How to clean invalid emails from Aweber?

Aweber is one of the widely used email marketing, and it is always better to have all your email marketing activities performed at one place. We have released the Aweber integration so you can integrate your email list and can save your time from managing email lists separately. You need to follow a few steps to complete the integration of your Aweber account. You need an active Aweber account for this integration.

We use the standard authentication method of Aweber to get the access token. You can import the email addresses of particular list with our email verification engine and get the valid results which you can export to Aweber again after filtering valid email address from the verified results.

1. Login into MyEmailVerifier client area.
2. Go to Integrations >> Third-party Integrations.

3. Click on Connect button and it will ask you to login into Aweber account. Enter your login credentials.
4. Once you enter your credentials, it will display a dropdown to clean your email list.

5. Select your email list you want to verify and click on Import. It will display the popup once the list is imported successfully.

6. Once your uploaded email list is uploaded and verified, you will receive an email notification that your email list is verified and ready for download. You can download your email list from Email Verification >> Download Verified List.

You can filter the valid emails results and upload to your Aweber account. You will need to filter the valid email address results and you can import the email list back to your Aweber account.

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