How to Complete Payment With a CreditCard using PayPal at

How to Complete Payment With a CreditCard using PayPal at

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MyEmailVerifier is one of the best email verification services. It gives you the most accurate results with 98% deliverability. 

Purchasing an email verification service at is very easy and you can complete the payment in a few seconds.

Here are the complete steps on how you can make the payment with a Credit Card using PayPal.

  1.  Login to the MyEmailVerifier client area.
  1. Click on buy credits as mentioned in the below image.
  1.  Add the number of emails you want to verify on HOW MANY EMAILS DO YOU WANT TO VALIDATE Box and click on PayPal Checkout Button.
Add credits and Coupon Code

–> Use different coupon code as below for the discounts:

  • 500-20K – 40% OFF – MEV40F2019
  • 50K-250K – 50% OFF – MEV50F2019
  • 500K-5M – 60% OFF – MEV60F2019
Click on Buy Now

4. Select Payment Option as below:

Use payment option

5. Once you click on PayPal Button, it will redirect you to PayPal. Enter your Email Address and click the next button.

Pay with PayPal

6. Enter your Credit Card Details

PayPal Guest checkout

7. Click on Pay Now Button to confirm your order.


Once you confirm the order, your credits will appear in your account within 15 seconds. 

Note : 

If your PayPal email address and Registered email address are different, then our system will send a confirmation link on your PayPal email address to authenticate your identity. Please check the inbox/spam folder of your PayPal email address; there will be an email regarding your order.

Please click on the Confirm Order link to confirm the order. Once the order is confirmed, a credit will appear within 5 seconds. This step is necessary to prevent unauthorized payment.

Check out our  Email Verification Service process to get the details on How does our email verification service work?

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