Email Marketing - Key for Building Strong Community

Email Marketing – A Key For Building Strong Community

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Everybody knows companies are always eager to collect email addresses for their marketing efforts. But do they actually engage with their customers by email? It’s not enough to blast out sales messages. It would help if you created a sense of community. Aim to transform your subscribers into true enthusiasts of your brand. Let’s dive into how you can use email marketing effectively to make a real impact and nurture a genuine community among your clients.

Why is it crucial to cultivate a community through email marketing?

Many people focus solely on the return on investment (ROI), but achieving enduring success involves more than that. It needs to forge a meaningful connection with people. Let’s explore how building a communal vibe around your email marketing can totally revolutionize the game.

Here’s a suggestion for the book with an explanation of business. 

The Business of Belonging by David Spinks

Read it out if you’re looking to sharpen or streamline your community strategy to benefit the business.

This will make it clear where you should concentrate your efforts for tangible business results.

Key insights

Presents the SPACES model and advises choosing 2 main focuses and steadily working on them

  • Support – CS, support, and troubleshooting
  • Product – Gathering feedback and early testing
  • Acquisition – Growth, marketing, and sales
  • Contribution – Collaboration and crowdsourcing
  • Engagement – Customer experience, retention, and loyalty
  • Success – CS and advancement
  • Advises on community experience design

Tips for building a community with email marketing

As explained in the book about the community strategy for your business, let’s dive into some tips for building a community with email marketing:

Personal Touch

Put your unique self forward when you’re messaging your audience. Individuals relate better to someone real and relatable. Just be yourself.

Be professional, but keep it friendly. Don’t sound like a robot – aim to come across as genuine instead. Look at how a comedian can spice up their newsletter with humour and surprises in their emails.

Two Way Communication

Our marketing emails should be warm and welcoming, not cold and intimidating, like the Wizard of Oz. We want to open up a dialogue with our subscribers, so we invite them to respond and start conversations with them. This isn’t just about being nice. It also helps us deliver emails more effectively. Getting replies boosts our standing as a sender and means we’re more likely to end up in the actual inbox. If people are answering us, email services will see that our messages matter.

We need to make sure that our emails are interesting enough to get people talking and Building a connection with our audience.

Make pictures talk

Make your audience feel like they’re part of a community. Include photos of you and your team. Show, don’t just tell. Images can speak volumes. Nowadays, since almost everyone can snap a picture, sharing photos of your team helps create a connection with people.

Be inventive and offer a sneak peek at the individuals behind your business. It could be as basic as putting a photo in your email footer or posting an action shot of your team in action. Pictures draw people in and build familiarity with them. By showing off the faces that make up your company, you let customers feel like they’re part of your tribe through pictures. Images are potent. They not only share moments but also cement relationships between you and your audience.

Try featuring your customers.

And hey, don’t overlook to include your shoppers in emails when you can! When you display actual clients using what you sell, it lends more trust to what you’re doing and spices up the emails, too.

So let’s say it’s Valentine’s season, or whether it’s Easter or birthdays, consider asking your subscribers to share pictures of their family and friends enjoying your product. If you sell things for pets, invite your customers to show off their pets with your goods. You can even have competitions to encourage people to join in and make it enjoyable for your followers.

When you include your customers in your emails, you create a feeling of community and connection that can boost customer loyalty and increase engagement. So why not try it out and see how it improves your email marketing?

Scheduling for your emails

By sending out emails on a regular basis, you set up a routine that your audience can count on. This builds excitement and keeps them thinking about your brand. Your emails should come like clockwork so that they’re easy for the people who read them to expect.

Moreover, by maintaining a steady plan for when you send emails, you are Respecting Your Audience’s Time. Your readers know when they’ll get your emails and can make room in their schedule. This shows you respect their time and promise to send them worthwhile info regularly.

Timing is key for your email marketing plan. Stick to a schedule, and you’ll stay top of mind while forging a deeper bond with your followers.

Let the community be open.

It’s vital to have an open-door policy for joining or leaving your email group like not forcing anyone to come to a party or letting people opt-out of receiving emails without hassle. Yahoo and Google now enforce one-tap unsubscribe links for mass mailers, so it’s more important than ever that all your subscribers are there because they choose to be.

Greeting new subscribers matters just as much as being graceful when someone decides to leave. Get rid of subscribers who seem uninterested, and label your messages as junk or, say, spam. Not all email addresses should stay on your list, and it’s crucial to clean up and refresh your mailing list. Keeping an active, interested group of email subscribers matters a lot. Think about somebody signing up for your emails with a throwaway address that disappears fast. Why would they do that if they don’t care about being part of your group? Clearly, their intent isn’t sincere.

Picture your email list as a basket of fruit. You’d toss out the bad fruit to prevent it from ruining the rest. Likewise, you ought to remove untrustworthy or short-term signups to keep your audience genuine. Remember, having quality connections is better than just having large numbers.


When you use email marketing to create a community, it can be an effective tool for connecting with people and building lasting relationships. With smart email marketing tactics, you can foster a sense of community and devotion in your subscribers. Begin by splitting your email list into segments so that you can provide tailored content to different groups. Doing this develops a connection with your subscribers, which boosts the likelihood of them interacting with your emails. Supply them with meaningful content that benefits their day-to-day life and prompts them to engage with what you’re offering. It’s important to invite their opinions and open up dialogue to show your subscribers they are appreciated. Lastly, always track how well your strategies are doing and tweak them as needed. Creating a close-knit group via email marketing paves the way for a dedicated customer base to stand behind your brand long-term.


How can I build a community using email marketing?

To form a community through email marketing, focus on generating captivating content that expresses what matters to those reading it. Categorize your subscriber list based on demographics. By knowing your audience’s demographics, like their age, interests, or shopping habits, you can create messages that meet the unique needs and likes of different groups. This custom approach makes people feel they belong and connect with others in your subscriber list, leading to a strong community centred on your business.

What kinds of emails should I send to form a community?

To form a community with email marketing, you should send various emails. Here are some kinds,

Welcome emails:

Greet new folks who sign up. Give them useful info or tools.


Update everyone on new items, deals, or news in the field.

Surveys or polls:

Get involved with your group by asking what they think about different subjects.

Special offers:

Give regulars exclusive discounts or deals.

User Content:

Ask customers to post about their use of your products.

How do I measure the success of my email marketing efforts in building a community?

To gauge how well your email marketing is doing at creating a community:

  1. Keep an eye on critical figures like open rates, click rates, conversion numbers, and how active your subscribers are.
  2. Look at how fast your community is growing by checking the number of new signups and the speed at which your list is getting bigger.
  3. Pay attention to how people interact with you on social media, too.

Taking a close look at these stats often will show you what’s working and what’s not in your email strategy. From there, tweak things to grow better and engage with your audience.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a method businesses use to get in touch with their target customers with tailored messages through emails. By crafting compelling messages and applying smart tactics, companies can advertise their goods or services effectively. It’s also an excellent way to form bonds with customers.


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