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15+ Practical And Real Life Ways To Energize Your Email Headlines

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Energize Your Email Headlines – Many email marketers remind us of Alice from Alice in Wonderland

Alice encounters the Cheshire Cat in the book. He’s a jovial local. He knows where she should go. She grabs his attention and strikes up a discussion with him. Here’s a condensed version.

Alice: “So, where do I go from here?”

Cheshire Cat: “Where would you like to go??”

Alice: “It makes no difference. I’m just looking for a way to get anywhere.”

Cheshire Cat: “Then you’re on the correct track. Simply keep walking.”

Many email marketers are similar to Alice. They are dissatisfied with their current situation. They don’t know where they want to go, though. You won’t be able to boost your headlines until you have a strategy in place. Here are 15 strategies to boost the impact of your email subject lines.

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1) Download a Headline Analyzer

This is where your strategy starts. There are numerous headline analyzers available. There are many headline generators that are completely free. However, the best job is done by the paid ones.

Several headline analyzers examine your headline for important details. The one that you choose should consider the length of your headline, emotional appeal, rare words, power words, and other factors. It should be a quick way to come up with catchy headlines.

To obtain most of the free headline analyzers available, you must first provide certain information. Don’t be put off by this. Investing good enough time, we found that Coschedule is a good one.


2) Use The Right Number of Characters

Characters, rather than words, are a better indicator of optimum email length. If your email contains the phrase “antidisestablishmentarianism,” for example, you’ve already used 28 characters, despite the fact that you just used one word. As a result, a character count is a healthier method to evaluate your headlines.

If you wanna get the most click-throughs, the Coschedule Analyzer recommends staying close to 55 characters. According to Hubspot, roughly 50 characters is ideal. Short headlines outperform long ones when all other factors are equal.

3) Add Personalization Tokens

Personalizing the subject lines of your emails is a good idea. According to Hubspot, even using a name in a generic email headline increased click rates from 5.8% to 7%. Adding a name to your email is a simple approach to improve your open rate. The customization doesn’t end there.

You can also personalize based on your location. Assume you have a B2B client list in North America. You may alert clients within 100 miles of a convention if one is coming up. “Do you live in Los Angeles?” may be your headline. This Weekend, Learn the Secrets of SEO.”

You can, of course, send out behavioral headlines. You can target someone who leaves an item in their cart. “Are you still interested in SEO secrets?” There’s a 25% discount right now.” Personal headlines can help you get more people to talk to you.

4) Keep Count of Your Word Count

How many words should you include in your emails? According to our experts, a headline should be no more than six words long. According to their research, headlines containing six words generate the most clicks.

They do agree, though, that writing headlines that short is difficult. As a result, they allow longer headlines in their program. Still, they believe that shorter email headlines have more impact.

According to Inc, the sweet spot is 6 to 10 words.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Capitalize Headlines Correctly

5) Don’t Make False Promises

Buzzfeed is met with conflicting reactions. Whatever you think of them, their headlines garner a lot of attention. In 2015, they made $167 million. If they merely click baiters, how can they make millions of dollars? Ben Smith of Buzzfeed claims that they don’t transmit clickbait. According to him, clickbait is an article that does not live up to its title.

People will turn against you if your articles are shallow. Rekindling that goodwill takes time. Don’t put your future self in a bind by sending emails that don’t deliver on the promise of the subject line.


6) Capitalize the Right Words

It’s difficult to master capitalization rules. Long words are capitalized at all times. It’s a little sticky with short words. The verbs “Are” and “Go” are capitalized. Prepositions such as “for” and “in” are not acceptable.

Grammar Girl is an excellent introduction to the subject. There is a method to get by if you’re too busy to absorb it right now (and it’s a little sticky for quick digestion). Title Cap is a useful application that automatically corrects your capitalization.

7) Utilize Action-Oriented Verbs

In your emails, Wishpond encourages you to include action verbs. This is excellent advice. When you use verbs, you are directing your readers in the appropriate way. You want them to do something. Action verbs instruct them on how to proceed.

“Start Your Two Week Free Trial Today,” for example. Alternatively, “Uncover the Secret of This College Graduate Who Landed a $100,000 Job Right Away.” You don’t want folks to get lost in a sea of ideas. It’s a good idea to make your intentions clear.

8) Check for Proper Grammar

You’re probably aware that bad grammar is common in text messages and personal emails. If Shakespeare were to read a modern book, he would recoil. People, on the other hand, have different (greater) expectations of enterprises than they do of friends.

Your audience expects you to be grammatically correct. In fact, 59 percent of those polled in the United Kingdom think that poor grammar would dissuade them from doing business with them.

Do you need a free way to double-check your headlines’ grammar? Paper Rater is a solid choice.


Simple Is Best

9) Employ Numbers and Percentages

Using numbers to get people’s attention is a tried and true method. This is something that a lot of marketers say, including the ones at Write Direction. Numbers work because they guarantee a definite outcome, one that is less likely to leave you empty-handed. Substance and structure are teased in a number of ways.

“I Made $150 Online in 4 Hours,” for example, is a far superior title to “I Made a Lot of Money Online in One Day.” It’s hard not to be enticed by the promise of something specific.

10) Use Concise and Clear Language

Do you want to come across as intelligent? Consider utilizing straightforward language and clear concepts. Fast Company claims that replacing complicated words (and ideas) with simple ones improves clarity. And when your lucidity improves, you appear smarter.

To enhance the clarity of your own writing, utilize the Power Thesaurus.

11) Create a Sense of Urgency

Do headlines with a sense of urgency work? They do, according to Campaign Monitor. According to their site, an urgent headline will motivate individuals to take action. When they take action, you’ll have more paying subscribers. Here are a few words that elicit a sense of urgency:

  • Time Sensitive
  • Act Now
  • Hurry
  • Deadline
  • Limited Time

More of those words can be found at Zen Cart Optimization.


12) Boost the Emotional Words in Your Headline

What distinguishes good copywriters from the deftest hands? It can be because of the utilization of emotional language. Gifted copywriters, according to Coschedule, utilize more emotional terms in their copy than regular copywriters. More than 20% more on average.

Discuss advantages rather than features. Assume you’re in the business of selling formal shirts. Using a cotton blend that has been improved is a good selling point. Even better, if your shirt allows businessmen to unwind with a relaxing evening of Netflix after a long day at the office.

This infographic includes a collection of emotive terms. Furthermore, CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer will analyze your headline’s emotional impact. You can also utilize the Advanced Marketing Institute‘s emotional headline analyzer to get more input on the emotional appeal of your headline.

13) In your headline, use more uncommon words

You must distinguish yourself from your competitors. How are you going to do that? You don’t want to write headlines that are too generic. For example, the headline “5 Ways to Improve Your Copywriting” is fairly broad. Compare it to the “Japanese Emperors’ 5 Copywriting Tricks”.

The latter is engrossing. The word emperor doesn’t appear in headlines too often. Curveballs, fresh thoughts on issues that have been rehashed to death, are needed in crowded sectors. With the Coschedule Analyzer, you can look at the rare terms in your headline.

“Power comes from knowledge, but character comes from respect.”- Bruce Lee.

14) First Three + Last Three Rule

Reading isn’t the same for everyone. When individuals read a book, they usually read it from beginning to conclusion. People scan when they read online. This is due to their need for a speedy response. This is the outcome of Econsultancy’s investigation.

On the internet, people read in different ways. Don’t imagine headlines are exempt from this paradigm just because they’re brief. People pay the greatest attention to the first three words and the last three words of your headline, according to Coschedule. In a nutshell, those words must be accurate. The Headline Analyzer on Coschedule highlights those six words. That way, you’ll be able to see if they’re up to par.

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15) Appealing to Positive or Negative Emotions

Coschedule claims that headlines that elicit positive or negative emotions are more effective than ones that elicit no emotion. Positive emotions that are genuine fulfill expectations, yet it’s unexpected that people are fascinated by headlines about unpleasant feelings. An article on how to appeal to both types of emotions can be found on Vertical Response.

Vertical Response cautions, however, that no one enjoys a downer. So, wherever possible, appeal to pleasant feelings.

The bonus one

16) Harness Power Words

The word “you” has incredible power. It’s the first term on Copyblogger‘s list of the English language’s five most powerful words. The whole list can be found below.

  • Free
  • You
  • Because
  • New
  • Instantly

Those are fantastic five words. However, you may require more than five words of inspiration. Buffer App provides 189 words to help you improve the conversion rate of your headlines.

Where Are You Going?

Alice was undecided about where she wanted to go. Do you have any idea where you’re going? What is the current state of your headlines’ effectiveness? You can write headlines that can increase your open rate dramatically.

But remember, just writing perfect headlines won’t do. You need a pair of eyes to read them. You have to design an email template that attracts user attention. You don’t want all your hard work to go in the trash bin. So, ensure that there are only active emails in your email list.

For that, you need a special tool, and unfortunately, all tools aren’t affordable.

But we’re unique. Our email verification tool isn’t just extremely affordable, but even the most accurate one in the industry. HERE is the proof, and HERE is our tool. Don’t ignore it. Otherwise, your headlines won’t do!


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