How to find an email address

How to Find Someone’s Email Address

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Have you ever wanted to contact someone but needed their email address? You may need to follow up on a job application or connect with a specialist in your field. Whatever the reason, searching for an email address can feel overwhelming.

But the good news is you don’t have to do it alone.

What is the importance of finding the right email address?

If you’re sending an important email, reaching the correct person is crucial. This is essential because getting people’s attention is particularly tough. Keep in mind that only 8.5% of outreach emails receive a response.

Finding the right person to read your Email can significantly increase your chances of receiving the desired response. Therefore, it is essential to invest time in locating someone’s email address and refining your message.

This effort is crucial when contacting someone you have never met or spoken to.

If you are here, you are searching for a specific email address but need help with the process. This guide presents every method available to help locate the email address you need.

Below are some effective strategies and tools for discovering people’s email addresses. Let’s dive in!

Use an email finder tool.

If you need to find a business email address quickly, the easiest solution is to use the free email finder provided by myEmailVerifier. This tool is cost-free and can help you locate numerous email addresses swiftly.

To start, visit the website and navigate the free email finder section. There, input the name and domain of your target individual and press ‘generate’ to receive results.

Guess their email address.

If the Email Finder doesn’t locate the Email you need, you can try guessing it yourself. Although the Email Finder makes guesses, too, it is conservative to prevent showing wrong addresses.

When you guess on your own, you can also check if the Email is correct in other ways.

Let’s get started.

Create a list of possible email addresses.

Many companies follow specific patterns when they assign email addresses to new employees.

If you know someone’s first and last name plus their company’s website URL, you can figure out their email address.

A Hunter study shows about 49.9% of companies use a format like {first} for emails.

Verify the candidate’s email address.

Once you gather a list of possible email addresses, including your most likely choice based on the domain’s usual format, the next step is to verify these addresses.

Sending emails without checking if these addresses are valid can lead to multiple problems. Many of these email addresses do not exist, leading to bounced emails that damage the sender’s reputation. You can learn more about this at email bounce rate and check your sender reputation.

To avoid such issues, here are a couple of methods to verify email addresses,

myEmailVerifier –  Free Bulk Email Verifier online

This Email Verification service helps check whether an email address is active, thus reducing the likelihood of bounces. To use it, input an email address into the verifier.

Enter the email address in the input box and click “Verify.”

This confirms that the email address is valid and safe to use.

Google Sheets

You can use Google Sheets to check if email addresses are valid. This method does not guarantee perfection. However, it is highly accurate for emails running on Google Workspace.

To do this, open a new Google Sheet and enter all your email addresses. Highlight them, right-click, and choose “Smart chips”> “Convert to people chip.”

This relies on the idea that valid emails will correctly transform into a people chip.

However, remember that using myEmailVerifier’s free bulk Email Verifier online is safer. This means that there may be better options than Google Sheets.

Explore the Company Website

Exploring a company’s website can be helpful if you need to find key people and their email addresses.

Certain pages on company websites tend to feature email addresses more often:

About Page

The About page often includes everything from short bios and links to personal social media profiles to comprehensive contact details for all team members.

Contact Us Page

While the “Contact Us” page typically features standard contact forms, some companies provide direct contact details for specific team members handling certain inquiries.

Use Google

If the company website did not have the information you were looking for, this doesn’t mean that the email address isn’t available somewhere online.

This is where Google becomes valuable.

Confirm a Suspected Email Address with Google Search

If you have an email address or two you suspect might be correct, a quick Google search can help confirm them.

After you’ve guessed some email addresses, looking for them on Google is a good idea. Just type the person’s name with words like “email” or “contact” and look through the web pages.

This search might show you which email addresses are posted online, helping you to focus on the correct ones.

You might be amazed at what essential details, including people’s email addresses, are often listed on company websites.

Try reaching out

If none of your previous attempts have worked in finding an email address, consider using different strategies, reaching out through social media, asking directly for a more specific contact via info@ or hello@ emails, or trying talking to the company’s support team through their chat service.

Using Twitter

If you’re still looking, why not try Twitter? Find and follow the person there and ask them for their email address. Please explain briefly why you need it or mention where you heard it. Check out their social media profile.

Explore Using Ahrefs Content Explorer

This method isn’t free. Prices start at $99 monthly, though you can try it for free for the first seven days.

Visit Content Explorer to choose a topic that grabs your attention. If the writer’s name is included in the write-up, their name will be visible. Next, download the information into a document and find the writer’s name in its column. The website’s address from which the article comes can also be determined.

Search WHOIS Records

Due to domain registration requirements, the public has access to WHOIS records. These records show who has registered on a website and include their contact details. If you have a site, you must share your contact info.

WHOIS records help locate the email address of a blog or website owner.

Simply visit sites like,, or and look up the domain associated with the email address you need.

Concluding Thoughts on how to find email address

You now have several methods to track down an email address successfully!

Earlier, we pointed out that some email addresses are harder to find than others. If that’s the case, try one or several approaches depending on your needs.

Emails are crucial for keeping in touch and handling work and personal matters. They also open doors to chances that would be tough to grab otherwise.

Good luck in your search for email addresses! 🤩

These strategies help you track down the Email you need. However, if you still have questions about finding someone’s email address, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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