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Best Email Scrapers for Email Marketers: Free & Paid

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Best Email Scrapers for Email Marketers: When we discuss regarding email marketing, the email scraper’s importance remains undisputed. This tool not just offers you a list of unique email addresses but also saves time & effort, which you would have used while looking for emails manually.

However, as the internet is loaded with numerous types of email extractors tools and services, we know about your confusion behind selecting the correct email scraping software, tool, or service for your business.

We’ve listed not just paid, but an amazing free email scraper is available on the list too.

Best Email Scrapers for Email Marketers

Email scraping can assist you in gathering email addresses shown publicly with the help of a bot. What makes this fantastic is that you’ve complete control over where to snatch the email lists from, and which individuals can opt-in. Moreover, you don’t have to depend on second-hand sources. However, you can’t skip the process of verifying your email list before taking any further step!

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Why do you require the email scrapers?

In case you are dealing with internet marketing, for example, lead generation and going to begin a newsletter for expanding the customer database and enhance the website traffic, email address scraper is the ideal solution for you. There is a 38% enhancement in the number of sales with email extractors’ help.

You’ll avoid major headaches getting a host of data.

Using this data for numerous different things in your business is possible. Lead generation, price comparisons, Sending bulk emails, prospecting, market research. No matter what’s your destination is, the ideal email scraper software will help in saving hours of manually building this type of massive spreadsheets yourself.

Entrepreneurs around the world are basally scraping data from websites and social media. It’s actually not longer something that just coders or programmers usually do. These entrepreneurs have numerous requirements regarding what type of data they require and how they need it. Email address scraper tools are learning into this, and several are coming up with interfaces, which are friendlier and customizable dashboards, all set to scrape according to your requirements.

Once you scraped the web with the help of any of these tools, there are several things worth cherishing with all the data available. As this blog concentrate on prospecting, sales, and lead generation, we’ll concentrate more on scraping tools for automating your lead-gen.

Without further explanation, here’s the list of the 10 best scraping tools as well as SaaS products, which will assist your business sell, prospect, and development.

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1.) ZoomInfo Review

ZoomInfo is the first among all other email scrapers available. It’s powered by DiscoverOrg, combines the most comprehensive business database of worlds with best-in-class technology for fueling your strategy that is go-to-market from start to finish, and offers an accurate, 360-degree view of prospects, customers, and opportunities.

With Zoominfo’s robust features and integrations seamlessly included into your workflows, the organization is on the mission of delivering more. Greater leads for sales & marketing teams. More closed deals for sales companies. High efficiency for operations. Compete for control for leadership and more profit for everyone.

ZoomInfo was the first operating system that is ever go-to-market. Now, that means they offer both the data as well as the technology you require to create a highly cohesive go-to-market strategy from the starting to finishing. From understanding your right customers to targeting the organizations who visit your site live, they’ve what you need for elevating every aspect of your company’s marketing to grossing more customers.

ZoomInfo provides solutions to support every single of your sales requirement, including lead scoring, sales prospecting, territory planning, conducting targeted outreach, etc. ZoomInfo has covered everything for you. With their platform and products, you’ll enhance, scale success quickly, sales productivity, and rest-assured.

Top Features

  • It permits administrators to customize their unique processes to accommodate. Incorporates the ability to create custom objects, calculations, fields, rules, and views.
  • Grant access to choose data, objects, features, etc. on the basis of the users, groups, user roles, etc.
  • Permits software to be simply used on numerous devices incorporating phone and tablet devices.
  • Offers features for email & messaging alerts surrounding contact & organization updates.
  • Software is frequently available (uptime) and permits users to finish tasks quickly as they are not on hold for the software to respond to the action they took.
  • Application Programming Interface specification is available for how an application communicates with additional software. APIs normally enable the integration of logic, objects, data, etc. with other applications of software.
  • This email address scraper permits it’s users to view & transact business with similar content in numerous languages and currencies
  • It is consistently accessible (uptime) and permits users to finish tasks reliably.

2.) Review

Firstly, the hunter is an email searcher and email verifier tool that permits you to perform domain search for all email addresses. Launched in the year 2015 by Francoise Grante, this company based in San Francisco offers accessible as a Email Scraper Chrome extension & Google Sheets add-on.

Furthermore, using to quickly locate email addresses is possible for businesses and/or people within that business. Hunter is highly suitable for any person or business searching to construct a database of email contacts. Marketing & Sales teams, in particular, an advantage of this tool that speeds up the hunting down contacts’ process.

They’ve also previously integrated campaigns that even permits you to perform outreach directly via the tool versus uploading any contacts to another CRM. It’s a convenient yet affordable lead generation tool, which every business must have in their arsenal. This tool’s search function is fantastic for locating the decision-makers in business for beginning conversation.

Imagine locating the VP of sales is what you want in a prospecting organization. You enter the domain, and it’ll offer you the individual’s position, email, name, phone number, and also the social media links. It even provides you sources for the emails that it locates to offer you an idea of fetching accurate information.

Top Features

  • There is the email locator feature available. This is highly similar to the search function, except which you’re entering an exact name & domain to locate in case it’s real.
  • has its own CRM built into the platform, which is highly versatile and will save you money by preventing to invest in separate software in case you’re searching for bootstrap.
  • This tool has a bulk email finder, verifier, and domain search, which you can use in case a list of leads is already in your pocket.
  • There’s an outreach feature available, which you can connect to Gmail with.
  • The functionality of filtering or segmenting data regarding sales intelligence software is possible.
  • The ability to clean/enriching existing data, which is maintained in other systems, is available.

3.) is basically an Email Finder for email marketing & B2B sales. It permits email marketing professionals to construct relevant lists of B2B emails. It assists in accomplishing customers. Skrapp is also a Google Chrome extension as well as a web app, which enables us to construct lists of targeted leads with Linkedin searches & profiles.

It also assists in locating all the emails of prospects & save them in lists.

Skrapp’s email located is among the key features that assist in locating an email address, the organization name or website, and the target lead’s name. Its bulk email locates assists to find emails in bulk from the databases that are existing and sheets. The chrome extension of Skrapp smartly integrates with Linkedin. It takes just milliseconds to provide verified email addresses of the leads.

It helps in gathering data of your leads (email, title, name, Linkedin URL, company) in lists and further export it to your ESP, CRM, File storage service, or CSV and Excel spreadsheets.

Its intuitive interface is highly appealing in contrast to other email scrapers. It provides a monthly plan beginning from $49 to $299.

After getting a free plan of this free email scraper, you’ll obtain up to 150 lookups/month. However, keep in mind that it can just those deliver email address where a web link is available in a LinkedIn profile.

Top Features

  • The Domain Search is an amazing search feature. With its help, you can find employees’ emails conveniently from their respective companies’ websites.
  • Besides indexing public web pages, it simulates emails on the basis of companies’ email patterns. Further, it interacts with email servers and checks the existence of emails.
  • You enjoy a verifier along with this email finder. A verifier is a perfect tool for analyzing the status of your emails.
  • It tracks every email you search right from the creation of your account. If you find any email for the very first time, then only you consume your email credits.

4.) Octoparse Review

Octoparse is an amazing free email scraper, no-coding makes it ideal in comparison to other email scrapers, which requires coding. It has a point-and-click interface, which makes it easy to use. It mimics human behavior, pretty much similar to browsing a website, pagination, logging into the account, etc. It’s capable of extracting data from almost any website, no matter it’s dynamic with AJAX, Javascript.

There are three versions of Octoparse: free, standard, and professional. The first version (free) has powerful functions with which it could deal with almost every website. The premium versions come with more tasks’ functionalities and faster extraction speed. Besides that, you get high support, which begins from $75/month.

Comparing Octoparse to other web scraping tools such as, content grabber, it’s pretty more competitive. Both experienced and inexperienced users are gonna find Octoparse easy to use to bulk extract info from various websites. For most of scraping tasks, coding isn’t needed. It makes it convenient and faster to fetch data from the web without troubling your mind to code.

It’s capable of extract content from almost any website automatically and permits you to save it in the form of clean, structured data in whatever format you want. Besides that, they can work with complex websites all easy and atones, eliminating all issues while scraping.

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Top Features

  • Extract competitors data and pricing in real-time
  • Extract authenticated data using login/password
  • Data is stored in the cloud
  • Supports extraction scheduling
  • Uses multiple IPs for extraction (all risks of getting blocked are eliminated)
  • Extract text, image URLs, links, or HTML code
  • Sign in to accounts and scrape behind a login

5.) AeroLeads Review

And here comes another extensively useful email scraper software on our list is AeroLeads, which offers businesses with a quick yet simple way to generate sales leads by letting marketing and sales teams perform “search contacts” by the company through a process that’s akin to a search engine.

You just have to enter the data you want to obtain, and you can trust AeroLeads to deliver detailed results as per the user’s specification and data source. Another great benefit that AeroLeads is asically an email scraper chrome extention.

This feature permits your marketing and sales team to look up and successfully capture important contact info in real-time from highly reliable sources – company social profiles (Google, Crunchbase, AngelList, LinkedIn, etc.) and databases. After you get a list comprising relevant prospects, you can conveniently transfer their contact info and other detail pieces into AeroLeads with nothing more than some clicks.

What you enjoy is a pretty thorough profile of your prospect containing Email, social profiles, Name, Phone Number, etc. Besides that, you can choose to export every bit of your prospect data to top CRM applications such as HubSpot, Zapier, Salesforce, and MailChimp, by just pushing a button.

AeroLeads also provides custom service wherein you can feed them your specifications and instructions, and they’ll deliver all the required info such as industry, location, title, and more along with the phone number and email in a CSV format.

Top Features

  • Is pretty fast, gets data in just a matter of seconds
  • Only context-based lead generation software available on the web
  • Has Real-time search feature comprising filters such as date
  • Has a highly customizable feature with import & export of data

How does email Scrapers work?

Email scraping involves the procedure of mining emails from the URLs, CRM tools, text files, etc. Now, that can be in the state of the server, desktop software, or online services.

Email scrapers possess an inbuilt engine for scraping the email addresses from the biggest search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, along with social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

After that, it will send those email lists to the email verifier for eliminating the duplicate email addresses. A few email scrapers can sort the data as per the subject matter of websites and perform multithreading tasks. A few chrome plugins can also disguise the sender’s IP address to avoid any obstacles from the ISP.

Best Email Scrapers for Email Marketers: The Conclusion

Undoubtedly, if you really want your email marketing campaign to shine bright, you certainly can’t skip several processes, and email scraping is one of them. These scrapers highly eliminate the efforts. You can yourself determine how much you would have taken to fetch out email accounts, social media accounts, etc. by visiting those sites manually? It would be a great hassle!

Why elaborate so much when you’re able to work smartly by just paying some bucks and getting a nice email scraper software working for you?

Undoubtedly, email scraping is highly helpful, but when we discuss legal matters, it’s still undergoing certain difficulties. As the scraping process includes pre-existing content from the web, there a numerous ethical and legal quandaries confronting businesses who hope to purchase scrapers for their own processes.

As a result, you should cherish the legalities of your country before carrying out any email scraping practice. Even if it’s legal, you need to be smart enough, as email scraping may even lead to reputation damage.


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