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Yahoo Emails Bouncing Issue: Reasons and the best solutions

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Are you the one recently facing a lot of Yahoo messages hard bouncing in recent time? Well, the thing isn’t happening just with you! Here ‘I’ll show you how to solve the Yahoo Emails Bouncing Issue, its best solution, and the reason

A huge number of email marketers from various countries are facing the same, and this bounce rate rise is all because of Yahoo’s measures for clean-up.

How can Yahoo messages hard bounce affect you as an email marketing professional? How would you overcome it and gain a competitive edge?

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A ridiculously easy decision isn’t on offer anywhere. Not even in this guide, but we do explain that we have prepared some useful tips to help you make actionable conclusions to get out of this situation.

You’ll be able to conquer this issue by the end of this guide, no matter the process may take some time.

To start with, we should look at the way Yahoo has reestablished its platform.

Nowadays, we consider it a clear, secure, and highly effective email service provider. The launching of the process took place 6 years back when the Senior Vice President of the company announced to the customers that Yahoo is planning to disable and then delete all inoperative accounts.Chat with sexy girl

Which accounts are going to be erased, though? Those, which haven’t been used for over 12 months. Then, a month after removing, Yahoo recycles the email boxes’ names and later makes their re-register possible.


But what happened to Yahoo all of a sudden?

Yahoo had disabled a huge amount of dormant accounts, and honestly saying, none of us expected such implications. But what happened? Surely it wasn’t finding the gold mine! Extensive bounces for email marketing professionals, now are looking forward to finding good email hygiene services and delivering their messages right to the inboxes.

What would you do if you’re the one among them, and Yahoo’s measures are affecting your email strategy? We have a few tips for you.

Use a dependable email verification service and keep your list clean

So, when was the last time when you cleaned your mailing list and reduced it to just authentic emails?

Believe us; you cannot tear the competition as an email marketer without at least one email verification web service. Such dedicated service can remove names that contribute nothing to the successful development of your strategy: spam traps, temporary ones, etc.

Strengthening the protection of your signup applications with the help of an email validation service API is better than any other method. Such a step can help you to prevent unwanted signups as well.

Keep in mind that checking accounts that are still “disabled” is extremely complicated for email validation services. If the owners of such email decide to log back in, all of these profiles will be renewed, making it ultra-challenging to validate at this moment. No matter the mailbox actually continues to exist, it doesn’t accept letters.


Why is MyEmailVerifier the best at the job?

There are several email verification software available, which claim to be too accurate to be ignored, and a few of them do please with high accuracy.

However, the department where most of the email verification services struggle a lot is verifying Yahoo emails. It’s challenging, and that’s the reason even the most trusted and popular email verifier services also avoid putting forth big claims about accuracy with Yahoo email verification.

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yahoo emails bouncing

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MyEmailVerifier proudly claims to be the best in this department, and the Yahoo email verification accuracy is miles better than any other vendor out there. Now, here’s something shocking for you:

MEV is the first Email validation service on the planet to recognize disabled users in yahoo/AOL, and you can’t even believe how useful that is!

Enjoy MyEmailVerifier to deal with “Yahoo Emails Bouncing Issue” at a cost you never thought of!

Remove non-involved subscribers

Focusing on quality on top of quantity is a well-known practice, as it makes the dispensation of your efforts adequate and successful. You need to check the recurring reports you get to reap info on all the unengaged customers. If they haven’t communicated with you for the last 3-6 months, review your list and eliminate such ones. One day they’ll cause you harm, and you undoubtedly don’t need this, right?

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Some metrics can impact your standing, and you should know that your level of engagement matters to them. It’s better not to take risks with having inactive recipients in your email list – not just Yahoo, but any type of idle subscribers. Undoubtedly, there will be a decrease in the contacts, but they aren’t active anyway. That’s why it won’t be ok to call it a loss.

We’d recommend you to spend your time, money, effort, hand, and leg for those who truly appreciate it. Yes, there are customers who feel joyous receiving your newsletters. Let such customers determine your reputation.


Watch for spam complaints

Once Yahoo deactivates any email account, they look forward to deleting it and restarting it. After that, other users can get it, and undoubtedly, it’s going to affect your email strategy. But in what way?

Let’s assume one of your customers, [email protected], switched to some other email service, for example, Gmail. He didn’t delete his Yahoo mailbox, but that doesn’t change the situation because the person didn’t log in for 12 months or more. Hence, Yahoo considers it compulsory to deactivate and then permanently delete such registration.

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yahoo emails bouncing

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Soon, another Jack Doe will be pretty glad to understand [email protected] is actually free now. He set up an account in no time, and…….what he notices! A message from you. You kept on writing to him repeatedly, with various interesting offers. There are high chances that he has never been familiar with your company. Of course, he’ll directly unsubscribe, but prior he will push forth the idea to delete your message after labeling it as spam.

Now, it’s pretty clear that getting marked as spam doesn’t mean to be the best method to elevate your standing. Email Service Providers will consider your email as a dishonorable sender. Consequently, it won’t be easy for letters from you to land the inbox, and you’ll definitely lose your prospects. How to avoid that?

You can eliminate email addresses manually as soon as you get a notification. If you need a faster and more reliable application, you need to try an email bulk verifier such as MyEmailVerifier as well.

Our professional service can detect such complainers stopping them from even a chance to mark your emails as spam by recognizing recipients with such history.

All that needs you to be too attentive to whatever email marketing reports you to receive. Invest time in understanding engagement stats, bounce codes, and delete inactive followers. And don’t distress; the maximum they are proficient of is to delight your vanity with their quantity.


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