Boost Your Mailchimp Email Campaigns with MyEmailVerifier's Powerful Two way Email Verification Integration.

Make your Mailchimp email campaigns more effective with MyEmailVerifier's (MEV) powerful email verification integration! Our cutting-edge technology can quickly identify undeliverable and high-risk email addresses from Mailchimp the audience, allowing only the verified data to be exported back to Mailchimp. With MyEmailVerifier's expert assistance, a user can achieve maximum inbox placement and take the email campaign's success to new heights!

Integrated Email Solution


"Discover the Benefits of Integrating MyEmailVerifier with Mailchimp"

Integrating MyEmailVerifier's email verification system with Mailchimp streamlines the process of delivering your email campaigns to active and valid subscribers, saving you time and effort. By relying on our powerful technology, you can expect to run successful campaigns with better performance and higher ROI on Mailchimp.

Benefits Mailchimp

Receive the “clean” email list directly in the Mailchimp account

By using Mailchimp integration in the MyEmailVerifier tool, a user can get the clean email list directly to their Mailchimp account so that they do not have to go through the arduous process of email list cleaning.

Save time, effort and avoid high bounces

Integrating MyEmailVerifier and Mailchimp can save time and effort. Users can verify email addresses and export cleaned-up data directly to their Mailchimp account without switching between different platforms.

Easy access for higher engagement

People having valid email addresses are more likely to engage with email campaigns, leading to higher open and click-through rates. The Mailchimp integration ensures promising results for the business through the best email marketing campaigns that can easily reach the targeted audience.

How to use this integration?

Here are a few steps with which you can easily access Mailchimp and MEV together, and get a more accessible way of our email marketing.

Let us Boom email marketing with a few easy steps.

Steps for connecting MailChimp with MEV account!!

1 Step

Sign up or sign in to an MEV account.

First, sign up or join the MEV to start the incredible email marketing journey.

MEV Login Screen

2 Step

Click on the integration menu from left menu bar.

Choose the integration menu.


3 Step

Click on the Mailchimp

Users can connect their Mailchimp account with their MEV account after clicking on the integration to make their email marketing journey easier!


4 Step

Click on the connect button

After clicking on the connect button, the user will have a new page, and the user must click one more time on the Connect button!!

MEV Integration

5 Step

Enter the API details

In the next popup, the user must enter their Mailchimp API key and click the connect button.

How to get MailChimp API key?
MEV API Details

6 Step

Select One-Time Clean

Click on the One-Time Clean option to get a one-time clean email list.

Select One-Time Clean

7 Step

To confirm the process, click the button

After confirming the process, the email verification process will start with the API email list.

confirm the process

8 Step

Select Regular Cleaning

Select the Regular Cleaning option and click on the Auto-Clean option to clean your list regularly.

Select Regular Cleaning

9 Step

Users must select a few filters for regular cleaning.

Let us understand the options one by one.

Set cleaning frequency to either daily or weekly. Our automated process will attempt to clean your Mailchimp list at a set frequency.

The process can be stopped anytime.

understand the options one by one

Set cleaning frequency to either daily or weekly. Our automated process will attempt to clean your Mailchimp list at a set frequency.

Users can select any from the four options

Users will have to choose the action for invalid accounts and catch-all accounts individually.

  • Do nothing
  • Archive
  • Add tag
  • Unsubscribe
Save Preferences

These options will make the email list junk-free and prevent sending emails to invalid accounts.

After selecting the appropriate option, the user can click on Save Preferences which will start the upload process for the email list.

Save Preferences

The list is now uploaded for the cleaning process.

now uploaded for the cleaning

Creating the Mailchimp API Key

Follow these step-by-step instructions

○ Log in to the Mailchimp account.

Mailchimp account

○ On the Profile, select the Account and Billing option.

Mailchimp Profile

○ After choosing an Extra option, select the API key.

Extra Option

○ Create a new API key to connect with MEV.

new API key

Follow these steps to create a new API:

To create a new key, click on the Create new key button.

create a new key

Enter the new key name.

Enter the new key name

Complete the process by clicking the Generate Key button.

Complete the process by clicking the Generate Key button

Copy your API key and save it for future use.

Copy your API key and save it for future use

Complete the process by copying the new API key

Complete the process by copying the new API key


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