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What is my PayPal address | How to Change PayPal address

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You’ve already added an existing subscription with PayPal, then still, changing your PayPal email address is possible.


It is certainly possible that when your business needs change, you have any issue with your email address or any other reasons, you may want to change your email address.

When you are changing the email address, you will need to update your new email address at every place to avoid losing emails. And the most important place is your Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Payment Gateways, etc. In this guide, we will show you how you can change the email address in PayPal.

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What is my PayPal address & How to Change my PayPal address

For changing the email address that is used in PayPal, you’re supposed to follow an article of PayPal on changing your email address. Also, don’t forget to set a new email address as the primary email.


  • Go to the Settings page.
  • In the ‘Email’ section:
    • To add a new email address, click +. Enter the email address and click Add Email. You will receive an email from PayPal to confirm the changes. Click the link and you are all set.
    • To edit an email address, click Edit next to the address you want to change. Make the edits and click Change email.
    • To remove an email address, click Remove.

PayPal is basically a service, which allows sellers to accept online payments easily. It also lets buyers pay quickly with safety. Naturally, an independent company, which was founded in 1998, has become so interconnected with eBay, which was bought in 2002 by the online auction giant. Presently, it’s used not only by independent sellers on sites, for example, eBay & Etsy, but by numerous major online retailers too.

PayPal Email Address

PayPal accounts are usually linked to an email address, so basically, a PayPal mailing address is simply an email address, which has been verified like a valid payments recipient. After signing up, you’ll get an email, which will enable you to verify your PayPal account’s request.

It’s ultimately safe

If we talk about the safety features on behalf of the buyer, incorporating $0 Liability for Unauthorized Purchases, PayPal is having a number of services that benefit sellers. 

Eligible transactions are secured from “Item Not Received” payment reversals, complaints, and unauthorized purchases. These services need certain practices, for example, shipment to the right address as verified by PayPal as well as saving evidence of shipping & delivery.

Time-Saving Advantages

Rather than mailing a check and receiving payment through PayPal is instant. The money will be added to your balance of PayPal, and can, after that, be transferred electronically directly into your bank account.

Your account of PayPal can be linked to numerous bank accounts, too, enabling funds to be transferred electronically from any desktop that is having an Internet connection. There are no requirements to physically deposit any checks at the bank. Also, you’ll not have to wait for the checks to reach in the mail.

Other Services

From almost any world’s corner, PayPal can be used for accepting payments, and it supports over 25 different currencies, incorporating dollars, pounds, Chinese RMB, Yen, Rupees, and some other currencies too. PayPal also lets its sellers accept payments via debit & credit card, without the requirement of the buyer to have a PayPal account.

What is my PayPal email address to accept a payment?

Basically, your PayPal address is actually the email address you see on your PayPal account. Double-checking the address is possible in PayPal after logging in and visiting your Profile. After that, Add/Edit your email address easily.

In case there’s one and only available email address on your account, then you’re logging into your account utilizing that email address too. Remember not to send your password, though! The payer will just require your email address.

On a web browser:

  1. Visit your Settings page.
  2. In the section of ‘Email’:    

For adding a new email address, tap +. After that, enter your new email address and tap on the “Add Email” button. They’ll automatically send you a confirmation email to confirm your new email address. Simply click on the link that Paypal has sent to you. Your process of adding a fresh email address to your PayPal account is over!

  • For editing your existing email address, tap Edit next to the address that you need to change. After making the edits, just tap on “Change email.”
  • For removing your existing email address from your PayPal account, click “Remove.” 

 On the PayPal app:

  • Tap the Settings iconpresent in the top right corner.
  • Click “Personal Info.”
  • Then click “Email addresses.”    
  • For adding a new address, click on the “+” icon to add a new email.
  • To edit your existing address, tap the address, then click “Change.”
  • To remove an address, click the address on the PayPal app, after that, click Remove.

Note: In case the answer to “how to change the primary address on PayPal” is what you want, then you first have to set up another email address as the “primary email address” in your account. Editing or deleting the primary email address is not possible directly.

The conclusion

Were the methods that our experts explained tough to understand? Well, we don’t think so! There might be some other tricks also, but we believe in bringing you the simplest ones. In case we find any new methods, we’ll certainly update you. We request you don’t live with your queries! Share them with us in the comments!

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