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Thanksgiving Message: What to Write In Thanksgiving Email!

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What will be your Thanksgiving marketing strategy for email? This year’s Thanksgiving is different from the previous Thanksgiving, which is why it’s more essential than ever to keep your turkeys in order with regard to your company’s holiday marketing.

Thanksgiving is an American holiday in the United States. It’s the time for people from all walks of life to get together, also a time to express thanks and eat delicious food, and also the time when the season of shopping for Christmas begins to ramp up. However, sending genuine wishes and advertising your business is an uneasy balance to achieve.

We’ve searched for the ideal thank-you email and the best way to compose one using a straightforward plan.

Essentially, your thank-you email campaign should include:

  • Engage with your audience on an intimate and genuine scale;
  • Subsequently, post a sign-posting for sales that are coming up.

Email Marketing Strategy to Market Thanksgiving Day

Continue reading for more information about this approach, the message you wish to communicate, and some tips for sending emails to ensure everything runs smoothly. Experts of List Cleaning Advice have covered it all. 

1. Being grateful

The essence of Thanksgiving lies in its name. It’s an opportunity to show gratitude, share with people why and how much you are grateful to the people you love, and then give to others. As a company, it is your responsibility to be doing the same.

Americans are very serious about their Thanksgiving celebrations. To not add stress to an already hectic moment in the world of advertising, however, it’s extremely crucial for your Thanksgiving messages to be authentic and genuine. A quick “Happy Thanksgiving” with no specifics regarding the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will not impress your audience.

It’s better to take the time to embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving. Think of that Thanksgiving email message as an occasion to participate in the celebrations. The content should show gratitude, wish you a warm greeting, and be focused on giving back.

For those who are in marketing, this holiday could be eclipsed by the coming holiday season. It’s crucial to keep in mind that Americans don’t view the holiday as an opportunity to market.

For the majority of people who celebrate the holiday, the purpose of Thanksgiving is to spend time with loved ones and feel grateful. This means that any marketing campaign that is too promotional will not help you at all. It’s likely to be in the trash.

So, it’s difficult to quantify how crucial it is to tap into that spirit when it comes to your holiday marketing strategies.

2. The anticipation of earlier Christmas shopping

While at the same time, the season’s end is moving closer and closer to mid-year! The biggest retailers that are concerned about supply chain issues have pushed ahead with their Black Friday sales to the most quickly they’ve ever.

In the field of marketing, the Thanksgiving holiday is an important moment for communication with clients. It’s the perfect time to explain what customers can expect from your biggest holiday shopping season of all. Making your brand visible prior to all the Black Friday chaos is a powerful method to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

However, let’s not forget the first part of this plan!

The secret to creating a successful Thanksgiving email is finding the right balance between festive spirit and advertising your business. We’ve broken down the process into Thanksgiving-themed messages and email guidelines to assist you in this. Check it out!

The most important Thanksgiving messages

The messages for Thanksgiving will assist your company in connecting with your customers and appear authentic and genuine. It’s an essential first step towards a successful marketing plan for the holiday season.

Send your best wishes.

The first thing that your holiday emails should include is Thanksgiving. Don’t end there! Make the most of this opportunity to get towards that Turkey Day spirit. Before you give any details regarding your sale on Thanksgiving, it is important to inform your customers that you are aware of what the holiday is all about.

Imagine a group of people around the table during Thanksgiving dinner. Find out what you love most about this season. Do you like pumpkin pie? Perhaps the crisp autumn air? Did time spend with family and friends?

Being in the mood of the day that Thanksgiving is, the message resonates with readers. Mentioning things as small as the cranberry sauce, grandmother’s stuffing, and all the leftovers from the dinner will make an email about Thanksgiving more relevant!

For many, it’s a day to unwind from stressors such as work and finances. This is why your email marketing campaign should not be too promotional.

In essence, Thanksgiving is the season where it is imperative that your advertising campaign should be the most thoughtful, friendly, warm, and genuine. Anything else could make your customers feel as if they’re only consumers in your eyes.

Thank you

Another important message for Thanksgiving that you must try to communicate is gratitude. It’s true that a simple “thank you for our loyal customers” is likely to fail.

For many families, sitting around the table and sharing the things you’re grateful for is a Thanksgiving custom. For a truly memorable experience with your customers, make sure you sit down at the dining table!

To go further than an easy “we’re being grateful” message, consider explaining the reason you’re happy. What are the goals your business has accomplished this year? What have your customers helped you achieve? You could tell a story of the way the product you offer was able to help those in need.

It’s important to keep things simple. Don’t bore your customers with the details of your profitable business strategy. Instead, focus on showing your customers that you are aware of what is meant by “thankfulness” and why you have motives to be grateful for your customers.

Donate to a worthy cause

Another tradition associated with Thanksgiving is to give back. Many families choose to take the time during the weekend to work in a soup kitchen, give money to a food bank or join the charity of their choice.

If you are a business owner, you could look into taking a similar approach. A simple method of giving back is to pledge to donate part of your earnings to charities. Of course, this isn’t just an opportunity to be part of the festive spirit but also a great method to increase sales.

Another way to help others on Thanksgiving is to give a gift to your customers. Obviously, it could be an actual sale for a holiday; however, by now, customers have become accustomed to this. Instead, giving your customers special discounts, a free present, or early access to some products appears more generous.

If you choose to provide a Thanksgiving sale or free gift, you must be mindful not to come off as being too promotional. Giving your customers something during the holiday season is definitely an excellent gesture. But if you make your offer too extravagant or in a hurry, you could be perceived as uninformed about the holiday of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Tips for Emails

In the second part of creating the perfect Thanksgiving email, we’ll offer some tips for tackling the details of the technical aspect of your marketing.

Mention Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

In the past, we’ve told ways that the Thanksgiving Day campaign shouldn’t be too promotional. Instead, your content should tap on the warmth that the holidays bring. The same is true. However, it is still important to mention your forthcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

The most important word, in this case, is the word “remark.

Make sure you save your most exciting urgent content for your Black Friday email itself. In the week leading up to Thanksgiving, wrap your campaign with warm wishes. Also, make sure to include a helpful and subtle description of what’s coming up in the coming days.

Think about putting the link or a non-intrusive CTA button at the bottom of your newsletter. You could also make a “coming out” section following the laying out of your Thanksgiving-related content. 

Perhaps you have a customized HTML frame or banner that you typically include at the conclusion of each newsletter? If yes, then mentioning Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be a great method to inform your customers without urgency.

Check out this sample of a Thanksgiving email from the Aftershokz. The content of their Thanksgiving email focuses solely on the significance of the season. In the final paragraph of the page, they provide a subtle hyperlink to their sale.

Segment your contacts

Another great tip to use for your Thanksgiving emails is segmentation. Segmenting your emails is something you could and should utilize all year long to communicate with your consumers in a more personal manner. However, it is especially essential during the holidays.

Segmentation allows your company to differentiate between shoppers who shop year-round and during the holidays. Since you’re in the middle of the year, you’ll have an uneasy relationship with your frequent and loyal customers, and you may wish to reward them prior to Black Friday.

In addition, it allows you to engage last year’s shoppers for the holidays to ensure they return next time.

Finishing up Thanksgiving emails

Make use of this plan to design the perfect Thanksgiving-themed email marketing campaign. This is the perfect moment to make contact with your clients and send them a virtual card that expresses your appreciation. However, remember that your message needs to be more than just “we’re grateful for your support.”

Utilizing advanced email marketing strategies can help expand the reach of your campaign. Email segmentation, appealing templates, and optimizing send times are sure to be your top allies this time of year. Also, don’t forget to find the most effective Christmas email subject lines.

What’s the greatest benefit of this method? First, it can be used for any company, from giant e-commerce companies to small companies.

For the final part, We at List Cleaning Advice wish our readers all the best during this holiday season and the most joyful Thanksgiving ever.

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