top 10 email marketing mistakes and their solutions

Top 10 email marketing mistakes And Their Solutions

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Small and medium businesses are taking to Email Marketing as the most effective way to reach more customers than ever before. Once you have a solid email marketing strategy in play, you can convert new customers and stay connected to existing ones. Here I’ll show you simple email marketing mistakes and their solution easy step by step.

While email marketing can be very cost-effective and productive, it requires cautious handling to make it so. Here’s a list detailing common email marketing mistakes and, most importantly, how to avoid them:

Pro Tip: Before sending an email, make sure your email list is validated.

1. Sending Marketing Emails to an Unverified Email List 

With an unverified email list comprising of spam or fake emails, you are risking some regrettable consequences.

Email addresses on your list may turn inactive with time. Sending newsletters to such addresses (and other invalid addresses) leads to a high hard-bounce ratio, which affects your campaign. Besides, top ISPs will blacklist your IP address.

Avoiding these is as simple as cleaning your email list regularly. There are many email verification tools out there that can help validate your email list.

2. Sending Marketing Emails at the Wrong Time

Your open rates could plummet if you send out emails at the wrong time. If you schedule it, however, it could have a considerable impact on the success of your campaign.

To answer the question you already have in mind, there are two ways to go about sending marketing emails at the right time.

For desktop users, stick with the standard midweek, midday schedule. This is both practical and sensible since they’re opening emails at work.

Mobile users, on the contrary, tend to be active throughout the day and even late into the night.

3. Neglecting an Email Marketing Service

email marketing service tools

By neglecting an email marketing service, did you know more than half of all recipients will likely never receive your email?

Professional email marketing services play a vital role in decreasing the likelihood of poor campaign results. In other words, the right service can have a marked effect on the success of your marketing campaigns.

What to look for in the ‘right’ service is the availability of a user-friendly interface to create highly engaging email newsletters.

4. Not Meeting Your Reader’s Expectations

By doing this, your email list will suffer a lot of unsubscriptions. It’s a no-brainer! Meeting their expectations is not just advisable; it’s a must.

Your subscribers expect newsletters weekly, but you end up emailing them daily. They expect your newsletters frequently, but you email them very rarely. You go off-topic too far or too often.

If you can relate to any of these, then you are not meeting your reader’s expectations. Strive to meet their expectations, or they are bound to unsubscribe.

Pro Tip: Send your newsletter frequently and make sure whom your sending emails that are valid.

5. Sending Marketing Emails Inconsistently

Some email marketers send newsletters with no consistency whatsoever.

Since subscribers don’t know when to expect their content, this is a surefire way to confuse and lose them. Recipients get frustrated with unpredictable emails, and eventually, their business becomes easily forgettable.

This defeats the goal of email marketing, which is to keep your brand relevant through periodic, spam-free emailing.

Inconsistency is next to incompetence and to avoid it, set a strict schedule to follow or create email drip campaigns to ensure you keep in touch for a set time frame.

6. Underestimating the Subject and Sender 

The sender and subject are two elements that determine the success of an email campaign but are often overlooked. They are instrumental in the decision of recipients whether to open your newsletter or not.

The trick is to make them recognize you and then convoy that the newsletter will be a tremendous read.

7. Not Optimising for Mobile Users

Stats have it that about 70% of your recipients will read your marketing email on their mobile devices. So, refusing to optimize your emails for mobile users is a costly mistake to make.

The key is to ensure your emails are suited for smartphone and tablet screens. Formatting should be neat and straightforward. Both images and text must be easy to digest on a small screen.

Since you have limited space, keeping your content to a single column and using no wider images is highly recommended. You certainly don’t want recipients to do more work than is necessary.

8. Making Recipients Jump Through Hoops

Many marketers are guilty of this: making the subscription process tedious. It may be someone subscribing to an email newsletter or signing up for product or service updates. Making users fill out endless online forms or clicking through multiple pages is unnecessary. And they don’t have to provide useless information either. 

The more complicated the subscription process, the more likely they won’t subscribe. By the way, all you need is their email address and permission.

9. Providing Poor Content

Ads can be annoying; everyone knows. Still, why do marketers bombard their emails with ads yet provide their recipients with poor content? That’s not how it works.

Your audience is only hungry for what they are looking for, so feed them with those valuable content. This way, readers will accept your email ads as they do advertising and promotion in a magazine.

Dive into exciting and topical content to hold the recipient’s attention long enough to market your business successfully.

10. Your Emails Are Full of Errors

We see this everywhere. From scam emails to corporate newsletters, word misspellings, poor grammar, and dead links are some of the common errors around.

Regardless of how slight, these errors and avoidable mistakes signal unprofessionalism and should be avoided at all costs. The more natural way is to proofread and edit your marketing emails before mailing them out.

Pro Tip: Make your newsletter in a proper manner without an error and send it to a valid email address.

Final Word

As you already know, identifying a problem is the first and hardest step to solving it. So, don’t fret about these common mistakes. The bonus is, they are reasonably easy to correct.

The next step is to make some productive adjustments by applying the suggested solutions to your email marketing strategy. You will surely reap the benefits of taking the time to set your email marketing on the right path.

Here’s a famous quote by Benjamin Murray:

email marketing quote by famous author

Do you have ever made this mistake? If you have, kindly leave a comment below detailing your personal experience with a typical email marketing mistake. We would like to hear that.

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  1. Yes, i have made similar mistakes you mentioned like not sending proper content in the email, poor timing not only that but it never crossed my mind it will appear differently in devices like mobile and tabs apart from that i was not aware of the email verifier tools and i faced huge loss for my business after using this myemailverifier tool I got verified list and it actually works and help me to get all valid email ids and I can send them my business information without any error and also because of this blog now i know what kind of things i need to keep in mind when i approach a customer. Thanks for sharing such a good and important information.

  2. Noted this 🙂
    I am trying to make it mobile optimized based but it’s not working properly can you suggest me, What kind of step do I need to follow??

  3. I Would recommend to Verify Email List. it is better option.I have sent thousands of email for my business reach I wasn’t knowing about Email Verify list & my lots off mail was invalid, spam so I was unable to reach to my customer. Once I come to know about this service it is very useful.

    I have tried myemailverifier free trail & kickbox paid version.

  4. I think the way you write and identify with the audience usually ends up surpassing length of emails. That’s why some professionals can write such long adcopy and get away with it every time. As well, your previously built relationship and given value let’s your audience future wise dictate if your emails are worth opening.

  5. Thankful to you for writing this article and making me improve all my email mistake. It’s this kind of article that I was searching for to improve my email marketing strategy. Thanks a lot for such a great article!

  6. Thank you for writing on this topic. Email Marketing is very traditional media of communication and promotion. Though, Email is being used way more yarlier than other social media channels. But, different industry has different preffered channel for communication.

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