea Monkey
  • Opera

The template editor and other additional features of Emma will not be supported on mobile devices. Your experience might differ on your mobile device.

Be Aware! Before you plan to purchase Emma for email marketing, don’t forget to verify your email list! here’s a great solution with a 7-day free trial period to verify your email list with tremendous perfection level!


Emma Email Marketing: Specific size of business

The pricing of Emma is based on the contact size you have and features, so theoretically, it’s basically built to scale with your business. But, as we feel, the features-to-price ratio comparatively hits a wall regarding higher-priced plans. Emma might be the best-suitable platform to those businesses, which are small and medium.

Ease of use

The design that Emma has is modern and clean, strategically utilizing color against a background that is bright white. There is a limitation of tabs to deal with: Home, Response, Automation, Audience, and Campaigns.

Emma does a great job of holding your hand via the learning process. Your account manager will forward you a link to training videos. However, you can simply skip those too, but we suggest you grasp a solid grip of the utilization process of Emma. The program will offer guideposts, too, so that you can start using Emma easily.

It’s also worth describing again that Emma provides email & phone support for all plans, and you’ll not usually locate that with other platforms. Because of this support, Emma is an excellent rated platform because of its ease-of-use category.

Emma Email Marketing: Features

Here’s a rundown of a few of what Emma has to offer in the feature-set. Overall, Emma provides quite a bit for any small business to send, create, and learn from the campaigns of their email marketing.

Marketing Automation

Emma has a solid set of automation features so you can set your goal for your list, like the professional you want to be. Here’s a rundown of their email automation features:

List Segmentation: Perhaps what stands out mostly regarding the feature-set is that Emma is having a rich segmentation tool, which can target down to deep details such as zip code, purchased items, birthday, and in case they’ve opened your most recent email.

  • Segmented groups are easily findable, and you can make segments limitlessly when it comes time to forward targeted campaigns. This is a fantastic tool to test your markets as well as fine-tune your results.
  • Branching Logic: The branching logic Emma has can help you in delivering the most relevant message based on a specific email no matter whether they open it or make a certain click. The next email that you’ve in your drip sequence is matchable to your audience’s activity.
  • Trigger messages: When integrated with the website you’ve, Emma can indicate the most recent purchases and forward an automated email, which ensures your audiences are getting a timely touchpoint for supporting the purchase, encouraging an upgrade, or scheduling a follow-up.

Creating Email Content Dynamic 

The email editor Emma has made it possible to create numerous versions of one email & release them to different users in a targeted approach. Use distinctive color schemes, text blocks, and photographs to make different user demographics feel like they’re at home, all based on the info you gather from your users. You can also test a sample demographic and then forward the winning email to the rest of your list.

Ensure A/B Testing In Your Email Marketing

The most basic features of email marketing, A/B testing, permits you to make two versions of a similar email with some differences, then monitor the performance of both versions. It’ll help you in determining what your contacts are interested in and don’t like about their email content.

Making Landing Pages For Your Campaign

Emma offers the capability to make web pages based on the emails you forward out. For instance, in case you are campaigning for subscribers to take the cooking class in a perfect manner, you offer, and you make a beautiful email to encourage them to do so. Creating a similarly branded landing page is good too for your website, which is dedicated certainly to that campaign.

Email Marketing Analytics

Emma’s analytics indicate how many contacts are there who opened your emails are and will give you a “mailing score” based on most recent campaigns (both from yourself as well as other similar companies). You’ll get a click map too so you can monitor where your contacts clicked most frequently.

Managing Contacts

The first thing you’ll encounter about Emma is that it makes automate processes where the possibility is, which aligns perfectly with its target demographic (med-to-big business customers). As you can see with numerous ESPs, important your contact list as an Excel or .csv file is possible.

Emma will try assigning the info in the file you’ve to its default headings, if possible, based on your file’s headings. Using a simple set of pull-down options, you can also enable Emma to ignore or organize other headings too. In case you’re a heading, which Emma doesn’t recognize, then creating your own would be a good idea. Those tags are used to segment your lists.

Emma has a pretty robust sign-up form designer that you can easily integrate into your website according to your requirements. It permits you to customize the data that you want to capture, the form’s design, and also the conditions under which it’ll show to audiences to your site. The actual integration probably takes newbies outside of their comfort zone. However, the video tutorial must be enough for numerous users to get over the hump.

Creating The Email Campaign

A few times, user feedback is extraneous yet pleasing; other times, it’s highly practical. While it’s not groundbreaking, Emma’s email editor is great for one major reason: it clearly & unerringly marks the areas on your template to which you’ll be able to drag a new element. The guesswork consumes much time and frustration for adding an element.

Otherwise, the editor is layered in a certain manner that makes creating design easy while providing more artistic kinds the option of customizing elements with a fairly extreme degree of precision. Modifying images can be completely is possible within the editor, from resizing to especial effects. It’s not the same as Photoshop. However, it’s more than is provided by most ESPs.

The campaign preview Emma provides is pretty awesome, morphing your design live for fitting mobile, tablet, desktop, and even custom aspect ratios. However, the effect isn’t that necessary; it’s yet another example of excellent feedback from Emma. 

You get approx 100+ mobile-optimized templates. Also, a number of them provide you the option of choosing numerous variations on the main theme.

Sending The Campaign

Emma automatically scans the campaign you have for elements, which may trigger the spam filter response. When you finish your campaign, you’ll have to enter a live address in compliance with the Act of CAN-SPAM.

Furthermore, you’ll be taken to the last screen, where you have to toggle your campaign between HTML as well as plain text versions, enter headers, split-test your subject heading in case you so desire, and enable Google Analytics. You can also select to forward your campaign to individuals, list segments, or groups.

The automation system Emma has will help you in searching for a nice balance between versatile & ease of use. Depending on your budget & plan, setting up numerous conditions is possible under which preset emails will be forwarded to contacts. Unfortunately, this feature is fairly not unlimited on the basic Pro Plan of Emma, so you’ll have to spend more to create some major email AI. Read the best Best Bulk Email Service in 2020 to know about the fantastic tools that’ll make forwarding emails to your subscribers pretty simple with perfection.

Email Campaign Reporting

The reporting tools Emma has are both slick yet simple. You’ll get all the data and metrics, for example, share, opt-outs, opens, clicks, etc. Emma goes further than that and also provides visual feedback regarding the parts of the email the subscribers interacted with. Colorful graphs are available too to help you visualize the data.

After every day, Emma will give you a mail score by analyzing campaigns, giving you an idea of what your campaign lacks up against the other marketers in your industry. It’s a humbling feature; however, for campaigners, it can be great for helping you develop. Exporting reports as spreadsheets or .pdf is possible.

GDPR Compliant Email Platform

With the European Union’s most recent implementation of new regulations of privacy, any email marketing, which reaches a European audience, must comply. With Emma’s fresh features, which ensure your subscribers are completely aware of the data that gathers from them, you can rest assured as you’re following the new regulations with the help of Emma. These features incorporate consent toggles on signup forms, and it also permanently delete functions that permit customers to permanently unsubscribe as well as take all their data with them.

Emma Email Marketing: Customer Service

From the start, you get a rep that adds a personal touch with an industry, which is usually kind of faceless.

Support is available via:

  • Email: You’ll be provided an email contact while you sign up for Emma
  • Phone: You’ll also get a phone number to your representative of Emma
  • Facebook: Emma updates the Facebook page with links for marketing articles & resources
  • The Emma Community: A forum doubling like an online help center
  • Video Tutorials: Emma provides a set of video tutorials for fast learning
  • Twitter: The Twitter feed of Emma is updated a bit more often & features the same content
  • Blog: You’ll find links to numerous blog posts on social media. However, going right to the source as well as find information on email campaign tips and tricks, etc. is possible.

Integrations & Add-Ons of Emma

Emma integrates with some famous apps so you will have some synergy with the data you have, however, you’ll locate a limited number in the pool. You’ve some alternatives in the video, CRM, analytics, very limited eCommerce, and some other services, for example, SurveyMonkey and Eventbrite.

Lack of integrations might be a dealbreaker for a few people, so make sure how your data requirements interact before you sign up on the dotted line with Emma.

Emma Email Marketing: Security

Emma ensures the data privacy principles regarding the Safe Harbor program, specially built to provide U.S. organizations with guidance on offering adequate safety for personal data from Europe (as needed by the Directive of European Union on the protection of the data). It’s already listed in the Department of United States in Safe Harbor directory of Commerce for self-certifying organizations.

Just one time when Emma will ever share any info regarding your Emma account with an outside company is in case:

  • The outside company is processing your payment for the service of Emma and needs certain info necessary for the transaction.
  • The outside company is the federal government or other agency that is empowered to need them to divulge your personal or account information.
  • Emma is highlighting your templates’ examples, campaigns, or might be the case studies and have granted your permission prior for divulging such info. 
  • Emma is reporting on its complete customer base & activity, in which case Emma will just divulge general, aggregate and non-personally identifiable information.

Anti-Spam Policy

As described above, you’ll need to comply with the CAN-Spam Act before sending out a campaign. The requirement of all contact lists is necessary to be opt-in.

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