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Features Worth Using in Email Marketing App

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Other than phone calls, the second most effective method of business communication is through email marketing. Regardless of your company’s size, the use of marketing via email is extremely practical and improves time effectiveness and efficiency. For companies that operate online, email marketing is of paramount importance. There is a myriad of email marketing app that provide totally free mailers to medium, large and small-sized companies.

This provides everyone with the advantage to succeed in the realm of technology. So, it is essential to concentrate on identifying the right marketing platform for you as an owner of a business.

It is vital to be sure that the platform you choose has accurate and precise information that will get the right audience. That is how you will be able to achieve your goals for the business, and, without a doubt, marketing via email has this attribute.

Therefore, making the investment in marketing via email can assist you in growing your earnings. In the context of marketing via email, it’s recommended to use applications for marketing via email when your budget allows.

A company app has been effective for companies that want to increase profits and sales. It is possible to get an excellent mobile app development firm that offers amazing features for email marketing apps. In this post, you’ll get an idea of the features your company’s email marketing application must include.

How Can Email Marketing Help Your Business?

With over 4 billion email IDs currently being used, you’ve got a vast choice of market options to reach out to potential customers. Email marketing can be a great source of lead generation.

Today, consumers prefer direct marketing, and this is one reason why email marketing tools are more effective than another marketing tools on the internet.

Businesses love contacting customers directly and letting them know about their products and services. Email marketing gives potential customers an insight into the company based on their preferences and schedule. In addition, businesses can evaluate the performance of each email marketing campaign that is sent out.

Things to Consider Using in the Email Marketing App

An email marketing application helps eCommerce marketers to send out common marketing campaign messages or campaigns to consumers with smart devices, such as tablets, mobiles, and laptops.

Each email service provider has specific functions and features, such as the ability to route mass email campaigns and use a layout or template system and primary list management. But, in addition to these fundamentals, marketers look to automate and optimize the marketing emails they send out.

Here’s a list of characteristics of a successful mail marketing strategy:

Message Automation:

One of the most powerful functions that email marketing offers is automated message delivery. This feature allows retail marketers to send out emails in response to specific actions or to send messages in a specific sequence that is based on a set of rules.

For example, think about an automated welcome sequence. If a buyer has signed up to get newsletters sent by an online retailer, he’ll receive an automatic welcome message. This message expresses gratitude to the customer for signing up and asking for confirmation of the subscription.

If the customer does accept that they have done so, an additional email will pop up that thanks to the customer for their confirmation and provides discounts of 20% off any purchase or service that is hired within a specified time.

Additionally, there is an additional set of emails that are designed to complete the process. For instance, an email to follow-up is targeted if the user is not able to confirm their subscription within 48 to 72 hours.

In addition to the other functions of automated messages, you can also use the example of dealing with transactions. Transactional messages like order and shipping confirmations can be integrated into the automated process when the seller’s website is tightly integrated with the seller’s mail marketing provider.

This allows you to take action when the receiver does not open the email or if a follow-up message can be sent out following a week from the time the delivery date to make sure the product is working effectively.

Responsive Layout-HTML:

Most of the time, all email marketing service providers permit businesses to send email in HTML and plain text formats. However, the top MSPs do not permit CSS and HTML to make reactive templates for email that can be adapted to the user’s device. Mobile optimization for emails is an alternative.

It’s been discovered that designing responsive designs using templates for emails will require the basic knowledge of CSS and HTML. However, the key is to ensure that Email companies that offer marketing services provide users with sufficient templates and designs that they can complete the design work that is responsive.

Additionally, this implies that marketers should attempt to stay away from companies that offer email marketing services using HTML tablet-based designs.

Maintaining the Advanced List:

The ability to remove or add email subscribers is an essential email marketing application feature. So, don’t accept any EMSP advertising this feature as their specialization. Instead, be prepared to receive better from them, for instance, tools that can eliminate hard bounces on a regular basis, including invalid mail addresses and soft bounces that are followed by failures.

Additionally, changes to subscriptions or opt-outs and other features must be accessible via your EMSP. Be sure not to overlook the possibility of setting an agenda of management rules to help keep everything up to date and clean.

Built-in CAN-SPAM Compliance:

The CAN-SPAM (Controlling of the scourge of non-solicited pornography and marketing) Act of 2003 states the United States standard for posting commercial emails. It thus confers on the United States Federal Trade Commission the sole authority to establish and enforce these standards.

The act contains certain rules regarding how subscriptions are handled. It also covers content and the guidelines on sending behavior. Choose to use an EMSP that guarantees that the message you send via email is within the US CAN-SPAM law.

In addition to that of the United States, many other nations have similar laws, and an EMSP that is well-aware can help with this.

Integration Ease:

Email marketing is best closely integrated with other systems and services. An EMSP will provide you with simple APIs to use or an extension that lets you use email on an e-commerce basis.

However, there should be options that allow email functionality and workflow integration with mobile apps, social apps as well as some loyalty programs.

Some possible EMSP integrations include integration with Google Analytics for tracking email interactions and clicks, as well as an integration with the 4-Tell product recommendation tool, which is to send personal messages and much more.

Dedicated IP Address :

In terms of email marketing application features, be aware that it is crucial for your company to have an exclusive IP, also known as an Internet Protocol address, for sending messages to customers in the field of marketing via email.

An IP address for your business will help improve the delivery of your messages.

This particular feature is designed for companies that plan to send large amounts of messages. When you are choosing MSPs, be sure to verify this capability regardless of whether your company is prepared for this or not.

As you grow and expand the success of your company, it will require an individual IP address to increase the speed of delivery.

Deliverability Assistance:

Email Marketing will not work when the messages don’t reach the recipients. Although email marketers do not have expertise in delivering their messages to the best quality, however, an EMSP should be knowledgeable of the issue.

Make sure to choose an EMSP who will provide information in the form of content that illustrates the fundamentals of the best email delivery methods.

These measures go into issues with deliverability in an individual campaign or message and provide feedback on the deliverability. The core task you should be aiming for to be an effective email marketing company is to search for an acceptable partner for your email.

Utilize Dynamic Content to create Personalized Emails:

Personalization of emails can aid webmasters and app developers in gathering detailed data about the users for positioning their brand. This way, brands can communicate messages in a way that is well-received by clients.

If it’s customized messages, they are far more effective compared to generic branding because it enhances click-through as well as open-through rate.

Closing Up

One of the central reasons for the rising popularity of marketing via email, regardless of other alternatives, one of which is ROI, or Return on investment. In the example above, let’s say you receive a return of $45 per dollar spent on email marketing.

Therefore, it is correctly stated that investing in marketing applications for email is about 45 times more effective when compared to investing on other platforms, such as Facebook.

Although businesses may attempt to create email marketing campaigns independently, however, it is recommended to employ an expert company’s services to do the same. Additionally, if you’re looking to invest in an app for marketing emails, it is recommended you choose an expert mobile app development firm.

They have a team of experts who profoundly understand the development of email apps for tablets and smartphones in-depth and can provide you with an app that is up-to-date with email marketing features.

These companies also have 24-hour, 7-365 days’ assistance lines that can assist you in removing technical issues as and as needed. One such company which we’ll recommend to you is AccuWebTech.

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