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Let’s Build a Steady Flow of Clients and Leads in 2021

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So you have desires to elevate sales and build a strong customer base, and you know that it is the best way for you to use the internet for all its worth. I’ll show how to build a flow of clients with email lead generation.

Because let’s face it – today, generating leads online and doing it perfectly is a great method for attracting customers to not just buying what you’re selling but stay as your customer for upcoming years.

But what are the effective ways to create online leads?

The ultimate thing to note – this doesn’t include pop-ups on your website or intense email blasts. We also won’t force you to write 7-8 blogs a month.

In this article, we’ll outline eleven ways to generate a steady and continuous flow of online leads that won’t spike your budget or overburden potential customers.

We’ll consider smart, tactful methods to create an impactful online marketing presence for your brand, hence growing your sales besides overall interest to potential as well as repeat customers.

1) Don’t Buy a List.

A huge group of people believes that the most comfortable way to get a list is to directly buy or harvest email addresses and begin broadcasting marketing emails to them. Well, what to say, that sounds foolish!

After sending emails to such lists, they “spray and pray,” expecting that someone will click and purchase. But all I get in return is angry complaints and blocking issues.

Pay attention:

Sending emails blindly, expecting that someone may be interested, isn’t a cool email marketing practice. It certainly won’t bring you profit in the long run, and you don’t want that, right?

People receiving such emails don’t know who you are. Also, they don’t know a thing about your services or products. At best, they’ll end up deleting your email. Talking about the worst, they’ll hit the “Report Spam” button on it, and a certain amount of spam complaints, and… boom, your account attracts huge threats!

Thus, it’s always much more effective to build your mailing list on your own. This way, you’ll gather more relevant people happy to interact with you.


Now, what’s the answer? Buying or renting an email list is foolish unless you’re a true geek who knows various hacks.

Remember this:

email marketing starts with permission, and you can’t foresee it.

Permission is the key factor determining whether you will succeed or fail. Concerning email marketing, permission is the allowance of the recipient to accept emails from the sender.

People give their clearance to get your mailings. As we know, your site visitors are your probable recipients. They visit your site, and they like it. Further, they want to get more information regarding your services, products, or whatever info you can provide.

You just have to provide them with the chance to request that info. In straight words, you need to provide them with the option to conveniently subscribe to your mailings.

2) Create a Killer Signup Form

You know what’s the easiest approach to add subscribers to the list you have?

Forms make it superbly easy to add subscribers to the email list. Just put the form of subscription on your site at the place where it can be found easily and permit people to subscribe to it easily.

The commonest place to have the form of signing up is in your homepage’s sidebar. However, to tempt users to subscribe, you can, besides that, consider some locations that are unique to place your signup form, for example:

“About Us” page.

In case someone is interested in your organization, they might want to receive some updates. The ideal idea is to provide them with the link to your most recent newsletter on the page, just like a taster before they subscribe to your list.


In case a reader is interested in the content you write, they might happily want to read further. Hence, you can put a form to subscribe to your list in the middle/end of your article and offer them the ability to subscribe through an attractive button to receive more content from you.

Besides that, you can also determine using a “content upgrade” method while publishing an article partially and request your reader to kindly subscribe to access the full post.

Blog’s comments.

You can also utilize the comment form to create your list of mailing. Simply add the option asking your readers to tick it in case they want to receive the latest updates from your new blog. The user might already have entered his/her details, so it’s converting them into email subscribers can be easy at this step.

Pop-up boxes.

Forms such as pop-up subscriptions do have merit in case they are not annoying. Some email marketers usually also place a pop-up subscription box at the front as well as a center when a user tries to visit the site. It used to suddenly crop up in front of their eyes while they are viewing any of your web pages. Then they just can’t miss it. They can either subscribe or rapidly tap the close button if they don’t want to sign up.

Product/service registration.

When individuals subscribe for the service you provide or product trial, you can simply add on an option of joining your list as well as receive updates, best practices, useful tips, tutorials, guides, etc.

Facebook page.

In case you can convert some of the social traffic you get into email recipients, then you’ll be holding a better position to create a relationship with them.


3) Offer the Incentive that they can’t simply refuse.

A signup form that’s completely naked is not the ideal marketing tool. For enticing your potential subscribers, provide them with a reason that’s solid enough to hand you their email address.

The method to get ideas for what to offer them is by speaking with the existing customers you have. In case the reader indicates a clear benefit, then he/she is more likely to subscribe. If you own a support team or you might be doing support yourself, you already have knowledge regarding what questions customers might be asking and what their most large challenges are.

Always concentrate your incentive on people who have high chances of spending money on your services or products in the future. Therefore, try using the received information to build your incentive.

Describe clearly what individuals are going to receive in return for the emails, for example, news, case studies, tips, tricks, promotions, special offers, or whatever you will forward them. However, give a solid enough reason to make them subscribe to your mailing list.

4) Build an Irresistible Lead Magnet.

In order to promise aspects people want, go for giving them something that’s completely free, which they can’t resist taking right now. Always remember that free offers are basically the foundation of creating a solid email list.

In the email marketing world, such free offers are often known as lead magnets. In other words, a lead magnet is basically an offer of info or material, which is offered in exchange for a person’s contact information. Those lead magnets are built especially for the only purpose of converting visitors to your website into email leads.

So, which type of lead magnets can you offer, and what lead magnets are all about? Cherish the list below for the sorts of offer you can think of:

Organize resources or tools into an e-book.

You can easily organize the list of resources, which are related to the subject you are concentrating on, into a document that’s downloadable. In an identical way, you can create a resource list such as YouTube videos, blogs, books, articles, and so on. Most importantly, resources will assist your reader in continuing the education they want of the subject matter.

Turn your article into a guide.

This is the most rapid approach to creating a lead magnet. In case you already have numerous blog posts on your website, you can simply check out the tool – Google Analytics and indicate what’s most famous. Then, just redesign the top-performing articles of your website and try to turn them into a report, PDF guide, or e-book.

Provide the summary of the webinar as a download.

In case you are hosting a webinar, then a written summary is a fantastic addition. You can permit access to the webinar to any individual but offer its written summary along with the major key points as a download for the email address. For those readers who are not having enough time to watch a webinar online, then obviously, downloading a quick summary can be fantastic.

Offer them the webinars.

Individuals love free educational seminars, because of this reason, why webinars are known as the best performing lead magnet. But remember that they have one major con: they consume good enough time & effort to implement and establish. However, keep webinars as they can transform the business you own in your mind.

Generate a “How to” video.

Firstly, download a screen recording tool and indicate to your audience how to achieve a task they require to deal with. After you record it successfully, you can further make a private YouTube video, or you can also upload it on a platform, especially for videos. After that, build a secured page on WordPress, and you’re ideal to use it just as a fantastic lead magnet that’s surely gonna work!

In order to make a success from the aspects above, you can also consider other types of lead magnets, for example, a subscriber-only bonus, an exclusive discount, a free consultation, a free trial, or also a contest giveaway, or whatever you consider as your target audience might want.


 5) Try to Dispel Any Doubts.

Emails that are Unwanted prove to be bewildering. Hence, it’s crucial that you reassure any subscriber that you would not be abusing their mail Inbox.

Whenever a client signs up to a list, they must be having knowledge regarding two things:

  • You will permit them to unsubscribe from the list at any time.
  • You must keep their email address private.

The ideal approach to reassure the subscriber is having the link to the privacy policy page you have. However, you can, besides that, add a line, for example, “We’ll never share your email address with any anonymous/ third party,” below your signup form to eliminate their doubts right away.

Considering the above aspects, the signup form should be put in the ideal position where it’s visible clearly. Also, provide a solid enough reason to subscribe; you must promise an irresistible offer, which they can take right away, and also reassure them with your privacy statement.

6) Make the Process Easy.

You ensure that the subscription process is easy yet quick as possible in addition to not push them inadvertently to turn away.

How can we do that? Consider the info you need to build targeted, relevant email campaigns, as well as create an easy process of capturing that info.

Is the postal address really required for them to enter your form? Date of birth, job title, and personal number? In case all that data isn’t required, really, don’t ask for it. Individuals are understandably nervous regarding when your form asks queries that are too personal.

Integrate your subscription form carefully into your website. The subscription process must be highly painless and as quick as possible. The client must the following three steps:

  1. Finish the form.
  2. Press the button to Subscribe.
  3. Confirm the subscription.

That’s all. In case a client has to perform a lot of steps or take several actions just to get their email on your list, then you might lose most subscribers somewhere halfway.

7) Always be Creative when you get fresh Subscribers.

Now, when you’ve prepared a beautiful & effective signup form, you can further work out fresh approaches to attract people to the form you have.

The alternatives available to you will also reply on your website’s structure, but here are a few you can consider:

Forward the link to the signup page you have to your existing customers. This is an ideal approach for converting your existing clients into subscribers of your email list when your list is beginning to grow.

Try scheduling a webinar and ask individuals to sign up to the list you have in return for some completely free access to the webinar.

A signup link should be pasted at your ordering page, and try to provide instant discounts to individuals who sign up to the mailing list you have while they’re purchasing something.

Gather email addresses at networking events.

Promote the email list as well as incentives on Google AdWords and some other websites that offer pay-per-click advertising.

You should post a list of “teasers” on social media platforms. Show the benefits of being on your list, and encourage sharing among your peers.

Do a cross-promotion with a related organization and try to ask them to promote your list within theirs.

8) Schedule Email Campaigns.

After you have the subscription process ready at the ideal place and the subscribers are joining, it’s the time for considering something about marketing, and that implies creating email campaigns.

This is basically a challenging factor in the world of email marketing:

Forward boasts of emails and you risk abusing your subscribers, however, in case you leave your email list freezing, they might forget they signed up your dorm or lose their interest in your content.

Always trying scheduling email campaigns is the best possible way for establishing a frequent communication channel, and it’s an ideal approach to educate yourself for managing the list you’re building.



Consider the following tips when building a email marketing campaign in addition to make it highly effective:

Have an eye on Frequency

Consider how frequently you will forward your updates ( weekly. Monthly or daily) and always stick to your schedule. Consistency is advantageous to both parts. The subscribers you will have will also know when to open the next email form, which you are going to send. And you will be crafting your positive reputation along with the ISPs by forwarding your campaigns at a consistent basis.

Locate the ideal timing and day of the week to forward the campaign.

Some marketers locate that afternoons are highly convenient simply as people used to have fewer mail to deal with. Depending on the market niche as well as your subscribers, this might vary.

Have a destination.

Consider what you want to achieve with your emails and clearly tell it. Download the update? Is making them read the emails is what your new post is about? Watch a training video? Answer your quick survey? Then try to stick to solitary call-to-action per email. The research indicates that numerous calls to action within a single message don’t perform well.

Email your ideal content.

In case you’ve published content, which specifically deserves attention, your email newsletters provide a fantastic opportunity to promote it to the subscribers.

Proofread the email carefully

To avoid grammar & spelling mistakes. Consider reading the email before hitting the send button. Not just that, free grammar checking tools can highly help you.

Test the deliverability of your email.

You’d spend greater time in vain if only your subscribers failed to look through your email. Never be lazy & test how your email is delivered around distinctive ISPs and whether it is forwarded to the spam box or Inbox. You can also use the GlockApps tools for testing to identify your email deliverability & spam score.

Encourage Referred Subscriptions.

It’s every time an ideal idea to motivate the subscribers that have already subscribed to your email list. Offer them some shares to your email & send it to their friends.

While they aren’t an aspect that’s highly crucial, the send to a friend link & links to the social accounts you have can be a fully free yet powerful marketing tool.

Therefore, never miss the opportunity to offer more exposure to the content & populate your mail list with fresh clients. A personal suggestion from a friend every time works fantastically.

9) Don’t Miss the Unsubscribe Link at all

While CAN-SPAM needs the unsubscribe link, it’s crucial for building trust as well.

Your marketing emails are directly going to be sent to the spam folder without the unsubscribe link, and that certainly causes serious problems for future emails. Also, your credibility is hurt.

Thus, every email marketer, regardless of the size of their email list, needs to give the subscribers a quick and very easy way to unsubscribe.

Here’s the deal:

Ask for a reason behind the unsubscribe request. We agree that truth hurts, but the positive thing is that it

informs you regarding what you did wrong in case of anything so you can cut off the chances of the same mistakes in the upcoming time. A quick box can be there on your unsubscribe page asking the reason that led the user to unsubscribe (but in a polite manner).

Use an instant unsubscribe. It proves to be non-sense if you make people dig through a big list of checkboxes to leave the list.

Handle unsubscribes on time. You should have a bounce handling process, and don’t skip checking whether it’s working. You aren’t permitted to send emails to those receivers anymore. Hence, ensure to remove them from your list. Again, if you timely handle unsubscribe requests, it will build trust in you and protect you from serious issues with ISPs and email service providers.

Make your unsubscribe link prominent. If you want to reduce spam complaints instill trust, then making your unsubscribe link prominent is a cool practice.

10) Get a Reputable Email System

You have to get a secure and reputable email marketing platform to work with if you want to set up a subscription process and carry on the process of sending emails in the right manner for the success of your email marketing campaigns.

ConstantContact and MailChimp are among the most popular Email service providers in current time, as they provide all necessary features for marketing and subscription. For small email lists, Email service providers suit pretty well, but it starts getting expensive once your list starts growing.

We’d recommend a hybrid email system like EasyMail7 because it’s a cost-effective replacement for email service providers.

It works as a robust front-end to SMTP servers as well as delivery services, allowing you the full grip over your email list, autoresponders, messages, and email deliverability.

Amazingly, you can create numerous outgoing email accounts in this hybrid software using various SMTP settings and quickly switch the account if your main SMTP undergoes some sort of outage while sending an urgent campaign.

Furthermore, EasyMail7 permits you to set up a subscription process. You can also create an automated email series and promote content to your list. Not just that, it all; so lets you automatically handle bounce and unsubscribe emails.

The conclusion

So, all those tips will surely and surely help you in maintaining the pace of generating leads, but what after you gather your lead? Would you begin sending them emails without a proper verification of that list? well, don’t do that mistake. Check out MyEmailverifier’s free trial, and surprise yourself by some benefits that make a double-successful marketer.


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