how to clean your mailchimp email list

How To Clean Invalid Emails From MailChimp?

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It’s always good to have every email marketing-related activity handled at a single email marketing tool. You can integrate your email marketing tool MailChimp with our email verification engine easily. You just need to follow few steps to complete the integration of your MailChimp account.

We use the standard authentication method of Mailchimp to get the access token. You can import the email addresses of the particular list with our email verification engine and get the valid results which you can export to Mailchimp again after filtering the Valid email addresses from the verified results.

Let’s go through the easy integration steps of the integration.


1. Login into MyEmailVerifier client area.
2. Go to Integrations >> Third-party Integrations.
Connect your mail chimp account

3. Click on Connect button and it will ask you to login into Mailchimp account. Enter your login credentials.
Login into your mailchimp account
4. Once you enter your credentials, it will display a dropdown to clean your email list.
Choose mailchimp list
5. Select your email list you want to verify and click on Import. It will display the popup once the list is imported successfully.
List import msg display


6. Once your uploaded email list is uploaded and verified, you will receive email notification that your email list is verified and ready for download. You can download your email list from Email Verification >> Download Verified List.
download your verified email list

You will need to filter the valid email address results and you can import the email list back to your MailChimp account.

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  1. I’ll try on surely basis thanks.

    Email Validation! How can I compare best Email Validation service?? I got top 10 Email validation service, How would I come to know that which one is best!
    Is their any easiest way to find best Email validation service?

  2. MailChimp? Hmmm, I was to believe this as well but not now. They are too strict on email building. For example, I got an email list and I subscribe them on my list mailchimp will send you policy violation without any judgement. It’s quite not fare.

  3. This is a really good article and quite resourceful as well. However, I have a difficult time using it to send mail messages to my members. Yahoo has placed a block to deflect email marketing apps. I’ve recently been substituting by sending email to my list of users through MailChimp. I like MailChimp, however finding a SMTP service provider who doesn’t conflict with messages sent to Yahoo users would be fantastic. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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