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Holiday Email campaign ideas for this Christmas season

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When you’re hunting for that perfect gift for the time of the holidays, many of us purchase online because it’s the most efficient method to get precisely what you’re looking for and also avoid the crowded, brick, and mortar stores. Shopping online is always a major part of the Christmas season. A holiday email campaign is an essential way to bring shoppers to your website in the season of the holidays.

Research shows that customers who purchase products that they see in email ads are likely to spend an average of 138 percent more than those who do not receive emails. The majority of our Christmas purchases are driven by discounts and sales we’ve stumbled across.

The year before, the online shopping market became more accessible, as both small and major brands moved their business operations online. The year 2020 marked a turning point that changed the shopping experience and led to an increase in online sales. It’s expected 2020 will be the 2021 year to bear on this torch, increasing sales on online platforms during the time of the holidays.

Holiday email marketing campaigns are an essential way to bring shoppers to your website in the season of the holidays. Research shows that customers who purchase products that they see in email ads are likely to spend an average of 138 percent more than those who do not receive emails.

There’s some solid logic there.

Your customers may not be following your brand on social media. Therefore, it is essential to create appealing emails that attract your customers’ attention to your holiday promotions as well as gift ideas and seasonal items. Inviting holiday emails can help you increase sales throughout the year by enthralling your customers by offering relevant products.

Remember important dates for shopping in mind when you send out emails, promotions, and sales.

Let’s look at 10 email marketing campaigns for the holiday season—ideas to inspire you to design your own promotions.

But let’s follow the slogan – “Safety first”

When the festival season comes, everyone who has got lengthy email lists seems to be energetic enough to rock it!

Don’t you think that “haste is a real waste,” and we need to be strategic? In today’s digital world, marketers without strategies never survive.

Are you sure every entry in your email account is associated with a real person? Are you sure no email surveillance can hit you and are you sure none of your emails will land in the spam folder?

You can’t be sure!

So, why not lock this assurance before starting your festival season email campaign? 

You can use a dedicated Email validation tool, filter your email list perfectly, and save your “sender reputation” from falling down. Save yourself from failure!

10-holiday email marketing campaigns ideas

We looked through our inboxes to find some great holiday-themed email campaigns and then transformed these into sparks of creativity to help you create your own fantastic promotions. Let’s look at the reasons we believe they’ll bring the results you want and why you should base your marketing on these campaigns.

1. Create your own early-bird Black Friday sale

Pre-sale announcements are the perfect way to build excitement about your product. It’s a great way to offer your customers extra time to look through the discounts offered in the email.

Retailers focus their holiday marketing efforts around the exact time of the day. Why not make an email blast prior to the holiday season to make your business stand out? This will give your company more visibility in the inboxes of your customers. Check out this email campaign by Brooklinen.

Subject: It’s Go Time. Black Friday Starts Now!

The reason it works

One of the great things about this campaign, which is pre-Black Friday, is the urgency that it creates. The GIF is energetic, and so is the campaign’s message “GO! GO! Go!” It sets you in a race for being the very first to secure the best price.

The thing that’s fascinating is that Brooklinen isn’t even stating what their deals are. They’re simply encouraging customers to visit their store. At this moment, you’re not able to even determine whether it’s worth it. It’s just a matter of visiting their store and experiencing what you think.

Another thing worth noting is the general tone used in the email. It’s casual and warm. It’s like a friend wrote the email. What can you do to resist an offer of friendship?

Our tip? Put your client at the center of attention, and observe your email click rates grow.

2. Set up a countdown for sales to Cyber Monday

A few people are eagerly awaiting Cyber Monday to arrive (yes, it’s even higher than the Christmas season). Cyber Monday customers made $10.8 billion in 2020, which is more than Black Friday with $9 billion.

Take a look at this hilarious Cyber Monday email blast that Udemy released and discover the ideas you can use to make your Cyber Monday shopping spree.

Subject: Only a few hours remain of our largest sale!

The reason it works

In order to grab the attention of someone, yellow is the best color option. The scattering of objects clearly illustrates that there’s no limit to the sky to learning new abilities.

The striking hue that is displayed on the CTA button and the invitation to purchase a $10 course will pique the interest of the user. Making your service or product the least expensive or product is a great way to convert customers who haven’t yet embraced your offerings.

The timer that is digitally displayed at the end of the email creates an urgency. Similar to the announcement header of Ibotta, the countdown urges you to take action while it’s not too late.

If the first paragraph of the email wasn’t enough to convince you, Udemy has put some of its courses at the bottom of the list to increase your curiosity. They’ve also included the price before and after-sales to let you know what you’ll save, as well as high ratings from their customers to give you an added incentive.

3. Send an announcement about the sale for Halloween

Who doesn’t love a good discount? 75% of people have reported sifting through their emails to find discounts they can use. Give your customers the discount they’re looking for, a sweet deal packaged in a fun email that they’ll be unable to resist. Here’s a great Halloween email marketing campaign concept by Designmodo

Subject: Happy Halloween! Get 30% off Designmodo Shop and Market.

What is the reason it works?

This Halloween-themed email marketing campaign is easy and simple, and that’s the reason why it’s so effective!

Make sure you are concise and clear in your email campaigns like Designmodo. List your discount within the subject. You’ll get fabulous open rates if you perfectly showcase your deal right away. In your email, make sure you use a simple design that doesn’t draw focus away from the promotion.

We also appreciate the fact that there’s not much text within the email that allows for easy comprehension. The main proposition is clearly structured, well-structured, and clear to the essentials.

Pro tip! Instead of offering a discount that is a percentage off or money-saving discounts, consider offering money-saving deals. Customers like knowing exactly the amount they’ll save, and research shows that consumers like deals with money off even more than free delivery. This is the way your next campaign could look like–“use the code “rock-on” to receive $5 off all T-shirts”.

4. Share a thank-you note with the referral code

Thanksgiving is a holiday for families to give thanks, food and . . . Shop?

As per Adobe Analytics, last year, in the months of November (and Cyber Monday), eCommerce sales exceeded 100 billion for the first time in history. This is 32.2% more than the year 2019.

However unfunny it might be, smartphones are on the table for Thanksgiving dinner and sitting on the couch (right next to you as you finish the third piece of pie). This is the ideal time to get into your customer’s mailboxes to express gratitude for their help and to offer them a sweet offer for their referrals. Here’s how Ibotta did exactly that.

Subject Merry Thanksgiving, Ibotta!

What is the reason it works?

Then, you look at the huge “$50” and instantly think that it’s an excellent bargain. The email has caught your attention, so you decide to read further. The text is short and sweet, just enough to be an easy read.

We also love how the code for referrals is easy to read and is clearly visible within the message. In addition, the announcement in the header “ENDS TOMORROW” creates an urgency to act upon the offer before it’s already too late.

Finally, we believe that the holiday email’s message was precisely timed. Imagine receiving an email that offers you the chance to earn $50 in referrals to pass on to your loved ones . . . just when you’re most likely together in the same room. It’s like being in the right spot at the perfect moment!

5. Make a bold Boxing Day sale announcement

Much before Black Friday, Boxing Day was the most anticipated shopping holiday of the year in countries in the Commonwealth (it’s still a big deal across Australia, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand).

The tradition recalls the beginning of time; Boxing Day was the first Monday following Christmas Day when household employees were presented with Christmas boxes as gifts.

Fast forward to 200 years later, and the season has changed into a flurry of Christmas products that aren’t sold. Many retailers have surplus stock after the holidays, and to get rid of the excess stock, they have clearance sales. It’s, however, not the case for websites that sell print-on-demand items . . . However, your customers don’t need to be aware. You can provide “everything must go” deals because it’s a standard in the industry, and customers expect it. Or you can also make a no-muss, no-fuss sale, like Amaroso.

Subject 25% off sale starts today! Has the Boxing Day sale come too early?

What is the reason it works?

The forward-thinking Amaroso “SALE” and highlighted “25% off storewide” promotions are daring, and that’s the reason we appreciate the offers. In reality, there are times when the only thing a consumer needs to be aware of. You’ve got a deal, you receive a discount of %, and you shop — that’s it. The email campaigns that you send out must include an ode to describe the sale.

From psychology of color standpoint, the red color they chose is right on. The red color is the strongest hue and can trigger the most intense emotions: energy and alertness, as well as power and sensuality. You want your email message to trigger an emotion that your customer will act upon. In this instance, you should be shopping in that state of mind.

Bonus points due to the addition of gold, which is the traditional Christmas color.

6. Announce the existence of a Small Business Saturday deal

Every year, on the day following Thanksgiving, the public is advised to shop at their local shops. Small Business Saturday, which is celebrated on November 27, Small Business Saturday, celebrated on November 27, offers an easier, less stressful shopping day that is a great alternative in comparison to Black Friday.

A lot of brands on the internet are under the impression that Small Business Saturday is only for brick-and-mortar stores; however, as an online proprietor, your business is an active participant in the event! Take advantage of this event to highlight your online business, just as the tea company owned by a family Blooming with Joy was able to do.

Subject: Receive a discount of $10 off your order!

What is the reason it works?

Like Designmodo, Blooming with Joy has taken with the “less is more” method, and they’ve succeeded. Just take one glance at the email to find out the deal they’re offering: a $10 discount on all purchases over $50, which will expire on Cyber Monday.

Remember when we said that a cash discount is better than a deal that includes the prospect of a percentage discount? Blooming with Joy is aware of this, and that’s why they offer the discount.

7. Inform them of the Christmas delivery deadlines

Did you get last-minute Christmas shopping caught in the crossfire? You’ve been in that situation, and it’s not a great situation to be in. In order to help your customers buy their gifts in time, let them know of your deadlines for the holidays.

The deadlines for holiday shipping are determined by the shipping companies. We also add our fulfillment time to these deadlines and also finalize the order deadlines (bookmark this page, and we’ll update it in Oct.’s middle!). The dates for order-by are the final days for your customers to make an order and have it delivered on before Christmas. Be aware that the holidays are busy for post offices, and some packages could be delayed. So, inform your customers in advance that delays could happen. This is how Asos made sure of informing customers about the deadlines for shipping during the holidays.

Subject: Free Holiday Shipping Ends In Two Days

What is the reason it works?

We appreciate the conciseness of the text. The less information is less distracting from your main CTA. So, if you’re shopping now, have your items in time for Christmas.

In general, one button is ideal since it is the one that gets the most attention. The Asos email comes with three CTAs, and that’s good to have three CTAs. These three CTAs are Asos’ method to capture whatever your desire is–whether it’s shopping for things on sale, buying gifts, or even party attire.

Also, we must include our appreciation for the “snow joke” in the email. It was fun for us, so we’re happy. We discussed how important it is to communicate with your customers, even if it’s just for fun. It’s a method of building trust and brand image.

8. Offer a free shipping bonanza

Free shipping is among the most popular promotion offered by online retailers. It’s also among the main factors that encourage shoppers to purchase. At present, 82% of customers who purchase online from shipping companies expect free shipping over speedy shipping.

Here are some suggestions for the best way to add free shipping with your holiday marketing emails:

  • for orders that exceed the amount of
  • with a specific expiry date or date
  • on specific topics

It’s also possible to offer a free shipping promotion coupon without any minimum order requirements! This is precisely what do.

Subject: last deal! FREE SHIPPING + MORE

What is the reason it works?

The email is like bursting of bubble gum and joy. The color scheme that was used in the email is calming and peaceful. The message is optimistic, peaceful, and calm. It’s a stark contrast from Amaroso’s energetic email campaign that we reviewed earlier.

The color schemes of both campaigns can be used to create emotions from the client. Ban. do’s email is a hit because it sets the mood to a relaxing and fun.

The holiday email offers customers two reasons to shop the company: free shipping and free items for purchases of more than $30.

“FREE” is the “FREE” sign that works well to grab attention. Who doesn’t love stuff that is free? In addition, offers a freebie for customers who spend more than $30. It’s a smart sales technique to get more customers to buy.

9. Give an exclusive New Year’s discount

“New year, new me” is the type of mentality that most people choose for themselves as their New Year approaches. This is the perfect opportunity to reach your customers with pertinent ideas for shopping.

Do you not want to be involved in your clients’ goals? There are plenty of other ideas for content that you can include to send emails. You can send out greetings, notes or announcing a new product launch, or even a special NYE sale. Let’s look at Rifle Paper Co. New Year’s discount. Instead of offering just discounts, they included a New Year’s present guide, including items like calendars and planners that will help you get organized for the coming year.

Why it works

Simply put, we like the idea of the NYE-themed discount, especially if it comes with a practical gift guide that makes it easier to find the right present.

At Printful, we’re also fans of gifts that encourage us to become better at time management and planning. What a better time to receive such a gift than on New Year’s Eve!

There are many ways you can play around with NYE discounts. This season, you can do $20.22 or 20.22% off for specific products (or all your products!).

If giving discounts isn’t your jam, you can offer your clients free shipping until 20:22 (PST) or for orders over $20.22. To create urgency, you can also create an email campaign with a 20 h 22 min sales countdown to celebrate the upcoming year.

Use whichever idea you find the best for your store and products. Focus on the main message so your customers have a clear understanding of the email content and what they have to do after reading it.

10. Share the Christmas gift guide

To soothe your customers during their moment of despair over gifts, give them a guide to Christmas gifts. It’s a means of getting your items in the hands of customers to allow them to make a purchase and get finished with their Christmas shopping.

There are two kinds of email gift guides that you can create: with products displayed and without any products linking to your store.

The guide with the displayed products can provide the user with a quick and easy browsing experience. The gift guide with no products is a bit of a mystery and can bring more customers to your online store. Let’s take a look at the gift guide email that Vans distributed.

Subject: The Vans Holiday Gift Guide

The reason it works

We like this mailer because it’s entertaining. Vans has come up with a fun story that is wrapped up in a striking cartoon. There’s plenty going on with the man who is in the garbage can and the bunny on the skateboard, and that’s what makes this email so fascinating.

Vans connects customers to their online store by using the Vans’s store is linked with a CTA with the button “Shop gift guide,” and it is a perfect way to convey the message. An email with a graphic design doesn’t require product displays as otherwise, it may look cluttered.

Clear focus points, such as the CTA button, should not make the customer feel confused by numerous choices. We only have two options here: enter the store or delete the email.

Pro tip! Include a “Christmas gifts” category in your online store for the coming Christmas season. This is a way for your customers to shop for gifts that are suitable for the holidays. It’s also possible to link the Christmas Gifts category to your Christmas Gift Guide email.

Over to your holiday marketing plans for 2021

People are busy during the holiday season and rarely does anyone have the time to browse the web for hours to find the perfect gift.

That’s where your email marketing skills come in. Take this opportunity to reach out to your customers and showcase your deals.

Use the holiday email campaign ideas we compiled in this post and create effective promotions. Even if your emails stay unopened, you’re making a connection with your customers.

So get busy and start mapping out your email marketing campaign strategy. Happy holidays!

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