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15 Design tips for email marketing in 2021

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Email marketing will never go anywhere. The reality is that everyone enjoys communicating by email: it’s efficient, fast, and efficient. In 2019, the number of emails sent and received per day by companies and consumers reached 293.6 billion, and by the end of 2022, it is expected to reach over 347.3 billion. Here I’ll show you the best design tips for email marketing.

To keep pace, best practices, marketing strategies, design tips, and tactics must be further developed to keep up with technological improvements. In 2021, email marketing design trends will dictate smarter experiences since marketers are benefiting from automated email development in order to generate more revenue through welcome emails, cart drop emails, and other customer communications.

1.) Interactivity is one of the latest trends in email marketing

In 2019, the interactivity that we can expect to be able to find to support email content, as a trend in email marketing, page bars, and links within emails. Design tips for email marketing to appear as microsites in consumer inboxes.

Minor interactions were a big email design trend in 2019, and they’ll be even bigger in 2021, along with:

  • carousels
  • Search options and hamburger menus
  • image galleries
  • add-to-cart functionality
  • offer reveals

These minor interactions emerged as email design trends that reduce obstacles to engagement and produce highly purposeful clicks.

2.) Enhance animation in animated PNG emails

While animation, like the utilization of a GIF, has been famous in emails many times, the lively email trend has not stopped. The fact that animated PNGs (APNGs) are more widely used across email customers than CSS animation is growing in popularity.

APNGs enable more color and transparency than GIFs, but you may use GIFs as a second option if your email platform cannot support APNGs. APNGs also provide user interaction since animations can be switched on and off in your email using a switch.

3.) Limit font quantity

Limiting the number of fonts is the best method for printing, web, and email media. To avoid getting too embarrassing, stick to 1 or 2 fonts in your email design.

Be sure to follow the standard system fonts received by all email clients. If, however, you feel a little more creative, Google Web Fonts provides email designers with numerous font options and is supported by increasing numbers of email customers.

4.) Include videos

Adding videos to your emails can increase the rate by 50 clicks!

If your business creates videos already, you may have some available that match your email topics. If not, videos with minimal equipment and resources are relatively easy to create.

Sadly, email clients such as Gmail and Outlook do not support video playback requirements directly within emails. But you can easily capture your video on a screen and link it on Youtube, Vimeo, or your homepage to the host version of your video. On top of static images, you can even add play buttons to let users know that the screenshot for the video is.

Adding videos to your emails is a good way to get readers to know your products and services. Important information.

At AccuWebTech, we want videos to give our readers a glimpse into our company in our marketing emails.

5.) Customization and segmentation levels

Vendors can speak to the person through dynamic content based on a variety of information sources. The advent of large data enables content to derive the latest innovative email and website design from a wide variety and consumer information. Using this trend correctly in the email design of custom messages could enhance open rates by a total of 26%.

With a bit of help from AI (artificial intelligence technology) to crush large quantities of information, trends in the design of email newsletters will focus on master templates to allow the inclusion of tailored content. It gives a lovely email that looks like a personal message.

Customization was also an important trend in web design in 2021. Chatbot Technology will be improved as an AI tool for innovative website design, allowing users to talk more smoothly and fluently.

6.) Make your emails scannable

Many people on the go get their email and may not be able to read their emails in full.

So you must scan your emails in order for readers to read the most important tidbits easily.

By using headers and bullet points, key information can be emphasized, and readers can be guided through your messages. You will also want to keep your paragraphs short so that you don’t get large text blocks stuck in reading.

You need to make your emails easy for readers to digest if you want to take advantage of your email strategy.

7.) Design the visual hierarchy for your Emails

When we explore content, we tend to follow predictable paths based on natural trends. Visual hierarchy is a strong best practice in email design that marketers can use to take advantage of these trends in emails.

The visual hierarchy not only enables the scanning and understanding of your email content but also helps to guide your reader towards the most important parts of your email.

Whatever layout you choose, it should be arranged that your content tells a story that guides your reader to the steps he wants. Aspects for email design such as placement, size, color, contrast and fonts play an essential role in creating a visual hierarchy.

One of the first things your reader wants to create a sense of confidence and awareness of the brand should be your logo. Our next tip for email and newsletter designs is to add some heroic contents that outline the main information and purpose of the email. This can be visual or text. These should tell the reader all they need to know together and encourage them to read.

Some important factors in mapping content should be taken into account:

  • Elements higher on the page are more important, and the most significant information will be given to your email.
  • The most important information is presented in large fonts or heavier weights, so it is considered that the most important information is displayed as larger elements.
  • The separation of white space sections enables the reader to see where one element ends, and the next one begins. This contributes to clear, organized and appealing information communications.
  • Contrast is important, particularly for readers who scan your email. Important elements should usually contrast the rest of the emails, such as your call-to-action.

8.) Catering email design for Dark Mode

But not every email requires a bright background. Dark mode has become a popular option with many OSes and mobile apps that allows users to choose between light or dark text readings. Email apps also offer dark mode, and your emails have to look great regardless of the background color.

Images and logos are the things you need to take most into consideration when creating dark mode emails. Here is some stuff for reflection:

  • JPG images can require transparency switching to PNG or SVG to prevent readers from seeing white images boxed in a dark background.
  • The colors of the image should equally contrast to white or dark backgrounds. When designing CTA buttons or other photo elements, consider light blue or orange.
  • Enter dark mode from the start and start your email with a dark background. If an email application or user doesn’t yet use dark mode, the dark background stands in front of a sea of other emails with a similar color.

9.) Use interactive content in your email design

The interactive email design enables readers to interact with content without leaving your email powerful for increasing engagement.

Interactive elements create some kind of email gaming experience that not only reduces obstacles to engagement but also offers a better user experience as readers can interact with the content without needing to follow any link or click on your website. This is important for creating high-profile clicks in your email.

This means that your email is designed as a microsite in the reader’s box. There is some interesting interactive email information to take into account in 2021:

  • Search options for hamburger menus
  • Animated buttons and call-ups
  • Product carousels
  • Offer reveals
  • Rollover effects to showcase products and offerings
  • Functionality of add-to-cart
  • Functions for compacting your emails
  • Interactive content generated by users, polls, and surveys

You will need CSS, JavaScript, and HTML skills to integrate such interactive content into your email via an email editor, of course.

10.) Use Clear, Large CTAs

Your CTAs need to be positioned prominently. This means that they stand out, clearly state what the user wants to do, and look clickable.

Make your CTAs simple and irresistible to click from the link or button design to the call to action copy you choose. Plus, now that mobile openings go beyond a desktop, big CTAs are even more meaningful because they are large enough to be used on a touchscreen.

Furthermore, do not force your subscribers to scroll through the end of the email. Send one CTA early and repeat it at the end, over the fold of your email.

11.) Minimalistic, simple, and clean designs

As we are in the new decade, mobile phones have been the most common access devices. This platform spans less space and less attention versus desktop, web, and email design trends in 2021, specifically for mobile applications. Try simpler email content with clear and easy-to-follow action calls, which are easier to consume.

12.) Keep it tidy and ordered

Well-balanced and easy-to-use designs are on the list of the latest trends in email design. Organize content so that readers travel around and guide them through your email. The card layout is one of the most innovative trends in website design. Popularized on sites such as Pinterest, electronic commerce, and others, this format is now beginning to increase CTR and keep users involved. Please be aware that some email design trends from the past ten years are also still relevant in 2021. You need to efficiently use white space in order not to overwhelm your images and text. You will communicate a lot of information in a transparent, organized, and attractive manner.

13.) Textured illustrations will keep 2D images relevant

Don’t be concerned if you don’t start using 3D images; many ways to highlight your 2D pictures and get the attention of readers still exist. Besides pictures and illustrations, your email and your objects also have a deep texture and shade. You can take an easy image and provide it with a completely new aspect or emotion through play with various textures, color contrasts, gradients, tints, and patterns.

14.) Divide and conquer

Divide in new ways information. This trend in the web and eMail newsletter in 2021 involves trying horizontal divisions, geometric concepts, or angular grid, which, while maintaining the order and visual interests, accord multiple posts in one email. One way is for an announcement to be prioritized at the top of the email and other content to be weighted equally in their own blocks.

An icon library is another option. This format option is a great idea for the design of websites since it enhances the organization and makes the page aesthetic. An icon library can also be easily implemented to format email content into icons as an email marketing design trend in 2021.

15.) Be [info]Graphic

We sometimes have to provide customers with a lot of information. Just like email-design trends using animations and APNGs can help you avoid the need for many texts and help the viewer to transmit lots of statistical information simply and clearly by visualization through infographic and visual maps.

Don’t be surprised when video infographics are soon also entering the mix as a trend for 2021 for email and web design. Companies have more priority than ever before on video production, and the infographic idea is easily translated into video as visual maps can be used by users.

Considering these trends in web and email marketing design for 2021, you are also aware of the importance of your beautiful emails in inboxes. Do not allow well-designed emails to be wastefully delivered in spam boxes and reach your customers in the right way.

The Conclusion

So, there’s actually a lot more to do with your emails than you can imagine. No matter you’re not focussing on all 15 tips mentioned above, even if you’re able to do justice to 8-10 out of those, it’s great.

We bet that you’ll see a tremendous rise in your subscribers’ satisfaction rate, conversion, engagement, and all these are actually crucial vitamins of your email campaign.

There are some viruses as well, which may bring immense destruction to your email campaign. These viruses include low CTRs, low deliverability, getting flagged as spam, destruction of sender reputation, etc.

There’s just one vaccination available, and that’s an email Verification service! Yes, this vaccine also costs less than expected, and there’s truly no hassle in checking the price and relieving (and pleasing) yourselves!

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