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Black Friday Deal From MyEmailVerifier

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Black Friday is the biggest shopping event, get the best deals on this occasion. And guess what MyEmailVerifier can do the same for you. Black Friday, Coming on November 29th this year, on this holiday season, We will bring some awesome Black Friday Deal that you can’t miss. It is the biggest sale in 2019!

Black Friday is the best excuse to get that big sale sign up and get more discounts. Do you have an unhygienic email list? Get your list in shape ahead of the holiday season with the best email verification service. Also, you can see Black Friday poster design ideas for your social media post. This offers you the perfect opportunity for a great discount.

Email verification is mostly a no-brainer. Let’s take one online shop as an example. Calculate with 50,000 new email registrations, lifetime value of $10 for a valid email address, and a rate of only 5% bad email addresses, email address verification creates $25,000 extra revenue compared to costs of only $280!

Get a special offer before it runs out. Never miss this opportunity, you can get up to a 60% discount. We have also included coupon codes for our users:

  • 500-20K – 40% OFF – MEV40F2019
  • 21K-250K – 50% OFF – MEV50F2019
  • 251K-5M – 60% OFF – MEV60F2019

Black Friday Deal: Discount up to 60% + 20% free email verification credits

Starting From: 15th November 2019.

Closed On: 30th November 2019.

Grab your Black Friday Deal

Grab our deal now! Here are the details for Black Friday Deal:

→ Get a 40% Discount!

Email Credit Black Friday Offer Base Price Discounted Price
500 +20% free email verification credits $2.4 $1.44
1000 +20% free email verification credits 4.8 $2.88
2000 +20% free email verification credits $8.4 $5.04
5000 +20% free email verification credits $21 $12.60
10,000 +20% free email verification credits $36 $21.60
20,000 +20% free email verification credits $72 $43.20

→ Get a 50% Discount! 

Email Credit Black Friday Offer Base Price Discounted Price
50,000 +20% free email verification credits $120 $60.00
1,00,000 +20% free email verification credits $240 $120
2,50,000 +20% free email verification credits $600 $300

→ Get a 60% Discount!

Email Credit Black Friday Offer Base Price Discounted Price
5,00,000 +20% free email verification credits $1000 $400
1 Million +20% free email verification credits $1500 $600
2 Million +20% free email verification credits $2250 $900
5 Million +20% free email verification credits $4500 $1800

Grab your Black Friday Deal

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  1. Make it start from the time of the post, and you got a deal.

    Always willing to try a new service… but deals like this make it irresistible

  2. Ok, we bought 60k credits. Great deal, but now how do we get the 20% extra credits?

    Also, can you add a email change of address service (ECOA)? Obviously that’s far more expensive than what you currently charge. It would have to be an add-on. However, it’s extremely useful.

    1. You just need to raise a ticket to support for 20% extra credit. It will be added in 24 hours.
      For ECOA: it is in pipeline we will let you know when we launch that service. Happy Verifying!!

  3. Hey guys, I just saw our 2k person Klaviyo list finish. The results look really good with the good stuff. These are usable results and help a lot. Glad to find a new service that’s decent, and would be glad to write some good reviews online.

  4. I have used Black Friday Deal, thanks for this awesome offer, I am glad to find myemailverifier as accurate service with good result.

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