How will email validation help email marketers?

Email Validation Service: A Successful Factor!

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Why email validation service considers a success factor in email marketing!? IN haste! Here is the detailed information for you!

Shall we start!?

Undoubtedly, Email Marketing has been the top trending driver of more traffic, generation of leads, and business.

As a result, you will observe better development and maintenance of strong relationships with targeted customers. Fortunately, this trend in marketing is here to stay.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing refers to sending bulk commercial messages to groups of people through email. The messages are all personalized, and every receiver will perceive that the message was sent individually to them. And requires them to take action depending on the content included in the mail.


Some solid facts about Email Marketing

Email marketing has, over the years, reported to generate astounding ROls (Return of Investments). 81% of small businesses rely on email marketing for expansion.

The current survey proves that 85% of U.S retailers regard email marketing as their most efficient strategy. As you read through this paragraph, approximately 2.4 million emails have been sent to various readers.

Usage of emails

The above image clearly shows that about 3.9 billion users were engaged in email marketing in 2019, and 2023 expectations show 4.3 billion users. So, it clearly explains that email marketing is an opportunity to grab.

Billions of Emails sent per day

The image clearly explains the emails being sent daily at a constant increase. In 2019 they were 293.6 billion emails sent daily, and the expectations for 2022 say about 347.3 billion emails every day.

Additional facts

  • An average open rate is 82% for a welcome message.
  • Around 81% of small businesses rely on email marketing.
  • Emails having personalized subject lines increase the open rates by 50%.

What Is Email Validation Service?

Email Validation service is the verification of email addresses to determine their validity and deliverability. It also involves confirming domain activity.

This concept has always been essential for Email Marketers. Apart from knowing its definition, the benefits are even more critical.


Benefits of Email Validation Service

Organizations also send bulk emails to various customers through email harvesting. Email harvesting refers to sourcing many email addresses from the internet.

It could be through purchase. Therefore, email marketing is essential to them. However, these organizations can also benefit in many other ways:

  • Identification and removal of the Email Scrapper.
  • Keeping the right IP (Internet Protocol) address reputations.
  • Improving Email Marketing ROls and performance.
  • It protects you from temporary mail such as 10 min mail.
  • Identification of legit emails.

How does Email Validation Service work?

There are several email validation services/tools. But regardless of choice, the process generally involves

Error identification and Correction

Email validators assist you in solving issues such as typos or misspellings before sending emails. It is to ensure ESPs (Email Service Providers) and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) do not detect them.

Checking your Mail List for Spam Traps

A spam trap is an email address created for lure as opposed to communication. It is a type of fraud management tool resembling a real email address but not belonging to any actual person.

Therefore, Email verification software helps to eliminate any Spam Traps in your mailing list. In case your email lands in a Spam Trap, then you will be asked to remove the address from your list. Otherwise, ISPs and ESPs will be unforgiving enough to blacklist you.

Formatting and Syntax Check

It involves checking the entire email address structure. It includes symbols such as ‘.’ or ‘@’, as well as invalid email addresses such as [email protected]. On detection of any errors, then email validation marks it as invalid, and remove them from your email list.

Domain Verification

Domain verification involves verifying domain name system (DNS) record to ensure that the domain name is valid. For e.g., If you have domain name such as [email protected] in your DNS record, asnd you get mail from the same domain then DNS record check is there any domain registered as

If YES, then that email address count as valid id or if DNS couldn’t find domain as per record that will mark as invalid email address.

Individual Mailbox Validation

At this step of validation, the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service used to verify the existence of mailboxes. For instance, you may type [email protected] instead of [email protected] by mistake.

Email validation service sends a signal to check the inbox for error correction. Otherwise, the result will be an Invalid email address.

You are now successful in sending your mail. It means you have passed all the five validation process as above. The email receiver is, therefore, a genuine and valid customer.

Now! you will think I have explain whole the process of email validation but not explaining why it beneficial for email marketers!? Right!

Wait! Let’s cherish the details on how email validation is beneficial!?


How Email Validation Service is Beneficial to Email Marketers?

When targeting a lot of new customers, you’ll need an active email for Email Marketing. Since you will be going global, marketing metrics will be useful to you.

Email marketing is diverse since there are various ways to benefit from it. But as always, it’s easier said than done.

Of course, there are multiple instances in which you may face an Invalid email address. So, Email Validation service guarantees you great Email Marketing experiences.

Ways to validate email addresses

1. Data Efficiency

Data analysis of customer needs is the most critical data for your email marketing. Therefore, a good email verifier is necessary for your mailing list. It will give you a clear view of your customer data for better decision-making in email marketing.

2. Lower the Bounce Rates

A high bounce rate may significantly affect your customers’ loyalty to your brand. It may ruin your company’s reputation, and therefore it is essential to find an excellent way to validate your email list to avoid such problems.

Sending email messages to incorrect email addresses or invalid emails may result in higher bounce rates. With time your account may be reported as spam.

Only a few or not even one of your potential customers will rely on your products anymore once your account is said to be spam.

Your customers may not receive the information they want to see. Thus, the software gives you information on emails that are undeliverable, acceptable, or inactive.

It puts an end to sending emails to invalid addresses, which translates to zero bounce rates.

3. Develop Customer Engagement

Of course, your emails will have the content in which your customer is interested. Email verification helps you to remove both the incorrect and irrelevant email addresses from your subscriber list.

So, you can deal with customers with whom you can engage better by understanding their choices, interests, and priorities.

By delivering a quality message to the right customer prospects, then this ensures the relevance of your content to the various clients has met.

The different customers can make demands on what they are interested in acquiring. Or they can ask questions regarding the products and services that promote.

With the confidence in the products delivers, your customers feel free to interact with you through the email conversations. As they demand some improvements in the products and services offered.

4. Reduce Spam Complaints

Sending emails without verification can land on role-based addresses on your subscriber list. A role-based address is one where a group of people shares a single email address. Some people will most probably report you as a spammer because it is equivalent to an e-blast.

Therefore, an email checker will help you remove such addresses from your mailing list. Reducing the spam complaints to near zero.


5. Secures Sender Reputation

Sender reputation among ISPs and ESPs results from your email-sending behavior. Sending unverified emails hurts your sender reputation upon landing on spam traps.

It gets worse than having typos on recipient email addresses. So, an Email Checker adds email validation to your email system.

It subsequently reduces your email bounce rates while improving deliverability and better engagement. Consequently, you get to protect and enhance your sender reputation.

6. Gaining Better Leads

With proper digital marketing, it may not be challenging to win more customers into your business.

Therefore, correct and valid email addresses help in delivering the appropriate message to the various users and thus getting positive responses based on the shared information.

If your customers can respond positively, then it would mean that they are planning to get some deliveries from your company.

Invalid emails never get converted into customers. So, stop wasting time and money on emailing bad leads. Validate emails to ensure you are in contact with interested customers, which increases your list of Grabbing. Higher open rates increase your sales, brand exposure, and conversion rates.

7. Caters a reliable database

Your subscriber list and purchase levels increase on the condition that there is email verification/validation. The mailing list is only useful with valid emails.

Therefore, a verified list is necessary for helping you to gain accurate and genuine emails. Email marketing gets more manageable but more effective and efficient.

8. Competence to Personalize

Bulk email marketing is much universal, but sending EDM (Electronic Direct Marketing Mail) is rare. So, email verifiers provide relevant customer information.

Such includes names, addresses, and any other information necessary for email segmentation and personalized audience engagement as a result. Email prospecting only gets more comfortable. A current survey reported a 71% likelihood of customer purchase with personalized emails.

9. Shielding from Punishments and Fines

While sending emails to customers, remember ESPs are always tracking your emails. Like every other email marketer and ESPs, you won’t like complaints and bounces.

Depending on how much trouble your campaigns are causing customers. ESPs could give you warnings or even bounce your emails. These hard bounces may start negatively affecting your business, especially if customers decide to take legal action.

Therefore, email verifiers ensure that you maintain a good mailing list while keeping the bounce rates near zero.

10. Keeps Your Email List Updated

Indeed, some email addresses in your subscription list may either have been discontinued or inactive. So, email verifiers always keep updating your mailing lists.

They also ensure their safety and deliverability for accurate targeting. You may still observe downward trends, though. But Using Email verifiers should shield you and your business from the effects of bounces and invalid emails.

Features of Good Email Validation Service

There is quite a range of issues that you may need to pay attention to while looking for some more effective ways to get the correct email addresses.

You need to ensure that the system works more effectively and ensure that only the potential prospects included on the email list. It increases the accuracy and the reliability of all the information sent from the sender.

If you are interested in applying an email validation service in email marketing, know how to take advantage of it. Use a functional email verifier that has the following features:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Data Security
  3. Complexity
  4. Real-time verification
  5. Fastest turnaround time


Warp Up

Digital marketing may be challenging, and therefore you need to ensure that house. Get the correct email lists for all the various customers. There is quite a range of options to consider while validating the email lists.

Email verification tools have only made it easier for email marketers to overcome related email marketing issues as a result. Your organization experiences more growth in terms of Mail Sales. As a result, promoting increased performance in the company brand.

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