Yahoo email bounce: The Definitive Guide

Yahoo Email Bounce: The Definitive Guide

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Yahoo Email Bounce: As an email marketer, have you ever suffered hard bouncing due to the Yahoo email address in your email list? Well, If it’s a YES, then certainly, no worries! 

You aren’t the only one –There are thousands of email marketers in the world who are suffering a high bounce rate because of hard bounce on Yahoo email. 

In this article, I am going to cover some details, which help you find the reason behind it!

Certain questions pop up here!

Why are Yahoo emails bouncing? How do they affect you as an email marketer? What are the tricks you need to follow to reduce your bounce rate?

Yahoo Email Bounce: Why, What and How!

We’ve minimized all knowledge, and providing strict answers, tips, and tricks.

So, Let’s glimpse them one by one! 

Yahoo Email Bounce: The Definitive Guide

The following report is the outcome of 20+ days of in-depth analysis from our experts!

What is an acceptable email bounce rate?

Email marketing metrics work pretty differently when we ask, what’s an acceptable bounce rate. Unlike click-through rates and open rates, you don’t prefer your bounce rate to climb high—generally, the lower, the better.

Bounce rates determine the percentage of on how many occasions your emails get bounced back to the sender. In simpler words, the email can’t reach the recipient that the sender desires, and therefore, it returns to the sender with a notification mentioning its bounced status.

Now, that sounds familiar because it’s the exact same manner that physical mail works. In case there’s something inadequate with the address, it simply returns to the return address.

2% is the maximum bounce rate benchmark as per the experts, and if yours’ is beyond that, start worrying!

Why are Yahoo emails bouncing?

Announcement by Jay Roisster

Jay Rossiter, the senior vice president at Yahoo, has announced that they reestablished the Yahoo platform to keep a safe, clean, and effective email service provider by this blog post on 12th June 2013.

He said that they are removing Yahoo email addresses that are inactive for at least 12 months. With this footstep of Yahoo, Email marketers are suffering from huge bounces. So, how will this affect you?


How do they affect you as an email marketer? 

Email marketers are spending tons of money, effort, and precious time to run a successful email campaign.

What if you come to know those emails you’ve sent didn’t reach the recipient’s inbox or simply bounce back to you! 

Oppss! It feels miserable!

It’s useless and a waste of your money and your time. Being an email marketer is not easy; it comes along with a huge responsibility for your business. You have to give all the updates, offers, or news of the business through email marketing campaigns.

If your emails are not reaching your users or bouncing back to you, that means you’re in the wrong direction. Your major concern is focussing hard on your bounce rate and email deliverability. All email marketers are struggling to maintain email hygiene to improve email deliverability.

To reduce the bounce rate or improve your email deliverability, you need to follow some tricks.

What are the tricks you need to follow to reduce the Yahoo Email bounce rate?

When you run an email marketing campaign, you need to monitor your bounce rate. With those figures, you can evaluate how successful your campaign goes!

If you are getting a high bounce rate continuously, you need to stop there! It would be best to improve your email marketing strategy because a high bounce rate isn’t a good pointer for your email marketing campaign. 

To overcome high bounce rate issues, you need to follow the below tricks:

Clean Your Email List Regularly

You can use the best email verification service to clean your email list. An email verification service helps you to remove invalid, unsafe, or other junk email addresses from your database.

An email verifier separates all the valid, invalid, or dead email ids from your list so that sending your email campaigns to only valid or safe email IDs becomes possible.

This is the most effective technique to identify email ids that will cause your email to bounce or not deliver. Besides that, an Email verification service will support you in removing spam traps, role-based, or disposable emails.

These types of email addresses will not add any value to your email marketing campaign. It is very challenging for every email verification service and every email service provider to validate those email IDs, which are in the “Disable” state.

MyEmailVerifer works harder to serve better to its users. Now, It is the first successful email verification service that can identify disabled users in Yahoo/AOL.

This email verifier helps you to check not only free Yahoo emails but also business email addresses using Yahoo as an email service. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. We ensure 100% satisfactory results to our customers.

You can try our email verification service with 100 free trial credits. 


Keep watching on Spam complaints

Keep watch on Spam trap

Now, you know that Yahoo is removing all the inactive email accounts and recycling those accounts to make them available. With these steps of Yahoo, there are high chances to get marked as spam. 

Now, you will think about how is it possible!? Let’s explain to you with this simple example. A person named Scott Harwood has his email id [email protected]. He decided to switch his email service provider. If he either doesn’t delete his Yahoo account and or he doesn’t use that email id for more than a year, Yahoo will disable and delete his account.

A while later, another Scott Harwood is happy to discover the same email id as it is available. He creates a fresh account using the same email id. He started getting emails from you. Now, he has never been exposed to your brand! What do you think! What will be his next step? Before unsubscribing, he is going to mark you as spam!

Being marked as spam isn’t a good thing to maintain your IP reputation. If you’ve got spam traps on your list, those will negatively affect you. Knowingly or Unknowingly, if you are sending emails to spam traps continuously, you will be marked as a spammer by email service providers. 

As a final result, your emails will not get delivered into your user’s inbox. So, how to keep your email list safe from spam complaints? 

Here again, an email verification helps you. Our ultra-modern email verification detects spam traps from your email list. You can remove them, and you can save your reputation by being marked as a spammer.


how To Clean An Email List To Reduce A Bounce Rate

You need to check your email marketing statistics regularly to evaluate your inactive subscribers. 

The person who wishes no longer to receive your emails remove them immediately. This will help you to improve your email deliverability and reduce your bounce rate once you remove your unsubscribers from your email lists.

You are going to send emails to only users who are looking for your business or service. These are the most common tactics that help you preserve your sender’s reputation too.

The Conclusion

While running an email campaign, you need to pay attention to your email campaign statics regularly reports, especially while handling Yahoo bounces. 

Always focus on your bounce rate and keep your email lists clean. Also, remove all inactive users from your email list without any remorse.

We’re 150% sure, if you’ve absorbed all that info up there well, your ship will be at the harbor of success!

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