Best Email Marketing Trends To Follow

Best Email Marketing Trends To Follow in 2020: 15 Ultimate Trends

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Best Email Marketing Trends To Follow: If you think email marketing is currently dead, then you’re wrong! it’s getting just bigger and better in 2020. Email marketing is still among the best approaches to connect with your audience and turn your subscribers into customers easily. Almost 91 percent of B2B marketers normally use emails for distributing content.

Because email marketing is currently very powerful and widely used, the algorithms are strict too. it’s crucial staying up to date on the best and latest email marketing trends. This will assist you to delight your subscribers in a better way and drive a higher ratio of sales through your subscribers out of your email marketing strategy. 


Best Email Marketing Trends To Follow in 2020: 15 Ultimate Trends

To boost the game of your email marketing this year, check out these 15 exciting email marketing trends, and it will highly enhance your rate of success.


1.) Minimalist email design

Since users receive a huge number of brand emails, it’s critical for every business to stand out from the crowd. For creating eye-catching emails, most individuals believe that bright & colorful images will attract attention. However, plain text emails are actually better as they are more authentic, professional, and clear. Thus, it’s undoubtedly minimalist email design will help to sell more.

In the era of posts that are paid and overly-polished ads, subscribers crave authenticity, so forwarding simple emails helps to humanize the brand you have and establish an emotional connection with your subscribers. That also means that organizations can stay one step ahead of the competitors who concentrate on their products, not the audience and their requirements. To sum up, the minimalist email design basically assists to:

  • Optimize the load time of the email 
  • Offer a polished brand message
  • Keeps the concentration on the offer instead of the image

In case a company runs an email marketing campaign to offer customers gift ideas as well as share a promo code to encourage them to take action faster. With the minimalist design of an email, it doesn’t take much time and effort for getting the message’s main idea.

Moreover, the company will be helping both offline and online shoppers make the highest out of the offer. Around 72% of consumers report utilizing an emailed discount within. It also enhances sales.

2.) Interactive Emails

In 2020, they offer users more interactivity in the emails that they receive. Interactive emails incorporate elements that your subscribers can tap on or interact with in some approach. They’re a fantastic way to surprise & delight subscribers when they read your email, making them stand out in crowded inboxes is the ideal way. 

Creating interactive emails by adding: 

  • Surveys & polls.
  • Menus, as well as accordion features.
  • Gamified features such as scratch-its to reveal discounts.
  • Add-to-calendar options.
  • Calls to action and normal buttons with Animation.

Rather than just reading or scanning your emails, readers will have things to tap on, and that will skyrocket engagement. 

3.) Accessible Code

The sure-fire approach to make accessible emails is by manipulating your code to work for all users. Mostly, the assistive technologies assess the code first of all and foremost. Having a powerful code-base behind the email you send is the ideal way to assure accessibility.

  • Ensure that alternative text is utilized for every single image
  • Make sure the HTML tables you have are accessible to screen readers
  • Try using semantic HTML
  • Specify a language in your HTML

Email accessibility is the journey, not a final destination. Each small step will lead to significant enhancement for every reader. Enhancing usability and accessibility promotes incorporation and makes ROI higher by increasing the reach of your strategy in email marketing.

4.) Email list validation

Another email marketing trend that you will see in 2020 is the email marketers (no matter small to mid-scale enterprises) concentrating heavily on verifying as well as validating email addresses to secure the sender reputation they have in front of the ISPs.

With the enhancing number of promotional emails that individuals are receiving, the attention span has gone down to a great extent.

In case your email isn’t sounding relevant to your audience, they might click on the spam button for stopping to receive emails from their end. Also, there are some chances of hard bounces in which the email addresses are invalid. Thus, you’ll still forward them emails consistently. If this happens frequently, the providers of email service (ESPs) will suspend the account you have forever.

To continue forwarding emails to the correct audience without a single mistake in sending emails, you must ensure the validation of all the email addresses. Also, you must identify the email addresses, which aren’t getting opened from your emails often.

Such email addresses must be eliminated from the email list. You have to ensure your sender reputation isn’t getting spoilt.

From thousands to millions of email addresses, manually validating emails is almost impossible. For that, you must use an email validation tool.

In 2020, forward your emails to the valid addresses and indicate higher open rates as well as click-through rates with the correct email verification tool.


5.) Hyper-personalized automated campaigns

In 2020, email marketing will not be regarding a one-size-fits-all way to reach your customers. With a concentration on psychology, brands can enhance an open rate in case they put their clients first and, after that, think about their individual issues. It’s in our nature to discuss much ourselves & our interests, so it’s no wonder that not forgetting someone’s name is a proven approach to convince people to purchase from you.

Talking about email marketing, automated campaigns that are hyper-personalized are the future of personalization, which gives fantastic results: Segmented as well as targeted emails, generate 58 percent of all revenue. With hyper-personalization, organizations can consider browsing behavior & real-time data to forward highly-relevant emails.

In the case of ASOS, the organization knows that visitors will leave their website for numerous reasons, and forwarding a customized offer can help to not to forget about the visitors’ intent. Moreover, with automated campaigns, it’s simpler to gather the correct data and deliver the correct message without spending much effort or time.

6.) User-Generated Content

User-generated content is one other trend that is already hot on social media, and that will surely make its way into email marketing in 2020. Content that is user-generated is among the strongest forms of social proof. When visitors see content, for example, images, videos, and real customers’ created reviews that are happy with your business, it’ll encourage them to become customers themselves. 

Not just you must share user-generated content in the email marketing messages that you send, but you must use the email marketing tool to gather user-generated content. In your emails, leveraging interactive content elements is possible such as thumbs-up, thumbs-down buttons, polls, etc. More to gather user-generated content from the email list you have.

7.) Mobile-first optimization

The number of smartphone users will reach around 7.29 billion in 2020 as per experts. Using mobile phones assists modern people to save their time yet solve their numerous problems on the go: From visiting and reading emails to making decisions to purchase. Not just around 59% of all emails get opened and read on mobile devices.

However, also 76% of mobile users actually made a purchase online having their device in the last 6 months. That means customers are ready to gather knowledge more about the product you offer and purchase it with their device.

But here comes the mobile optimization’s awful truth: just 18% of email campaigns are normally optimized for mobile devices. This means customers are not able to read the emails you send, and it gets buried in their inbox. A well-optimized email is basically clean yet simple to look great on smartphones.

After you’ve optimized your email for mobile, you might enhance the email click-through rate. Mobile email marketing is currently taking the world by storm. Therefore, optimizing your email campaign, especially for mobile devices, is a must in case you want to offer your brand message and enhance sales.

8.) Artificial Intelligence

With artificial intelligence (AI), the emails you have will get smarter in 2020. Artificial intelligence & machine learning will assist you in delivering more emails that are highly personalized to your subscribers.

The technology can select the best copy & email subject lines, choose the best send times and after that, line up relevant content with every subscriber or segmentation of email list based on demographics or recent activity. 

AI-powered email marketing will not be out of reach for businesses that are small, either. Numerous affordable email marketing services have begun to implement AI features on the platforms.

9.) Social media integration

In the multitude of the platforms of social media, it seems each user has discovered a network to join. The number of users on platforms of social media is constantly growing. About 40% of the population, around 3.2 billion users, are available on social media.

For brands and companies, this means an alternative approach for reaching their target audiences, establishing a connection with them. Also, delivering the brand message without being highly sales.

To make the most profit in email marketing, it’s essential to integrate your brand or service with social media. Individuals normally use networks to indicate products and read reviews of numerous customers.

Moreover, customers that are modern crave peer recommendations before they make a decision of purchase. Therefore, working with Instagram nano- and micro-influencers is among the great ways to leverage reviews and begin selling on Instagram.

In a partnership with fashion influencers, a brand can run an email marketing campaign, which is combined with referral email marketing and social media. Thus, sharing photos of opinion leaders that wear your brand’s clothes or use your organization’s service, the company could prove its popularity & credibility both.

What’s more? The brand can add a hashtag of its brand and social media buttons to permit its audience to know & finding the company on social media easily. When brands interact with purchasers on social media, these individuals spend around 22-39% greater money to purchase from them.

That means more sales for companies and brands. Thus, combining email marketing with social media platforms is undoubtedly a great way for promoting your products, earning customers’ faith, and getting better results.

10.) Subscriber Control 

The users of the Internet need to control the frequency, that’s why they receive branded email. However, just 10 percent of retail marketers are able to meet that expectation. So, in 2020, email marketers must work even more hard to offer their subscribers what they want. 

When a user clicks the subscribe button and gets added to your email list, you can forward them a welcome email, which can impact the person and permit him/her to select the types of emails he/she want to receive from your brand or company as well as the frequency of those emails.

In case your subscribers are completely satisfied with the frequency of the emails that you forward them constantly and the content they’re receiving is great and can stick around for even a long time. 

Staying up to date with current email marketing trends, ensuring a great email marketing strategy will hit the highest success rate with your subscribers this year. After all, email subscribers that are equally happy and have higher engagement rates will increase in conversions.

11.) Video content popularity

Over the recent few years, video content has earned a lot of popularity in email marketing. Today, people spend watching videos online a lot. It has become among the most favorite sorts of content for the majority of subscribers.

For 90 percent of customers, the videos regarding products are highly helpful in the process of decision making. With video content, it’s simpler to show off the product or service you’re offering. Try explaining how they can snatch benefit out of it, and also building brand authority.

In case you’re thinking of creating interactive emails, which can deliver better business results, then you must make videos a part of your strategy in email marketing. Plus, brands mostly use motion graphics for showing their products.

Rather than just selling your products with video, you can invite some experts too for sharing their tips & tricks, which can boost your target audience and live a better life. Therefore, your company can earn credibility in a creative approach, and it’ll become the first option to help your audience while making purchase decisions.

Following are some ideas regarding video content for the email marketing campaign you have:

  • Product unboxing
  • Tutorials
  • Product review
  • Expert roundups
  • Announcements of new product launch 
  • Niche trends & tips

12.) Brand storytelling

It’s the era of the authenticity of the brands. With a high number of overly-polished ads, modern customers search for a genuine brand with real people behind it. Hence, it’s the time of humanizing your brand in case you want to sell more with the brand’s power and storytelling to hook your subscribers & engage them.

Stories have a high impact on our perception because they are 20 times more memorable in comparison to facts. Moreover, brand storytelling helps to build an emotional bond with the subscribers you have. Humanize your brand, construct brand authenticity, hold the attention of your customers, and influence consumer behavior, that’s all you should do.

With the help of email marketing, organizations take subscribers behind the scenes for showing that people who stand behind their brand. However, the email invites the subscribers for looking at tips from your experts. It tells the story, and therefore it’ll humanize the brand and will hook more audiences.

13.) Accessibility

In 2020, you’ll see the rise of smart speakers continuously with voice assistants for reading emails aloud to customers. With approx 245 million smart speakers to be integrated worldwide by 2020, smart email marketers have already designed with accessibility at the forefront.

Around 1.3 billion people live having visual impairments, in which 35 million from them are considered blind as per the World Health Organization. This poses a fragile challenge for email marketers. Additionally, the human body’s diverse abilities, numerous parts of the world have limited connections of data, and a lack of access to the most recent technology.

While accessible email design might seem like a daunting task for email marketers, which are new, the emergence and enhancement of assistive technologies assist in simplifying the reader and marketer’s process.

Almost 76% of brands say accessibility is the major priority; however, just 8% rigidly follow accessibility best practices. You must try some attainable ways to make your emails greater accessible to every reader.

14.) Focus on quality, not quantity.

Every day, roughly 281 billion emails are sent, in which 46% are being opened on either smartphones or tablets. However, it’s not a surprise that customers are demanding content that is more accessible and simple to digest. Most importantly, the maximum click-through rates are between 75-100 words.

We suggest that emails with 3 or fewer images and around 20 lines of text result in the maximum click-through rates from email subscribers.


Regardless of the same number, you must not follow the “less is more” approach, and that’s the truth. Keep your messages short yet sweet so scanning them will be easier while your subscribers are on the go.

15.) Email less if possible

It might sound counter intuitive; however, it’s been found that almost 41% of subscribers actually like businesses to email them less constantly. In fact, we suggest that every 2 weeks is the ‘sweet spot’ to get maximum people to see your emails with no burning out the subscriber list you have.

That’s actually good news as sending emails less frequently will save you time while keeping your audience happy yet engaged. For this technique to be effective, ensure it’s what your subscribers really want. Also, you should send out surveys and polls to indicate how frequently your subscribers actually want to receive emails from you. You could also permit subscribers to choose the frequency of emails that they receive in the welcome email you send.

In case reaching your target audience and connecting with them is what you want for improving your cash flow, it’s a no-brainer: You must keep up your efforts in email marketing. As your efforts become greater streamlined, thanks to these trends, you’ll be able to save time in email marketing and money, too, by following these email trends. Your recipients will surely reward you with their attention as well.

Best Email Marketing Trends To Follow: The Conclusion

Email marketing is still a powerful approach to drive sales in case it’s done rightly by following the current email marketing trends. For standing a step ahead in email marketing of your competitors & ensuring your subscribers will love the emails you send them, consider their requirements. You should give email marketing trends a try. You’ll surely see improvements. Thus, by following the latest trends, it’ll help you to deliver your message via emails the way your subscribers actually want to get it. 

Email marketing is in for some huge changes in the upcoming years. However, currently, as you’re aware of what the major changes will be, you can prepare yourself. As with any field, which is constantly evolving, those marketers who are staying up to date in this game will be the only ones who succeed. Also, don’t forget to get your email list fully verified before carrying out your campaigns. Tap below:


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