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EXPERT’S GUIDE: Add these extra gears to speed up sign-ups

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Building an email list can be difficult, just like all the great things in life. There are proven strategies that you can use to speed up your subscriber growth and overcome any speed bumps.

If we were lucky, our email lists could continue to grow without us having to do much. However, as we live in the real world, we need to plan and commit to growing your email list.

This article will discuss 3 list-building strategies (and 20 other tactics) that you can use to increase subscriber growth, keep the email list current, and ensure that your content demand is on an upward trend.

Why should you bother so much about your email list

Email marketing is the most challenging part. It is also the most important part of email marketing. Without email subscribers, there is no audience to send your content to.

Subscribers are those who have given you their contact information so that they can interact with you. They are now part of your email marketing funnel. They are your most valuable customers and primed to be new customers.

Email addresses are like phone numbers. You don’t give them out to anyone. A subscriber who is willing to share their email address with you will be entering into a deeper relationship. Your email subscribers are the unicorns of your marketing audience.

Three strategies to increase your email list

Let’s look at three ways to increase your email list. We will also show you how to put them to use with some examples.

Current subscribers can be turned into advocates

While it’s great to collect new subscribers, your email list will suffer if you don’t nurture the ones that already exist. Email lists fall at an average rate between 22.5% and 30% each year. This is a lot of people that you have worked hard for.

There are many ways to stop unsubscribes and turn loyal subscribers into advocates for your newsletter or brand.

1. Provide valuable email content

You must promise to provide content that they value to attract subscribers. You should take a look at your newsletters and see if you have kept your word. If not, it may be time to change. You might need to refresh your content in order to energize current subscribers.

2. Segment your subscribers

Segmentation means the process of dividing your subscriber lists into smaller groups based on certain characteristics. Segmentation is a way to better understand your subscribers and create more relevant content. This will improve email delivery and result in a higher conversion rate.

There are simple ways to convert your subscribers’ newfound love for your brand and build a loyal following.

3. It’s easy to forward your friend’s email

It’s simple enough to click “Forward” from the email client. But by placing a prompt in the email content, you are creating a visual cue. It could be a split-second glance that prompts them to say, “Yeah! My cool smart friend would love this!”

You can also make your newsletter easy to share on social media. This will increase your reach even further. Your subscribers will be able to share the newsletter with their networks, which can give you valuable access to people who likely share your interests. Ensure to include an attractive subscribe button so everyone who receives the forward can join the fun.

4. Implement a referral program

Recommendations are very important, especially if the source is a friend or colleague. 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know.

Referring a friend or colleague to your newsletter will give new subscribers the feeling of being part of a larger community. Offer incentives to encourage current subscribers to refer. These could include discounts, exclusive content or merchandise, cash rewards, vouchers, loyalty points, or cash rewards.

Here’s a great example from Morning Brew of a referral program that they used to grow an audience of 2.5 Million subscribers.

5. Social proof should be used on sign-up pages

Social proof, such as customer testimonials, creates trust and value for your content. It could also be the push that a user needs in order to sign up for your email list. Wherever possible, you should use testimonials or reviews from real customers. This is especially true for sign-up landing pages. How better to motivate users to sign up for your email list than to praise them directly? 

Optimize your current digital assets

Are you looking for quick list-building strategies that can be implemented immediately, such as TODAY? This section is for YOU! You can make a few straightforward changes to existing digital assets to encourage users to click the subscribe button.

6. Subscribe links for videos, social profiles, and communities

Subscribe links are a great way of attracting subscribers to your videos and profiles. If they are already using your content on different platforms, they have already shown an interest and are part of your larger audience.

Offer consumers of the content an opportunity to participate and stay informed. Subscribe links can be added to:

  • On your Facebook page, click the “Call to Action” button
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram are all social profiles
  • Video or podcast descriptions (See example below)
  • In an Instagram Story via the “Swipe Up” feature
  • Profiles and posts in relevant online communities where you are actively involved

7. Promote newsletters in social profile headers

You can use your social media cover photos to promote your newsletter’s value and increase your email list with high-quality graphics. You can either create one graphic to promote your newsletter or create a header for each issue that you send, teasing the content that’s coming next.

8. Include opt-in forms on your website

Visitors hitting your site should be able to sign up for your email list easily, regardless of whether they are on the homepage or on the blog. Every page on your website should have an opt-in form that is easy to find and fill out but doesn’t interrupt the user experience. Opt-in forms can be added:

  • Every page has a footer.
  • Each blog post ends with a summary.
  • The content of the most popular pages

9. Add an email opt-in hyperlink to your email signature

“Want more information? Subscribe to the mailing list. A simple CTA with a link to your email signup page can be added to your signature. This will encourage people you are already talking to sign up to receive more of your amazing content.

Attract new subscribers ASAP

You have now established that your subscribers and email content are well-maintained, so it is time to expand your reach and attract new subscribers. The right combination of methods can help you increase your email list growth and will give you a greater idea of which technique is most effective for your target audience.

10. Sign up CTAs should be difficult to miss

It’s not enough to ask people to sign up for an email CTA. A CTA’s effectiveness is dependent on the language you use and the graphics you use. It also depends on the colors, fonts, and buttons that you use.

  • In the text, describe the benefit/value
  • Use command verbs like subscribe, sign up or download to learn more
  • For the call to action button, use contrasting colors
  • Add directional cues
  • Remember that less is always more

11. Maximize lead capture forms

For privacy and time reasons, no one wants to complete lengthy forms that ask for so many details. It’s best to ask users for an email address and possibly a name. To optimize your email campaigns, you can always get more data later.

12. Pop-ups can be used intelligently

Popups can be used to sign up for the mailing list on websites. Popups are great, but they should be used wisely. Context and timing are crucial. Popups with discounts are very popular in eCommerce.

Here are some ideas on how to use popups to increase your email list.

  • Popups can be created to offer exclusive content or offer to visitors who subscribe.
  • Different popups can be tailored to appeal to different interests to match the content of each web page.
  • Popups can be used at the end of blog posts in order for visitors who like your content to sign up for more.
  • To encourage sign up for your service and remain connected, use exit-intent popups.

Popups can be used in many ways. However, it is important not to negatively impact the user experience or drive away website visitors.

13. To grow your email list, offer lead magnets

A lead magnet is a free item that you offer in return for data. In this case, it would be content or offers. If you’re interested, this is the quid pro quo for building an email list.

You can offer cheat sheets, whitepapers, and ebooks as lead magnets.

It’s a relief! There are many options to be creative with, provide value to your subscribers, and grow your email list. You can choose the ones that you find most relevant to your niche, then promote them via social media, online communities, and on your website. If they sign up, give teasers about what’s available.

14. Work with a partner to create a marketing campaign

Collaboration with industry partners or influencers can help you reach new audiences by leveraging the support of those who are already following you.

Here are some examples of collaboration:

  • You can attend their podcast/web show as a guest
  • Work together on a lead generation initiative
  • Make a special offer only for your partner
  • Get together to create a giveaway
  • Give your audience a piece of content or a resource for free

Don’t forget to include a link back to your opt-in landing page.

15. Use QR codes to get creative

QR codes allow users to sign up for your email list quickly, effectively, and conveniently. It’s an ideal way to link digital technology with the real world.

Does your business have a physical location? Then you can place a QR code that leads to your sign-up page in-store, on-premises, or at events using banners and handouts.

16. Run captivating Facebook ads

Make fun and eye-catching ads about the newsletter to target specific audiences on Facebook. This approach has many advantages: you can target people based on core demographics and interests, reach users who have formerly engaged with your company, and create a lookalike audience that is similar to your existing subscribers.

17. With PPC, collect emails

You can make your presence known across many digital channels by adding pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to the mix. Because you know what visitors are looking for, you can capture emails using PPC to help you build targeted audiences. You can also tailor landing page content to make it easy for users to sign up.

18. Hosting a webinar

Webinars can be a fabulous way for you to share your knowledge and make yourself an authority in your field. You can even offer access to these exclusive events through sign-up only. This allows you to allow users to opt into your newsletter.

19. Upgrade content and get VIP access

It’s hard to refuse the offer of additional material to an engaged user. If they are already learning from your content and feeling valued, any upgrade feels like a big bonus.

You could offer content updates in the following ways:

  • Log: Get VIP guides, blogs, and other information.
  • Podcasts: Show notes, research files, and VIP episodes
  • Website: Allow private access to areas of your website that contain useful resources or content
  • Webinars: Resources and reading, as well as study notes

20. Share teasers of your newsletters

You can also encourage curiosity in your users by giving them a teaser of what your newsletter has to offer without actually giving away any goods. Let them know what they are missing and how signing up for your newsletter will benefit them. Give them an easy way to sign up!

Let’s get growing!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to email list growth. There are many ways to increase your subscriber growth.

Building your email list is an ongoing task. It’s normal to reach a plateau from time to time.

It’s crucial to test and learn, so it’s worth testing! You’ll notice a quicker growth rate and happier subscribers if you plan, test, and are patient when growing your email list. This is what I love most about it.

But is having a lengthy email list enough?

Naah, not at all!

Even if you manage to increase the length of your email list at a great pace, there’s still much to do. Yes, without verifying the email list, you can be 100% certain of the results of your campaigns. 

It’s said that an email marketer’s life isn’t complete without an email validator tool!

An email validator tool like MyEmailVerifier verifies your list with 99% perfection and keeps you away from not just deliverability-related issues but also blacklists. 

Pricing begins at just $1.44 for 500 credits; this tool also offers you numerous luxuries like free trials, a “credit never expire” policy, and much more.

Use this tool, and focus on your goals rather than bothering about the email marketing dangers.

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