, How MyEmailVerifier Email Verification Service Works?

How MyEmailVerifier Email Verification Service Works?

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It is very much possible that verification can take longer than you expect.

If you will open our main page you’ll see there mentioned that our verification speed is 100,000 emails in four hours. But how can you gulp the fact that a meager file, with just 10 emails, can take almost 30 minutes to upload! Your first idea can be that our services are slow and laggy, and probably we are scamming people in the name of speed. You can also find that if you will put these 10 emails to “list verification” tool, you will get results in the next 30 seconds. So eventually you would come to the conclusion that our service is slow and our bulk verification system has crashed.


Why verification of a single email can take more than 10 minutes?

Internet is sprawling with spam emails, that is why email services use anti-spam systems and algorithms, in an attempt to avoid such spams. Sometimes, these security systems are not impeccable and can catch emails that do not really spam. The same is happening to us. These email providers have prevented access for us, determining that we are spam emailers. As a result, we have built our own algorithms to get out of this trouble. So if our service fails to verify your email in the first attempt, then its probably trying to use our algorithms, which is consuming extra time. We do not re-verify emails, which would result in lots of “unknown” emails in your list, and you won’t be, at all cost, happy.

Three common reasons that your verification is taking longer

  1. Greylisting anti-spam system. When email services come in contact with email ids that have not previously sent emails to their service, they deny the connection and a caption pops up that, “we are not ready, try again later”. It can happen for a few hours before the service allows the verification of email.
  2. If your file contains lots of emails from same email provider and we start “bombarding” your provider with a speed of 20 emails per second, your provider will go dead or will ban us.  We have certain limits that we need to stay within.
  3. Some email providers like hotmail/yahoo/mail.ru closely inspect the connections and if sender/verifier feels “suspicious” to them, they will ban it and won’t verify the email.

What to do to get verification results faster?

You need to understand that if your file contains only emails that are “easy to verify” (like @gmail), it will be processed very fast… But if your file contains both “easy” and “hard” to verify emails, then the file will be processed until the last, hard email is verified. And, you will not get results for “easy” emails until “hard” emails have also finished the verification. That is why you should split files for “easy” and “hard” emails and upload them separately. The File with “easy” to verify emails will be finished fast, but a file with “hard” emails will take much more time.


How can I know what emails are “hard”/”easy” to verify?

It is very hard to answer this question, but “Hotmail” emails take the longest. So you can find @live, @outlook, @hotmail, @msn. emails and upload in a separate file. Processing yahoo and “mail.ru/bk.ru/inbox.ru/list.ru/mail.ua” emails, also take lots of time. It is very important to understand that our service is working in automatic mode and if you need results “right now”, you can push the “cancel” button. Some customers think that cancel indicates that all validation results will be lost, but it is not the fact – our validation system will generate a report where you will find results for that time, you can’t resume file after it is “canceled”. (we do not charge for not processed or “unknown” emails). We recommend that you set low priority for the “Catch-all” status valid email addresses as there is a high possibility of bounce with “Catch-all” email address.

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