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Is Sending Mass Email in Gmail a Big Mistake?

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We’ve all heard Gmail is perfect for sending out emails to specific contacts, but what happens if you need to send mass emails? In this article, we will show the methods to mass emails using Gmail and also explain the reasons why you should use an email blasting service specifically for your needs.

Also referred to as bulk email, it means mailing promotional emails to a vast list of people (customers, lead, subscribers, customers, leads, customers, etc.) to meet a certain purpose, like to advertise a particular product or communicate important details.

Mass email marketing is best handled by using a specific software program called an email marketing or service.

Naturally, in order to reduce costs, it is possible to consider Gmail bulk email. However, small-sized business owners frequently ask:

“Wait, can’t I just use Gmail to send mass email campaigns?”

Technically speaking, you can send out large-scale emails using Gmail. But, since it’s not specifically designed to be used for this purpose, it is important to be aware of its limitations.

This article will accomplish three things:

  • Learn a simple method to send out mass emails using Gmail
  • Discuss the reasons Gmail isn’t suitable for sending out mass emails
  • Let us introduce you to a better alternative


Let’s hop into it!

How do you send mass emails using Gmail?

Firstly, no matter whether you’re ok with Gmail or you’re planning on using any emailing software, we always recommend you filter your email lists perfectly before proceeding any further. Email validation tool is a must in email marketing, as you really don’t want to spend time mending your sender’s reputation.

You can try the world’s best email validation tool – MyEmailVerifier now!

To use this method, it is necessary to connect both Gmail as well as Google Drive.

  1. Start a brand Google Doc. Open a Google Doc and write your email
  2. Open a Google Sheet (spreadsheet), and Click Add-ons
  3. Tap Add-ons.
  4. On the spreadsheet, click add-ons, then Yet Another merge > Start Mail Merge.
  5. Choose to import your contacts directly using Gmail or to add email addresses manually.
  6. Enter the name of the sender and then select the mail Draft (the first Doc open)
  7. Click Send Emails (according to the number of emails that you are left to send on this day)

Why you shouldn’t use large-scale or mass emails in Gmail

Gmail is excellent for sending out emails to individual contacts, but as you’ll see, it’s not ideal when you’re looking to send large numbers of emails.

If you’re hoping to expand your business by using email marketing, you should avoid using Gmail for mass emails. It may help you save a little cash initially, but you’ll face these issues:

You aren’t able to mail more than 500 email messages per day using Gmail

Mass emailing in Gmail is not allowed. The maximum number of emails that can be sent or received in a 24-hour period is 500. There is a limit to the number of people who can receive your emails. It can be restricted to 500.

For any company with a huge subscriber list, the 500 limits will be consumed quickly. You may need to create separate lists and spread out campaigns over a period of time. It’s obvious that this won’t be extremely efficient.

If you exceed the limit, you’ll have to wait for a total of a day before you are able to start sending emails using the account. If there are any other important emails that need to be sent, this becomes a major issue.

Issues with deliverability in mass email Gmail

Gmail has strict guidelines for sending emails in relation to mass emails. Google will temporarily block your account if someone flag the messages as spam or you’ve sent large amounts of messages that are not delivered to valid email addresses.

If your sender’s address ends in, it’s a very good likelihood that your message will not make it to your inbox. Webmail providers are made to be used for personal use, so if you send a mass email through one of them, it’s immediately reported as suspicious.

It is recommended to use an address for sending mail based on your domain name since the email address to send emails for commercial use does not look professional.

Limited design capabilities

In order to grab the attention of a user and make your calls-to-action stand out from Gmail’s text-based email isn’t easy. If you’d like to add images, colors, and branding to the Gmail mass mailer, you’ll need to use add-ons as well as Chrome Extensions.

Today, email marketing has evolved itself to an excellent standard in terms of design. If you’re skeptical, look at these examples of marketing emails. However, a simple marketing email might not be appropriate for your target audience as well as the item you’re trying to sell.

If you’re looking to compete with the top email marketing tools, you must have specifically designed tools for email layout.

Why do you require an email marketing solution? 

Gmail mass emails can put your sender’s reputation in danger. To send out marketing emails to large numbers of people, you require a bulk email provider.

Are you considering Gmail Mass email? Here are five good reasons to choose an email marketing company that is professional in sending out mass emails.

Better email deliverability

Deliverability refers to an email’s ability to arrive in a recipient’s inbox and not be redirected into the junk mailbox by spam filters.

Delivery is the primary aspect to take into consideration when sending mass emails. Between invalid and misspelled addresses (tip to avoid them by making use of a double opt-in procedure) and filtering out spam; your email must be able to overcome a myriad of hurdles in order to get to the inbox.

Many email marketing software has a rigorous authentication process to ensure that spammers are not able to access their accounts and safeguard the reputation of senders of shared IP addresses. In addition, the dedicated IP addresses are available for mass email senders who have a high volume.

Since the email marketing services are specially made for mass email, the delivery rate will be much superior to Gmail.

An email limit that meets your requirements

Gmail is a great tool for sending emails. For example, in Gmail, you can send 500 emails a day or send one email to 500 recipients.

If your subscriber list has greater than 500 names, it’s likely that you’ll send massive email messages over many days.

Perhaps you don’t have close to 500 contacts at the moment. This is fine; however, when you focus on expanding your business, you can expect that your list of email contacts will expand in the coming years.

To avoid this issue, you can sign up for an email service with an amount of email that is suitable for your requirements and your budget.

Analytics on the performance of emails

If you send out an email blast to mass audiences, it is important to determine the extent to which you sent it; and how many people read the email, clicked on the links, etc. Also, did the email campaign meet its purpose?

The ability to measure performance is an essential element of your email marketing plan. You must be able to assess the effectiveness and the results of your actions to keep track of your progress and even compare yourself with competitors in your field.

Gmail does not offer reporting capabilities, but an email marketing solution will provide all important metrics for email; including the open and click rates, delivery rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, and much more.

GDPR compliance

The GDPR is an EU legislation that establishes several rules regarding the way in which data of individuals is utilized and gathered. This includes email addresses.

Prior to sending out mass emails to someone, you must have permission to send mass emails via a process referred to as an “opt-in”. Also, you must include an unsubscribe option within the footer of your email.

If you send a mass email using Gmail, you’d need to verify manually that each person in your list has signed into the list and that unsubscribers are gone. It would take much time, and even a small mistake could lead to you in violation of the law.

Many email marketing software come with several options to make sure you’re GDPR-compliant; including registration forms for consent as well as unsubscribe links included in every email. Furthermore, it will delete any unsubscribes or hard bounces from your contact lists.

A GDPR best practices optimized marketing email service can help you save a lot of time and stress. 

Design attractive and captivating emails.

The sleek and professional design for your email will help increase trust in your company.

A reliable email marketing service comes with features that aid in the design of emails. Many offer user-friendly email templates and email editors to help you advertise your business with beautifully designed emails; without the need to employ an expert graphic designer or invest long hours of programming.

Incorporating images, adding buttons that direct users to web pages; and making sure that your emails are displayed properly on mobile devices. It’s these kinds of functions that will dramatically enhance your results in marketing via email. These features aren’t available in Gmail, however.

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