Announcing the Upgraded Version of MyEmailVerifier Email Validation Engine

Announcing the Upgraded Version of MyEmailVerifier Email Validation Engine

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With the preponderance of digital marketing in modern world business, everyone must think of email marketing. To achieve success in an email campaign, its all depends upon the reliability of email addresses.

Our developer’s team have put together unique features in our upgraded version of email verification engine which makes MyEmailVerifier is the best tool for your business. Let’s have a look!


Improved Yahoo Emails Validation

MyEmailVerifier has improved validation for yahoo email addresses. Not only free Yahoo addresses but also business email using Yahoo as email service.

Free Domain Checker

Email verification engine detects if the email belongs to free domain e.g., The quick detection of the free domain in real-time.

Detailed SMTP Response

Complete response from SMTP server with the exact reason for the rejection and diagnostic details. The detailed SMTP response displays the exact reason of the invalid status of the email address.

High-Performance Real-time API

Get the email address validated before it reaches to your email list with our faster and easy to integrate API with instant validation so you can directly integration on registration forms of the website.

Greylist Domain Detection

Reduce the deliverability issues with new anti-greylisting technology identify the greylisting enabled domains and reduce the repeated SMTP connection requests.


Lowest TurnAround Time

Full Assurance of the faster processing of the high volume email lists in the lowest turnaround time. The faster processing capability ensures that you get the email list validated within the lowest turnaround time.

So, Have you in search of best email verification service? Now, there is no need to waste time to search anymore. MyEmailVerifier brings you the best email verification tool.

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