Check if an email is valid with myEmailVerifier

Check If An Email Is Valid With myEmailVerifier

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Do you have a new email address to contact someone? Is it a real one? Don’t just shoot off an email to find out. Nope, there’s a better way. If you send an email and it’s not valid, the email will bounce back. But this isn’t something to ignore. If more than 2% of your emails bounce, there’s a risk that your future messages could be flagged as spam. In this blog, will discuss about why important it is to check if an email is valid.

Why check if an email is valid?

Email connects us globally in countless amazing ways when the addresses work! To call it revolutionary is spot on.

By 2025, we’re looking at over 4.6 billion email users. That’s like gaining 100 million new users each year for the next couple of years! Furthermore, the DMA reports that for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you could earn back $36.

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell whether the email address of a new contact is real. You might be,

  • An investor scouting for profitable deals.
  • A company is looking for backers.
  • A PR person attempting to get a journalist’s attention with a story offer.
  • Or you could be a reporter seeking info from someone in the know.
  • You might be part of a sales team blasting emails at potential clients.
  • Or perhaps you are job hunting or hiring.

Regardless of why you’re sending an email, the last thing you don’t want is for your email to be bounced back. So, a bounce means no connection, and that’s not what you’re after.

Potential Issues faced if you send an email to an invalid address.

Having the wrong email address might seem like it’s not that important. It’s not just the bother of it that there’s more to.

Here’s What You Could Be Facing If your email isn’t correct, think about these problems,

  • You’ll end up losing time if you type out an email with care but send it to the wrong address.
  • Your email marketing metrics will be off. Keeping track of how well your email campaigns perform is crucial. Sending messages to invalid addresses skews your engagement rates and makes it hard for you to understand what’s working and what isn’t.
  • You might break the law. Depending on where you are located, regulations like GDPR in Europe mean that you must have permission to contact someone. Sending emails to incorrect addresses could lead you into legal trouble, not something anyone wants.
  • Sending emails that don’t reach anyone wastes the money service providers charge for a number of contacts. Bad data means throwing cash away without seeing results.
  • Your messages could end up flagged as spam more often when there are frequent bounces, harming your good inbox placement
  • Incorrect addresses mess with your ability to track campaign success. Without reliable metrics, fine tuning marketing efforts become guesswork.
  • In certain regions like the European Union, emailing the wrong people by accident may be illegal due to strict laws like GDPR , this mistake could land you in hot water legally
  • You might get labeled as a spammer if you send emails to the wrong addresses. That hurts your reputation as an email sender, and trust me; you don’t want that because then your emails will go straight to spam, even if they’re sent to the right places. 

How to check if an email is valid?

Now that it is clear why to check if an email is valid, let’s delve into how you can verify those email contacts. 

Check a single email address.

Did you get only one email to check? It’s super easy; use this free email verifier. Pop in the email you’re curious about. In no time at all, you’ll find out if it’s legit or not. 

If it isn’t, don’t even bother sending anything. Alternatively, our handy email finder is there to help track down the correct info so you keep those bouncebacks at bay.

Bulk email Verification: validate multiple email addresses simultaneously.

If you’ve gathered a bunch of email contacts and stored them in an email database, it’s not practical to verify every single one manually. What you can do is hoist your complete batch of emails into a validation service and let the program run through each one for you.

When you’ve completed your email list, go ahead and get rid of any harmful email addresses. It’s smart to do this regularly, at least every three months, or even monthly if you’re dealing with a big list.

Email validation API, check email in real-time.

Having several signup forms on your website and other platforms is smart so people can easily subscribe to your emails. You might also have a contact form. Just be sure these forms don’t inadvertently collect bad email data.

How do I shield your forms from incorrect or typo-ridden email addresses?

It would help if you linked an email validation API to every form you use. This tool will promptly notify folks if they enter an address incorrectly or try using a temporary one meant to self-destruct after use.

Dodgy email addresses can really mess up your list. An email validation API stops these right at the start.

Benefits of Checking if an Email is Valid

Email marketing is a key strategy for companies to connect with their audience. But when emails go to invalid addresses, your sender’s reputation can take a hit and fewer emails get delivered successfully. That’s where using an email verifier is beneficial.

A free email verifier checks if an email address is valid before you send anything. With this tool, you can keep your email list clean, which boosts the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Here’s what you gain from confirming emails are valid with an email verifier,

Better Deliverability, 

Confirming that the emails on your list are accurate cuts down on bounce rates. Your deliverability goes up, meaning more of your messages will land in inboxes instead of junk folders or bouncing off entirely.

Saving Money, 

It’s pointless to send messages to fake or dead-end email addresses. Using resources wisely is essential, and wasting them could hit you where it hurts – your wallet. With an email verifier tool, you can kick out those good email addresses from your list, which in turn will cut down on what you’re shelling out for email marketing.

Improve Interaction, 

Making sure your emails reach real, active users boost interaction. Emails sent to valid addresses are likely to be opened and read, prompting people to respond. This can improve your click rates and get more people doing what you want.

Keep Your Reputation Safe, 

When you send emails to addresses that don’t exist, it damages how email carriers see you. This could even get you blocked. If you use an email checker, your reputation stays safe and keeps a good standing with these providers.


To sum up, checking for valid emails using a bulk email verifier helps in email marketing. It makes sure more of your messages arrive, cuts costs, gets more people involved and looks after your good name in the emailing community. Therefore, an email verifier is really useful for businesses aiming to do better in their email marketing plans.


How to check if the Email is valid?

Different ways let you check if an email is valid.

To check if an email address is valid, try two approaches. First, send a test email to the user and see if it’s delivered without any issues. If you get an error message saying the email couldn’t be sent, that means the email address doesn’t work. Another tactic is to use an online service that checks emails for validity. These services scrutinize email addresses by checking format details like syntax, domain existence and whether there’s an active inbox connected to them.

What are some common signs of an invalid email address?

You might recognize an invalid email address by looking out for a few telltale marks. Pay attention if the domain name looks wrongly spelled or made up entirely – that’s often not a good sign. Also, watch out for errors in how the address is put together. For instance, losing the “@” symbol or adding extra bits where they shouldn’t be are dead giveaways that something’s amiss with the address.

Why is it important to verify email addresses?

Making sure you’re getting emails to addresses that really exist is a big deal because when messages end up at fake addresses too often, internet gatekeepers might start thinking you’re spamming on purpose. That tarnishes your sender’s reputation, making regular emails more likely to hit the spam folder instead of reaching people who wanna read them. Pretty rough for staying in touch or biz stuff. Moreover, checking that the email addresses you have are correct means your emails are more likely to get to the right people, which can boost involvement and sales.

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