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We are committed to providing excellent customer service, and we are proud to have over 50,000+ satisfied clients.

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MyEmailVerifier is top-notch email validator, you’ll reach only genuine email addresses, and bring elevation to your perfection!
We have verified Millions of Emails. Remember, speed kills! Reaching home faster isn’t the priority, but reaching safely is! So, rather than
quoting high speeds, we believe in perfection!

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Recent Tool

Recent Tool Updates

First on the globe to identify disabled users in yahoo/AOL.

(Released on July 1, 2021)

No TOXIC DOMAINS now! We’ll remove all the abuse, spam and bot created emails from your email list.

(Released on March 5, 2021)

We ensure higher identification of SPAM TRAP from your email address list than anybody else.

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What is Email verification?

Email Verification is the process of verifying whether an email address is valid, which belongs to a real person. It’s core purpose is to ensure that whatever emails you are sending, gets tied to the inbox of a real person’s inbox. Besides that, it Eliminates Hard Bounces, Reduces Spam Complaints, Remove unengaged users, maintains Routine list hygiene and ensures whether an email address is genuine and improves the chances that it has been associated with an actual individual. A bulk email list verification service is used when you need to send mass emails to an unsought group of contacts.

Straightforward pricing with customizable options for businesses of all sizes.

Experience the power of top-notch email verification and cleaning with MyEmailVerifier


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How does MyEmailVerifier Works?

MyEmailVerifier is an email verification service that allows you to verify the email address.

Our Bulk Email Verifier system processes thousands of email addresses every minute. MyEmailVerifier is the premier service provider for Email Verification and Email Data Validation.


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How it works

How to Verify Email Addresses in Bulk?

Bulk Email Verification is The Way of Improving Your Email Marketing Metrics.

MyEmailVerifier provides a bulk email validation system, where you can verify or clean up the email list and reduce your bounce rate up to 99%.

MyEmailVerifier's bulk email verifier is so flexible you can integrate it with your favorite Email Service Provider (ESP) and other marketing tools. Isn’t that awesome?

Bulk Email Addresses

Simple Steps

Here Are Three Simple Steps to Follow

We'll Start Working

Once you've uploaded your list, we'll start working on cleaning it for you.


We'll Start Working

Once you've uploaded your list, we'll start working on cleaning it for you.


Upload Your Email List

Upload your email list with the drag-and-drop editor or import directly from your marketing platform.


Download Your Clean List

After your email validation is successful, you can easily download your clean list.


How Does it Work

How does Email Verification API Works?

MyEmailVerifier custom API provides email verification for single emails and bulk email lists. Our real-time API is available in JSON.

The API is designed to provide the best option to verify email addresses for all your email marketing campaigns, forever. You can also use the email validation API to verify the availability of each user mailbox.

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Verification API

Some Features

Features of MEV Email Validator

Syntax Verification

Syntax Verification

Domain/MX Record Checker

Domain/MX Record Checker

Catch-All Email Checker

Catch-All Email Checker

Syntax High Performance Real-time API

Syntax High Performance Real-time API

Free Domain Email Checker

Free Domain Email Checker

Lowest TurnAround Time

Lowest Turn Around Time

Temporary Unavailability Detection

Temporary Unavailability Detection

Role Account Detection

Role Account Detection

Improved Yahoo Email Verification

Improved Yahoo Email Verification

Detailed SMTP Response

Detailed SMTP Response

Greylist Domain Detection

Greylist Domain Detection

Spam Trap Detection

Spam Trap Detection

Awesome Advantages

Why Choose MyEmailVerifier?


Verification Accuracy

Avoid Spam Boxes

Affordable and Budget-friendly Pricing

24/7 Customer Support

Ease of Use

99.9% Customer Satisfaction

Easy, Easy, Easy!

No Battling With Hard Bounce! We promise That!


99% Deliverability

Reputation Improvement

Reputation Improvement

Data Security

Data Security

Save Money

Save Money


Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The main difference is. We do not return stored result. We never store result of any email. We do fresh validation everytim. Other providers crerate database of result and return it while validation. We have strict policy to not store any result.
The main difference is. We do not return stored result. We never store result of any email. We do fresh validation everytim. Other providers crerate database of result and return it while validation. We have strict policy to not store any result.
Greylisted/unknown result means our server is not able to confirm whether an email is valid or not at that time. We recommend to upload it after 30 minutes to 1 hour for revalidation as a separate list.
Yes, you can pay with credit card. using stripe or paypal
We accept TXT, CSV, and XLSX format. For any other format, our robot will return an invalid file format message. The example of input files is present in the "Verify New List" section in the client area.
No, as it would be a violation of privacy. Marketers take time to capture social media appending, which highly helps them in branding, reaching customers directly, and several other benefits. The people-to-people approach that social media enables makes efforts to stand out, especially when compared with the ages-old business-to-business or business-to-consumer approach. That's why social platforms are the top priority for many marketers when it comes to branding and spreading their business. However, the facts are terrifying, and almost all Email verifier services DO GATHER YOUR DATA (that's a violation of your privacy), and further use it for their personal purposes. We do not store any email addresses for our personal use or provide them to any third party. The same goes for Gender Identification. We never invade your privacy, and that is our priority to keep all essential data of our clients safe.
MyEmailVerifer service allows you to check email address validity to reduce the number of undelivered mails. Inevitably, this will improve your email delivery success rate and reduce your bad email reputation which may result in your email address being blacklisted.
Let's do the math. Our system verifies 1,000+ email addresses in 10-15 minutes, i.e. an email address takes around 0.0125 minutes (or 0.75 seconds).
Catch-all domains accept any random email. So there is no way to confirm whether email exists or not. The only way to confirm whether an email is valid or not is to send actual mail. We recommend, to send catch-all emails in second priority as there are chances of bounce.
We assure you that you will never find your emails on https://haveibeenpwned.com/ due to MyEmailVerifier. Once we say we remove your files, we actually remove it. We don't provide you a stored result like many providers do.
Please note that if your registered email address and PayPal email address are different, then we will need to perform an additional verification step to verify whether the payment is authorized or not. You should check the inbox/spam folder of your PayPal email address. You will find an email regarding your order. Please click on the "Confirm Order" link, and your credits will appear. If, for any reason, it is landed in the spam folder, then please move it to the inbox first.
Yes, MyEmailVerifier has improved validation for yahoo email addresses. Not only free Yahoo addresses but also business email using Yahoo as email service.
If you are happy with our email verification tool and want to send us a testimonial please send your testimonial with your name and message with subject "Testimonial" to .
All other email verifier services tend to provide the facility to download just valid results or only invalid results or combined results. Whereas ours is the only Email verifier service that provides Excel file as an output with all different sheets. We provide well-designed and easy-to-understand excel files so that our clients can use the sheet effectively. You'll be easily able to find any essential email as every single detail in the excel sheet we provide is well-arranged.
We always feel pleasure for clearing your doubts, most importantly, in a shorter time, than you expect us to! We believe in earning your trust through our assistance.
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