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7 Problems And Their Solutions You Can’t Ignore In Email Address Validation

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The email plays a significant role to store various important details in a safe manner. The email address above 30% in a contact database or company’s customer becomes outdated. The importance of email address validation can’t be exaggerated. But it’s often missed by individuals that go in for email marketing.
Email address validation is basic programming. It’s a process that verifies whether an email- address is deliverable and valid or not. Email quality score, deliverability indicator, SMS gateway Detection, Role address detection, and Business detection are new features of Email address validation. Save your money and time that could otherwise be spent sending email blasts to unregistered users. Reduce bounce rates and increase sender score through email address validation.


Before knowing the problems of email address validation one must know its features:

  • If the service performs issues checking both the sides -domain name and username. Look for the organization to reduce the invalid email addresses and sophisticated algorithms and to remove these addresses.
  • If the service verification exists email address domain and obtains a valid MX record correlated with it.
  • The service performs the test engage in the mailbox as well as determine while the mailbox received mail or not.
  • If the service delivers the free trial can simply test yourself and check match rates.

So secure the email against spam contravention by making sure the emails are delivered on time.

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Here are some problems with their solutions you can’t avoid in email address validation:

1. Generic Error Messages

When benchmarking the checkout process, we found that most validation error messages are woefully generic. These messages are problematic because it doesn’t do much in the way of helping the user understand what the error is and how can we fix it. Generic Error Messages tend to run the spectrum from unhelpful to completely useless. The most common error messages are Invalid, Not a valid US phone number, Not a valid 10 digit US number.
The first error message is the worst as it offers zero help as to why the input is not accepted- it just reveals that the site doesn’t consider it valid. Without any indication of what the actual error is, the user will basically have to do all the work figuring this out themselves.

2. Adaptive Error Messages

Adaptive Error Messages dynamically change to best match the user’s situation. For example, if a user tried to provide [email protected] in an email field, an adaptive validation error message would read “This email address is missing a top-level domain”. It is vastly superior to generic Error messages because it alerts the user to the actual validation failure and provides them with an easy way to fix it. Letting the user know the reason, why the validation failed, makes it much easier for them to fix it. During testing, we observed it to improve error recovery time and perhaps, even more, to reassure the user that their input in itself wasn’t wrong but that they had just given it in a format that the site was incapable of processing.


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Email Address Validation

3. Purge disposable or throwaway email addresses

Not eliminating risky email addresses. Disposable email addresses are used by spammers and one-time visitors to subscribe to your campaign in place of their valid email addresses. The danger posed by disposable addresses is that they affect the delivery rate of the substance of your email. With time this can create an adverse effect where your real email recipients become inactive and cold to your emails because of not getting your emails on a regular basis. You need to isolate and identify these email addresses and delete them from your list.

4. Avoid bogus submissions

On some occasions, you will find that someone will enter the email of another person without their permission or they will use a bogus email address to submit unsolicited promotional messages. By verifying email addresses owners are assured that they are communicating with a real person.

5. Less usable leads

Validating email addresses when they’re entered on your website ensures you capture a working address which increases data quality and the no. of people to which you can send the email. Having more working addresses translates into a greater no. of prospects and hence will develop more useful leads.

6. Not doing quarterly cleaning

Failure to manage your email list makes you vulnerable to spam traps and invalid email addresses. Always stay on top of bounce data and remove bad emails from your list. If someone unsubscribes from an e-mail campaign and you continue sending emails to them, you put your reputation on risk. Any email address that hasn’t seen any engagement such as opens or clicks in a given period of time should probably be removed from your list. List cleaning is a long tedious task and there are many online programs and software that can quickly clean up your list. Enhance your deliverability, online reputation by quarterly cleaning.


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7. Validating via database

Whenever you send out emails, not all of them are delivered and there are different reasons why emails bounce. The major cause for email bounce may be validation or authentication via a database where the recipient is unknown or the domain is not found, an email server can permanently reject an email resulting in a hard bounce. To clean and validate you must create a bounce email register that filters out bounced email addresses. You have to be extremely careful while selecting an email verification vendor. There might be possibilities where a lot of emails will pass through as valid e-mails but bounces when you go to deliver your messages.

By the regular maintenance and validation the email address in company systems, it not only develops the possibility of existing relationship but it also reduces inefficiencies processes along with diminishing waste of resources and time.

Benefits of Email address validation

  • Personalization
  • Segment potentially dangerous e-mails
  • Bring in new clients
  • Build your campaign
  • Increase customer engagement
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